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“An Introduction to Cocteau Twins in Five Songs”

  • By Faith Vara
  • KTSW 89.9 Blog
  • 30-Sep 2019

Formed in 1979 in Grangemouth, Scotland, Cocteau Twins are easily one of the most influential groups to emerge out of the ’80s indie scene. As the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Robin Guthrie, vocalist Elizabeth Fraser and bassist Will Heggie (later replaced by Simon Raymonde), Cocteau Twins created some of the most outstandingly dreamy music of its time, and can even be noted as the pioneers for the dream-pop movement.

What’s often startling when you first encounter the group’s music is how utterly unlike anything else it was then, and still is now. Consisting of heavily reverberated guitars, tape loops and drum machines, their musical compound transports the listener to an enigmatic trance filled with some of the best sounds ever heard.

Fraser’s fragile, siren-like voice emerged and receded, her words almost always indecipherable and frequently acting as another instrument in the mix. There’s no doubt that this band is something unique, so here are five tracks to help orient you to their vast musical landscape.

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