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Elizabeth Fraser and Damon Reece release Sun’s Signature remix collection

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  • 29-Jun 2023

New extended EP is a repress of their 2022 debut, plus six remixes.

Elizabeth Fraser and her partner, Damon Reece, who collaborate under the name Sun’s Signature, have announced the forthcoming repress and re-release of their debut eponymous EP, which will include a handful of new remixes. It is available for pre-order from a range of outlets, including Partisan Records.

Fraser announced the release via social media, stating:

“My project with Damon Reece, Sun’s Signature, will be releasing an extended version of our self-titled EP on the 25th of August. The new version will consist of the original EP and a whole new set of 6 remixes, which will be available digitally and on a 2-disc CD for the first time. The original EP will also now be available on yellow marbled vinyl, which you can pre-order now.”

A remix by LUMP of the track “Bluedusk” is available to listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Full track listing

  1. Underwater
  2. Golden Air
  3. Bluedusk
  4. Apples
  5. Make Lovely the Day
  6. Underwater (Hinako Omori Remix)
  7. Golden Air (Gwenno Remix)
  8. Apples (Will Gregory Remix)
  9. Bluedusk (LUMP Remix)
  10. Golden Air (CUTS Remix)
  11. Apples (John Grant Remix)

Partisan Records reports that “the vinyl will be pressed on marbled yellow vinyl and on Compact Disc for the first time.” ▣

Elizabeth Fraser and Damon Reece release Sun's Signature remix collection
Yellow marble vinyl of Sun's Signature’s new Extended EP and repress.