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12 songs featuring Elizabeth Fraser that aren’t by Cocteau Twins

  • By Bill Pearis
  • Brooklyn Vegan
  • 22-Sep 2020

Possessing a set of pipes that one journalist famously referred to as the “Voice of God,” Elizabeth Fraser truly is like no other singer.

Matched with the band’s shimmering guitar style, her impressive range and otherworldly timbre made Cocteau Twins one of the most beloved, influential alternative/indie bands of the ’80s and ’90s.

Fraser has lent her voice to many other recordings over the years, both while in Cocteau Twins and in the 20+ years since the group disbanded. Rock songs, dance songs, orchestral recordings, film scores, surprising covers. (She’s released a few solo songs as well, but mostly she prefers to collaborate with others.) Some of them are as well known, if not more so, than what she did with the Cocteaus. At least one of them is sung in Elvish. Here are 12 songs outside of the Cocteau Twins discography featuring Elizabeth Fraser’s unforgettable voice.

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