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Elizabeth Fraser announces new EP, “Sun’s Signature”, collaboration with Damon Reece

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  • 20-Feb 2022

Elizabeth and her partner Damon are set to release an EP on Partisan Records in April under the name “Sun’s Signature.”

Through an exclusive arrangement with Rough Trade targeting Record Store Day, the initial release is limited to 3,700 copies, and will be available in store on Saturday 23 April, 2022. All remaining unsold Record Store Day releases will be available online the following day, Sunday, April 24th at 8:00am EST. According to the Record Store Day website, the full release is 8,000 copies worldwide.

Sun’s Signature is a 5-track EP of music by Elizabeth Fraser and her partner Damon Reece (Spiritualized, Echo & the Bunnymen, Lupine Howl), with whom she has previously collaborated. The track list, below, includes at least two tracks Fraser has previously released or performed live using these titles, “Underwater” and “Golden Air.”

  1. Underwater
  2. Golden Air
  3. Bluedusk
  4. Apples
  5. Make Lovely The Day

The record will be on black vinyl, housed inside a single sleeve jacket and printed inner sleeve. It is unclear whether the EP will be available in other formats or via streaming platforms. This page will be updated when we have more details. ▣

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Elizabeth Fraser announces new EP,
"Sun's Signature" EP sleeve artwork.
Elizabeth Fraser announces new EP,
Damon Reece and Elizabeth Fraser. Photo: Ben Part.