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“A Buyer’s Guide to Cocteau Twins”

  • By Banjo
  • Sun-13
  • 6-Aug 2020

Cocteau Twins created a world of their own making and soundtracked it with some of the most perfect music ever recorded. Banjo looks into their essential releases and reports back.

Cocteau Twins are a that rarest of things, a unique band; a popular, critically acclaimed, successful group who have never had real imitators.

This is, in no small part, due to the fact that vocalist Elizabeth Fraser’s voice is a one-off. No amount of training or practicing can reproduce the otherworldly sounds that she managed with such ease.

Cocteau Twins were one of the three major acts of 80s Indie. Alongside The Smiths and New Order, Cocteau Twins sound helped define the decade’s alternative profile.

Their sound was so different, delicate and expansive that reviewers were forced into superlatives to describe what they were hearing. The phrase ‘sonic cathedrals’ was coined to define the Cocteau Twins live, while Fraser’s voice was described as ‘the voice of God.’

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