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never in my life have i experienced anything like garlands! a underground masterpiece which suits my moods perfectly. i've noticed that many CT-fans compare this album with siouxie and the banshees' work. well, i have listened to siouxies' music but i really can't think of any siouxie-stuff comparable. garlands has this totally unique sound and vibe found nowhere else. i can't really describe the feeling i get from listening to my all time favorite CT-track, blood bitch. the hollow men and hearsay please are also on my top 5-list. but first and foremost garlands is a fully spontan and realized concept-album. you have to listen the whole album through to get the message properly. awesome stuff!!!
written by kev b (kevin.by@admtrd.ninaniku.no ) on May 12, 1999

garlands is one of my favorite albums . i think the rawness and passiveness is brilliant.. robin sounds great ,liz sounds like a bird in a tape machine being rewinded backwards the energy is brilliant .... wax and wane --ahhhhhh brilliant i think all you twits should stop complaining and stop bickering and just enjoy (as jana doesnt agree-- enjoy one of the most underated collections of musicians >>>...)
written by drew (mad inc.) (madincx@hotmail.com ) on May 09, 1999

You like Lisa Gerrard and not Lisa Germano? To each their own, I suppose. I mean, Kate Bush, I can fully understand. I love her records, in a slightly ironic way, albeit, but I do love them. But there is nothing to redeem Lisa Gerrard. Kate's precious pretentions are savory and lush AND she is musically innovative. Lisa Gerrard, on the other hand, is as dry as a day old piece of toast. Not only that, but every song she's ever written is an amalgam of songs already written in other centuries or in the East (or even in one horrible moment by Sinead O'Connor with Brendan Perry singing). She, Sting, Helena Bonham Carter, and Jane Seymour should all go live in a castle together...far far away.
written by dietplum on May 07, 1999

Im 23 years old on july 19th. I am not a kid, Lisa Gerrard is teriffic, this is my opinion.So don't put down an artist that isn't concieded.You make up music and let's see how good your matieral is! Vie
written by subject to debate,Vie on May 07, 1999

don't you kids have anything better to do than have an e-mail war about 4AD music? And besides, if you are going to trash a Lisa on 4AD, shouldn't you be trashing the pretentious, boring, Jane Seymore of alternative music, Lisa Gerrard?
written by dietplum on April 29, 1999

Garlands. i call this my little evil heaven charm. The ablum is slitly punk raw and bare with the mysterious nature of what the the cocteau twins are.The tracks are bassy and dark but of course mind simulating. I often picture myself in a dark mind trap of mischif and sex with a mysterious man. i find this album most geared toward punk. but as always it RULES !
written by Tara (SLe1640652 ) on March 22, 1999

Garlands. i call this my little evil heaven charm. The ablum is slitly punk raw and bare with the mysterious nature of what the the cocteau twins are.The tracks are bassy and dark but of course mind simulating. I often picture myself in a dark mind trap of mischif and sex with a mysterious man. i find this album most geared toward punk. but as always it RULES !
written by Tara (SLe1640652 ) on March 22, 1999

Garlands has such a strange, dual nature to it...on the one hand, it seems cold, icy, oddly fiendish and threatening, I imagine I'm locked, suffocating in an Arctic dungeon, shafts of hardened ice invading my body, while a banshee (no obvious musical comparison intended, there) wails unforgiving dark truths at me, crushing my vigour, spreading deep fog and Baltic snow crystals around my shivering body....... Yet step bravely, blindly into the fog... The cold shafts of guitar-noise are just a disguise, hiding a quiet warmth, an outheld hand, companionship, empathy. And the banshee becomes a mother, standing over your bed with a bowl of hot soup, or perhaps a seductress, enticing you into a heartfelt embrace.... Gosh, am I writing bollocks, or what!! Sorry, it just seems a bit daft to talk of the Cocteau Twins in everyday words! Basically, I think this is a very interesting, moving, and even original record. It feels dark and cold on first listen, but it reveals its warmer tender sides when you listen! Liz Frazer's voice is beautiful, really gorgeous, and VERY sexually arousing, if I may say so! (By that, I dont mean it makes you fancy HER, so much as it suggests passion, and making love! Dunno why, it just does!) The drum-machine lets it down sometimes, though sometimes it's good to have a solid mechanical "base" counterpointing the other "flowing" instruments. My sister, on hearing it in my car last week, thought it sounded rather dated, like typical early-80's "goth" music, which is true up to a point, I suppose. However, this LP is a favourite of mine. I think I'd want to hear it after being dumped by a woman (er, not that I want you to "dump" me, Kristine!! After all, it was you who taped this -and all the other Cocteau LP's- for me!) Oops! I never said that! I mean, you went out and BOUGHT them for me at a proper record shop!
written by Tom Burrows (thburrows2@aol.com ) on March 18, 1999

