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Cocteau Twins’ ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ Turns 30 - Anniversary Retrospective

  • By Libby Cudmore
  • Albumism
  • 14-Sep 2020

Happy 30th Anniversary to Cocteau Twins’ sixth studio album Heaven or Las Vegas, originally released September 17, 1990.

My friend Liz was not the first of my college friends to give birth. There were twins and a baby girl in the years before, but Liz was overseas when Robin was born in a Hong Kong hospital, thousands of miles away from where I might be able to attend a shower or hold her on an afternoon visit. We had chatted in the weeks before Robin’s arrival, nerves and anticipation, and when the happy news came, I put together a playlist, “Baby’s First Mixtape,” modeled on the ones Liz and I exchanged for years following college. Cocteau Twins’ “Pitch the Baby” from Heaven or Las Vegas was on there, the first song I played when I got the joyful news.

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