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“Cocteau Twins, 4AD, The Mary Chain & Other Stories — An Interview with Colin Wallace”

  • By lostantiphony
  • Arcane Delights
  • 15-Dec 2020

The music blog Arcane Delights has posted a lovely interview with long-time friend of Cocteau Twins Colin Wallace. Fans of Cocteau Twins and 4AD will find it quite a trip down memory lane.

Here’s an excerpt:

[Arcane Delights]: Do you remember the first time you heard Cocteau Twins? Was it a rehearsal?

[Colin Wallace]: “Yeah, it was a rehearsal. They’d rehearse on a Saturday in this dilapidated town hall down by the docks in Grangemouth. Robin and Bill were both at college at that time doing a City & Guilds course. Robin worked at BP (British Petroleum) and Bill worked either at the ICI or BP. They studied all week but at the weekend, I’d go down there with the black hash and we’d just get stoned and drink cheap wine. It was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Grangemouth!”

Read the full article online from its source.