I'm the first to admit there is no better album to listen to while driving through dense fog at three o'clock in the morning...
written by TeskoBoy (TeskoBoy@hotmail.com ) on March 01, 1999

GARLANDS the atmospere when love begins in a deep dark summer night heat
written by thomas schärer (staub_faenger@Hotmail.com ) on February 21, 1999

There could be many words that one could use to describe this album. (The first release by this amazing band.) But to sum it up to one simple word all you could call it is Perfection! I purchased this CD about 6 years ago and have not stopped loving it since.It's not a depressing piece of work.(Like so many people comment it on being.) I hear it as a fierce and powerful piece of art that rivets out like a jagged knife,sharp but piercing,crude but smooth,harsh but shining.This is how I describe Garlands.A roughly put together record that could only reach it's true sound because it WASN'T drawn out and contemplated over.An exhilarating wash of schreeching guitars,cold drum machines and the brilliant bass ( which strangely enough, molds it all perfectly together.) There's no need to see strange visions when listening to the Cocteau Twins, no reason to overtly contemplate on what it all is supposed to mean.Garlands is a pure masterpiece because it transcends any sort of music genre.(As all of their work did.) It is a gripping listen from the hands of pure genius.The hands that created,the voice that sang,all of these attributes for this album go beyond definition.Yet they never intended to create a masterpiece.They just made what felt right to them at the time.But one couldn't call Garlands anything short but pure brilliance! (Anyways, Isn't that the way art was meant to be? No looking forward, no looking back...Just create for the sake of creating...) P.S. I love The Hallow Men beyond description...But we aren't here to describe,are we? Thanks for your eyes....
written by Danny (sthenno@aol.com ) on February 17, 1999

Did I ever say i didn´t like the swirling effects? I love them! Read through my previous posting, and *please* tell me where I bashed the trademark of the Cocteau-sound. all i did was ASSUME that vie didn´t listen to anything BUT this, that has nothing to do with my liking the Twins or not. Ok? I don´t know why you said that stuff, Helen. And Vie, I DON´T FUCKING CARE if Liz likes kate. i don´t, that´s all i need to know. Liz is fabulously fantastic beautiful and over the edge talented, and I don´t have to compare every musician i like to her, ok? Plus, you say i should listen a little more to Kate´s stuff? I HAVE! IT IS C R A P. You my dear, admitted that you hadn´t listened to all of Lisa´s stuff, and still you go on and on abou how boring and twatty she is. Well, I have listened to A LOT of Kate´s records, and it doesn´t suit me. Are we clear?
written by sti (atholbrose23@hotmail.com ) on February 15, 1999

Sti,you have completely contradicted yourself!You go on about Lisa Germano like she has all this talent.But,she doesn't dear.And then you say that that guy Vie could'nt stand to hear anything without the effects?There you go again!The Cocteaus used nothing but drum machines and endless electronic synth drums up untill BlueBell Knoll!You say that they're great up till that album!Hello?Is there anyone in there? Every Cocteau album is chopped full of swirling effects! That's what makes them so great!Now let's get on with the Twins already!Love is with the Twins here. p.s. Change your aol name if you don't like BBK!
written by Helen on February 15, 1999

