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Asteroid named for Elizabeth Fraser

  • By CocteauTwins.com
  • NEWS
  • 28-Sep 2023

The International Astronomical Union has formally named celestial body 2013 TF-19 “Fraser” in honour of former Cocteau Twins vocalist Elizabeth Fraser.

“Fraser” is classified as a “main belt” asteroid, and was first discovered on 31 August 2013 by astronomers M. Kusiak and M. Żołnowski working from an observatory in Italy.

As for how such objects are named, according to the IAU, “when the first images of the surface of a planet or satellite are obtained, themes for naming features are chosen and names of a few important features are proposed, usually by members of the appropriate IAU task group.”

Come to think of it, Cocteau Twins’ music makes a nice accompaniment to stargazing.

No statement has yet been forthcoming from Elizabeth, but the announcement has been widely celebrated among fans. ▣

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