Heel to toe to hair and hoof and it's head over heels and it's all but an ark-lark...
Cocteau Twins: Des punks célestes / Cocteau Twins: Celestial Punks

Cocteau Twins: Des punks célestes / Cocteau Twins: Celestial Punks

  • By Jean-Christophe Manuceau
  • Camion Blanc
  • 2013

Available formats

  • Digital
  • Paperback


    It was in the ferment of post-punk bubbling—between Siouxsie & The Banshees screaming, Cure’s guitar riffs, Bauhaus’s throbbing bass and PIL’s madness—that Cocteau Twins—a Scottish trio like no other—first appeared. From the early 80s to the end of the next decade, they developed a unique sound of crystalline guitars, moods sometimes foggy and sometimes electric, and the incomparable voice of the beguiling Elizabeth Fraser, a soprano whose unintelligible singing drove the band’s fans crazy. If they went relatively unnoticed by the general public, Cocteau Twins gained a huge audience on the independent scene and some famous fans like Prince and Madonna. Their influence on the pop scene was decisive, birthing subsequent movements. The first comprehensive biography of the Cocteau Twins, this book has benefited from recent testimonials, including those of Robin Guthrie and Vaughan Oliver, and closely follows the evolution of a group not inclined to compromise, resistant to fashion, and who knew how to defeat their demons. (Translated from French.)

    Please note this book is currently available in French only.