Maybe one should get a taste lesson before spouting open those shoddy words Atholbrose... Maybe if you listened alittle more to Kate Bush's music YOU WOULD GET A CLUE! After all LIZ FRASER HERSELF HAS CITED KATE AS BEING AN INFLUENCE!!!! AS WELL AS SIOUXSIE AND OTHERS... First of all her music is not pretensious,it is insightful for those with the brains to understand it...Clearly YOU lack those qualities of intellectual music understanding. WHAT has LISA GERMANO EVER CONTRIBUTED TO THE WORLD THAT HAS MADE AN IMPRESSION? NOTHING..... Just because her sorry butt is on 4AD doesn't make her LIZ FRASER...Lisa is about as sincere a drunk clown.Her mind numbing voice and worthless sound is all the more reason to stay clear of her... I worked in a record store,so I HAVE (unfortunately) had to suffer through her crap! And now,let me tell you that I DO NOT SEE SPIRITS OR GHOSTS when I listen to Garlands. That is bull... And you my DEAR are full of it! Now go buy THE DREAMING,Kate's masterpiece and shut up! With utmost respect to the Twin fans out there, I conclude... Vie...
written by Vie on February 15, 1999

Shallow Then Halo is centered your head in Inri-an wreath of endlessly floating, never descending liberated feathers of dirty pigeons--downy newborn’s feathers that seem self-alive in their flight. Dirtied Angels, pigeons circle and dive in angry ownership of your wreath, their gift taken, base givers, disease infected. Gloating now, from the sides of their small, beaked heads, into you their eyes stare. Perched on downtown hotels’, banks’ and law firms’ ledges, on those gargoyled graces, they squeak and brooh to you from the high above places whence exalted minds reign. Brooding on like a transplanted medieval leper-witch taunted on by hateful looks, you seize your coiled path forward. Hunched and dragging your left leg, you beam strength without. And, though your crooked neck compels you to look down at chewing gum and mold manifested sidewalks and gutters, you force a gleam at the night sky stars who bestow their blissful gaze onto you. Your atrophied left arm and hand proudly squeezes a forgotten possession. Small-ly and sharply bent at your shoulders, you push on ferociously, clenching tightly the part of your soiled, black wool cloak. Round your mantle shadowed head peeks the hairy, red wart that decorates your seeing-like nose. Without letting go the part of your cloak, you think of this brand and reach up to touch it and the dirt browned wrinkles that are your long-chinned face. You think happily, now. You know. You know you are beautiful. You are beautiful, and you look at the stars above, whisking away those ever-feathers, wondering if you may be there, up there. ? .In your eyes you allow the thin reflection of the night sky that sneaks down to you from between metropolis’ houses to fully engulf the perceived reality given by your eyes’ vision. No longer skyscrapers’ airy points’ ends define the limit of you. No longer aircrafts’ lights’ red and green do blink interrupting the permanence of the universe beyond. No longer your one sandled foot thrust achingly nor your limp arm dangle aidlessly. And you move in it. It is clear blackness like the freshest, purest, cleanest, chill shower you’ve ever had. It is wholly incandescent blackness like the deep night. It is like the most translucent diamond you’ve ever seen or the most brisk air you’ve ever breathed It is as the day when standing on your Real legs on a lush, green hill-top in some purifying cold land you were caressed by the winds of your Every loving passion. You feel cleansed and sense light and perceive memory as you would the fingers of a baby’s hand in your hand or as you would the embrace of your mother’s arms around your back. You now feel the entirety of Time and infinite clear blackness permeate your flesh; from the fluttering tip of every hair on your body to the smallest division of your physical Being, you see beautiful-you, all at once. Clear blackness beats down your heart, now. It beats it to the submission of it’s sublime, deepest longed for desire. Through to your heart, rhythms of utterly vivid ebony throb deliciously as if your heart could taste pulsation like your spice excited and honey eroticized tongue tastes nourishment. So savors your heart the satisfyingly ceaseless shivers of your cool skin over your bare breast, delicate arms and smooth legs--these are your pleasures. Stars, first glistening in your eyes, now lift you to them along the rays of their light and tear you lovingly into inside them. And, you are all of them. You feel Alive in all the tingles and sensations of your surface, now burning as those glistening Beings do. Each instance of wakefulness is as a flush-faced day labored in the Sun, hence you know each second of Time. Each thought-time is in you considered as would be the birth or death of your own kin and kind. And, you grasp the intensity of your countenance. So, now, you Know It as you do your hard wrought memories. You look down from the stars in your eyes and face to look at your precious silken fingers’ hold: a timepiece, a small, round clock telling Time. Here, fashioned in it’s frame’s periphery from red and burgundy roses entwined and in it’s face from opened out calla lilies that still blush forth luminescence. Time’s numerals are thusly shaped sunset blue- and red-sky candle wax drops and runs, and its arms pointing are one and second purple orchid petals lazily sinuou-ing round Time. You keep walking down the sidewalk and make a note to always remember the stars in your eyes that place a halo divine about your head.
written by . (mizakemizan@hotmail.com ) on February 10, 1999

