Heel to toe to hair and hoof and it's head over heels and it's all but an ark-lark...


Cocteau Twins produced an extensive body of work between 1982 and 1996—over 140 songs—and appeared in or were the subject of a handful of collections, collaborations and special appearances. In the years since, several additional collections and special editions have been released by various record labels. This discography catalogs the first editions of these recordings as released under the name Cocteau Twins or as individuals, with the exception of This Mortal Coil, as the band members’ contributions to that collaborative project were an important, and some might argue inextricable, aspect of the band’s early years with 4AD. As we do not aim to provide an exhaustive record, a detailed online discography is available from Discogs.com.




  • Iceblink Luck

    Iceblink Luck

  • Heaven or Las Vegas (Single)

    Heaven or Las Vegas

  • Evangeline


  • Snow


  • Bluebeard


  • Tishbite (1)

    Tishbite (1)

  • Tishbite (2)

    Tishbite (2)

  • Violaine (1)

    Violaine (1)

  • Violaine (2)

    Violaine (2)

Compilations & Collections

Collaborations & Special Appearances