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Cocteau Twins’ vast influence lives on: 24 great artists they’ve inspired

  • By Bill Pearis
  • Brooklyn Vegan
  • 17-Sep 2020

The term “dreampop” covers a lot of territory these days, from electronic music to acoustic guitars, but one thing’s for certain: the influence of the Cocteau Twins cannot be overstated.

Robin Guthrie’s unique, heavily treated, cascading guitar style has been copied endlessly, but few possess his nuanced touch. Even if his style is imitated, nobody possesses a voice like Elizabeth Fraser’s, which is capable of making the hair on your neck stand at attention, conveying emotion even when you can’t understand a single word she’s singing. Simon Raymonde, meanwhile, is a skilled multi-instrumentalist whose melodic bass style and piano arrangements were often that intangible other crucial element in their sound.

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