and if we´re bashing titles, what about touch upon touch, the itchy glowbo blow or PEARLY DEWDROPS DROPS ?!? (sorry bout arguing on this specific page, i´ll stop right now)
written by sti on February 01, 1999

Maybe we should listen to the music before making up opinions? You´re one of those guys who sees ghosts and spirits listening to the Cocteaus, I´m sure, and consequently you can´t stand anyone who uses actual drums and electric guitar without the swirly effects. The Cocteau Twins are great (up to Blue Bell Knoll anyway, wich was a complete disappointment), but my god is Lisa better than KATE BUSH! Yuck Ick, Pretentious Trash, that´s what it is. Lisa is sincere to the bone and rocks you halfway out. Go get her Happiness Lp and experience love for yourself.
written by Sti (atholbrose23@hotmail.com ) on February 01, 1999

Lisa Germano is retarded. What kind of title is , GEEK THE GIRL? I have never heard it and I dont want to. Germano doesent like Kate Bush's Hounds of Love anymore...... Sti Lisa sucks and she will never make an album better than Kate's worst. THE LOVE CIRCUS IS JUST THAT.... A BIG CLOWN JOKE!! C. TWINS GARLANDS is better then any album Lisa Germano could ever dream of making!
written by Vie on January 22, 1999

The atmosphere of this album is incredible. The dark and gloomy sounds are just perfect for a cold winter evening when the sun has already gone down and the snow is falling slowly. Ever since the first time i heard this album i have been in love: i think this is definetely the greatest album of the '80-ies. It's very original, disturbing and has a magical touch to it. A list of my favorites on this album: 1) Blind dumb deaf - one of the best songs ever made 2) Blood bitch - disturbingly sick 3) The hollow men - sad, melancholic, distant 4) But i'm not - Makes me shiver 5) Garlands - the guitar scratches are heavenly The rest of the songs are great as well, but these are definetely my favourites. I wish the Cocteau Twins would have some material left over from these first years... Robin, Liz, Simon, if you read this...do you have some unpublished recordings from the time you did Garlands?? if you have it would be great if these recordings could be published....
written by Peter (dazzle1975@hotmail.com ) on January 20, 1999

I think garlands is better
written by Mauricio M Nieto (Imaquim@mor1.telmex.net.mx ) on January 06, 1999

GARLANDS the U.K. version,has an awsome 6 MORE!!!, songs on it which made me happy. I originaly had the 8 song album ending with GRAIL OVERFLOWETH. I originaly bought it in early 1994 and the first album I got was FOUR CALENDER CAFE in 1993 with my brother, I allways baught COCTEAU TWINS with my brother! when I got GARLANDS I thought '' is this them!! I like it .My brother did too. I like FOUR CALENDER too but GARLANDS is in a leauge of possible unknown.? going on My favorite songs on the U. K. version are ,HAZEL, HEAR SAY PLEASE, SPEAK NO EVIL, now on the U.S relese, WAX AND WANE, BUT IM NOT, SHALLOW THEN HALO, THE HOLLOW MEN,GARLANDS,GRAIL OVERFLOWETH. everyting rocks in this album. My favorites are posted. WILL HEGGIE has one of the best BASS sounds in the world!!!!! 2nd BEST is SIMON RAYMONDE. cant forget ROBIN nope nope no. GARLANDS is one of the best. Then agen there all great! ecsept MILK AND KISSES. no afence by cocteau fans .
written by Jake on January 05, 1999

