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“30th Anniversary of Cocteau Twins’ Heaven or Las Vegas Album”

  • By William Rotherforth
  • Reviewsphere
  • Sep-15 2020

In a world that was confined, many sought sanctuaries in their music collections.

As we emerge from behind the sofa to see the sun rising once more, life seems to have found its axis, and spins on. It is about time we ventured back to find the ethereal notes and phantasmagoria of the Cocteau Twins that will help us process the day to day. A question that has been on my lips for some time; is it Heaven or Las Vegas? Its thirty years since the release of the Cocteau Twins cherry-coloured-dream-sequence that was their sixth studio album. Two years after the release of Blue Bell Knoll the group released their final album with 4AD and created a vibrant soundtrack to the dream like synopsis of a turbulent year for the band members. It was to be their most commercially successful album to date and earned favour with media, the NME adorning it with a brass-knuckled 8/10 and putting it on the 28th highest pedestal of albums released in 1990. Already having cult fame the band found their album hit the number 7 spot on the UK charts.

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