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Cocteau Twins featured on Spotify’s ‘Bandsplain’ podcast

  • By CocteauTwins.com
  • NEWS
  • 16-Sep 2021

Spotify’s ‘Bandsplain’ podcast, launched in 2021, featured Cocteau Twins as their focus on 16 September.

According to Spotify, “Bandsplain is a show where host Yasi Salek invites experts to explain cult bands and iconic artists—and why people love them—using a curated playlist to help you understand the hype.

“Bandsplain is a Music + Talk show, which allows you to combine music from Spotify with talk segments by you.”

The episode is two-plus hours long, and follows Cocteau Twins’ story from their first album, Garlands to their last one, Milk & Kisses, with some biographical details along the way—not all of which is entirely accurate, especially from 1988 onward. But it’s an enjoyable listen and nice to hear fans’ voices at the end talking about why they loved Cocteau Twins. ▣

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