it was so hard to pick a favorite!!!!!!!!! but I think this is it . haunting gothic Liz sings like nobody else only Kate Bush and a couple sound like her ,but on GARLANDS you really cant find a voice like it. my FAVORITE songs on the 14 track album . HAZEL > THE HOLLOW MEN >BUT IM NOT > SHALLOW THEN HALO >SPEAK NO EVIL >HEAR SAY PLEASE>WAX AND WANE new drum version so you know my favorites. bye now.........
written by Jake on December 20, 1998

Garlands is probably the coldest and most disturbing record I've ever heard (apart from Lisa Germano's Geek the Girl), but it's definitely one of the most "influental" ones as well. Every time I hear it, I just get these pictures in my head, pictures of cold and greyish streets, but still a calm feeling... It's a bit weird, especially since I'm not a big fan of *that* drum-machine (it's a bit too 80's innit?), but the guitar-arrangements are gorgeous, and Liz sounds thrilling. Although, lately I've become more and more pissed with people begging for her to publish or at least give away parts of her lyrics. The music stands by itself, I'm sure the lyrics are divine as well, but it would be too much for us to handle... Ha-ha-ha
written by Sti (atholbrose23@hotmail.com ) on December 04, 1998

Garlands var den Cocteau Twins platen som det tok meg lengst tid å bli vant til. Det var min første plate av bandet og mitt inntrykk av musikken var heller lite oppløftende. Da jeg senere den måneden kjøpte Blue Bell Knoll ble mitt syn på CT et helt annet. Garlands ble derfor lagt bort i lengere tid før jeg endelig for noen måneder siden tok den fram igjen. Dette er difinitivt ikke den mest tiltrekkende CT-platen, men den er utvilsom den mest givende. Favoritter etter et halvt år, er Blood Bitch, But I’m Not, Hearsay Please og Perhaps Some Other Aeon. Dear Heart er også ei meget sterk låt.
written by kev on November 19, 1998

Garlands was the second album that i heard, by that time i was still innocent trying to catch the whole meaning of the songs, my problem was that i couldn't understand a word of what Liz says, and i said so to this canadian friend (Tonya), she said "don't worry, ican't understand either, once i read that Elizabeth Fraser said to the interviewer: "if you understood what i really mean you'd be dissapointed". We both laughed, i don't know if that was true, but since that moment i knew i had to open my mind, and then i hear a wonderful strange trip which begins with word like "Blooooooood biitch", and i was shocked, but it was nice. When i heard Wax and Wane it drove me crazy, specially the travelling solo guitar in the middle. "Blind dumb deaf" some people called me, but sorry it was about me and my music, and when they said change the music i only could thing to my inner, deeperself: not now dear, perhaps some other aeon...
written by Luis Bernal (luber1000@yahoo.com ) on October 26, 1998

I feel it really takes an open mind to appreciate Garlands. Granted, the Banshees are history makers in music, and the Cocteau Twins are as well. There is no need to compare. Those who would use a term like "suck" to describe anything by them needs to check him/herself. It takes a real fan to appreciate everything they do. I urge all those who feel the need, to please E-Mail me. Amen, I'm finished.
written by Ryan (skatingbullets@hotmail.com ) on September 10, 1998

it's my first time ever listenning to CT. I just got Garlands, I didn't know anything about them, only that through years I've been called by their album covers but never answered. Tonight I did and here I am, just telling that I like what I hear, sixteen years later. I didn't even know it was their first. I'll look up for the others here in Brasil.
written by luish (luizmora@dialdata.com.br ) on September 06, 1998

