Heel to toe to hair and hoof and it's head over heels and it's all but an ark-lark...

“A Gothic Tribute to Cocteau Twins”

  • September 2000
  • Cleopatra Records
  • 1 hour, 2 min

Track listing

  1. “Cicely,” by Rhea’s Obsession
  2. “Icelink Luck,” by Mephisto Walz
  3. “Athol-Brose,” by Inertia
  4. “Seekers Who Are Lovers,” by Jennifer Hope
  5. “The Thinner The Air,” by Trance To The Sun
  6. “Violaine,” by Andrea Lane
  7. “Shallow Then Halo,” by Absinthee
  8. “Amelia,” by Faith And Disease
  9. “Need Fire,” by The Machine In The Garden
  10. “Garlands,” by The Autumns
  11. “Persephone,” by Diva Destruction
  12. “Wax And Wane,” by Fear Of Dolls
  13. “Blood Bitch,” by Godbox
  14. “Treasure Hiding,” by Oneiroid Psychosis
  15. “In Our Angelhood,” by Stare

Available formats

  • CD
  • Digital


  • Rhea's Obsession
  • Mephisto Walz
  • Interia
  • Jennifer Hope
  • Trance to the Sun
  • Andrea Lane
  • Absinthee
  • Faith and Disease
  • The Machine in the Garden
  • The Autumns
  • Diva Destruction
  • Fear of Dolls
  • Godbox
  • Oneiroid Psychosis
  • Stare

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