My apologies for submitting my review twice by mistake.
written by James (jtipton@mindspring.com ) on September 03, 1998

First, I must disagree with Josh who implies that Garlands is too heavily influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees. To the contrary, this release shows the incredible versatility of the band and lends a lot of depth to their discography . I personally don't find the likeness to "Join Hands" that striking. The evolution of the cocteau twins has been an incredible phenomenon in a music industry that often lacks innovation. Personally, I think Garlands is the best cd to date. I do not say this to detriment of the band's other releases, but I believe this is a legendary piece of music. Like no one else, Liz Fraser's voice and the band's music evoke aggression and beauty at the same time. Garlands fully demonstrates this ability.
written by James (nsedgewick@mindspring.com ) on September 03, 1998

First, I must disagree with Josh who implies that Garlands is too heavily influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees. To the contrary, this release shows the incredible versatility of the band and lends a lot of depth to their discography . I personally don't find the likeness to "Join Hands" that striking. The evolution of the cocteau twins has been an incredible phenomenon in a music industry that often lacks innovation. Personally, I think Garlands is the best cd to date. I do not say this to detriment of the band's other releases, but I believe this is a legendary piece of music. Like no one else, Liz Fraser's voice and the band's music evoke aggression and beauty at the same time. Garlands fully demonstrates this ability.
written by James (nsedgewick@mindspring.com ) on September 03, 1998

What are you talking about? Garlands has to be the best album they've ever done (with the possible exception of Treasure. It's like nothing I'd ever heard before - turn it up loud and let it flow through you...
written by Rob Fairhead (fairhead@bigfoot.com ) on August 31, 1998

Cocteau Twins is a great band,but I think GARLANDS really SUKS! No afense,but it's the worst album I've ever heard!!! I'm so disappointed!!!
written by Charles Mok (416 225 3093 ) on August 21, 1998

Hmm... Shadow of Joy Division. Starting from EP The spangle maker until the more mature Treasure, it's where the unique Cocteau twins characteristic evolved.
written by Ed. (ekuo@homemail.com ) on August 13, 1998

I am quite fresh regarding the cocteau twins (about 4 months). Sometime around the end of march, i met this scottish person who brough with him a cocteau twins-album with him to Norway (where I live). It was at the end of a party and we all started to get very tired and dizzy, so this scottsman on "the pink opaque". My first impression was very smooth and very new age music, maybe a bit too smooth, but it was very special. It was written "nisje" all over it! So after a month or so, i decided to buy "garlands" just to start off from the start. That way i was able to evolve with the band from the very beginning. And i must say, it was a bit different from the "pink opaque"-stuff. Very punkish and i just LOVED liz fraziers' voice on the album!!! She never used that song-technique ever again... It was naive and playfull music. As they said; they where just exploring and didn't know what the hell they where doing... that's the beuity of it really. "Wax and Wane" is just fantastic!!! Maybe my favourite so far, though i only just begun collecting their albums. During 4 months, i have bought "garlands", "sunburst & snowblind", "victorialand", "blue bell knoll" and "heaven or las vegas" and i will keep collecting. I have fallen in love with this music and it touches my soul, very deep indeed. NOTE! As i said: i'm from Norway, so y'all just have to pardon my english!!!
written by kevin by (kevin.by@admtrd.ninaniku.no ) on August 10, 1998

Garlands is very different compared to everything that came after it. It is not the ethereal, swirling sound that came after it. It is heavy and aggressive. It's probably the closest thing to early Siouxsie and the Banshees I've ever heard....the voice, the guitars....it's not too hard to see where the influences for this album came from. If you're a big fan of Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Join Hands" album, then this is the album for you. If you are looking for something similar to any cocteau twins album that came after this, then you might want to go elsewhere.
written by Josh (jbh@acsu.buffalo.edu ) on July 12, 1998

Thanks a lot for directing me to Lakeshore, who had loads of goodies! Unfortunately they were all out of stock, but they will surface some time later, I'm sure! I might as well submit a review. It is doubtless the least inviting Cocteau album, but in some ways the most rewarding. For those who can get somewhat fed up with the all too luscious and ethereal sound on the latter albums this is a true challenge. The 'poor' production is actually visciously appealing, and the pure ecstacy of such a track as 'But I'm not' is like the jagged stab of an otherwise subdued but omnipresent moodiness. The album adds danger and shadows to the in general light and fluffy image Cocteau Twins have established through the years. No fan can do without it.
written by mizan (mailto:rotarot@yahoo.com%20%20(please%20try!) ) on July 09, 1998

NOT A REVIEW- in reply to the previous posting. If you can, ocntact Lakeshore Record Exchange at www.alternativemusic.com They stock Garlands with the Peel sessions, they do mail order, and, they're a cool bunch of folks to do business with. This is the definative version of GARLANDS, so, good luck in your search!
written by warren (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on July 07, 1998

There's my e-mail - please write, so that I can see if receiving is alright - sending sure isn't!
written by mizan (rotarot@yahoo.com ) on July 06, 1998

I'm sorry that this is no review, but a cry for help! Where can I get hold of the edition including the Peel sessions? I have never seen it, but it obviously exists. Since I have no proper e-mail at the moment I hope for an answer in this Garlands review file. Anyone?
written by mizan on July 06, 1998

This album is certainly not my favourite CT album. BUT I still love the song BLOODBITCH.FOUR CALENDAR CAFE is still my favourite one.
written by Charles Mok (416 225 3093 ) on June 03, 1998

It occurs to me that fans often do an injustice to their favourite music by closing in whatever beauty they may find with hyperbole and mortar, and I expect I will only do the same. 'Garlands' is a delight not because of any ethereal meandering, or floodgate of feeling - if you want an effusion of warmth, try Victorialand. This album is a delight because it constricts the throat. An album which is cold and uninviting, almost approximating Shelleyan sublimity; something awful. Listening to 'Garlands' is a denial of comfort, it is standing beneath a rotating propellor, its breeze fanning your hair, enjoying the sensation yet fearing all the while that the blades may work their way loose. And knowing that if they were to fall, they would certainly cut. Spite can harbour its own beauty.
written by phaedra (deonne_rowland@hotmail.com ) on May 11, 1998

This was the first album i ever liestened of the Cocteau Twins and it is definitely the best. This album is the reason that lead me to be a huge fan of the Cocteau Twins
written by R. Smith on May 05, 1998

I have writed sice two years ago. ( I think) Now I love the Cocteu more that in this time. I have two CDs more and a lot of information about them. But, I would like more information. I would like have the dates of concerts and where are they going to play. If there is someone who can help me with this cuestions, I´m goung to be wery happy with this person. ( I dont know if everyone can understand me, because my english is not very good.) Ani
written by Anita Srepel (karsten@dialup105.interaccess.cl ) on April 25, 1998

I originally purchased GARLANDS to complete my collection and it didn't make much of an impression on me. It worked as a bit of history, an interesting look at the roots of the Twins. Several years later, I purchased the cd version with the John Peel sessions on it. I found myself hearing it in a new way. GARLANDS is a very hypnotic album. There aren't distinct differences between songs, and MANY sounds are repeated throughout, esp. Liz's little "trill" at the end of each lyric... However, this WORKS, esp. if you're looking for a sustained, deliciously dark, mood. It's a brave, spellbinding bunch of songs, bleak, yet beautiful. THEN, of course, there are the Peel session songs, which show much more of a distinctive style (esp. "Dear Heart" & "Hearsay Please") and a more confident vocal style from Liz. These are swirling, dervish-trance-and-dance classics. GARLANDS and, say, MILK AND KISSES are like night and day, BUT, they contrast nicely. Essential, albeit challenging, listening...
written by Warren J. G. Mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on April 09, 1998

this is the best album they made, as far as i am concerned. Theres is no album of them that catches the atmosphere more clearly and desperately. The songs are strong, mysterious and gloomy. Emotions run deep while listening to this album. Especially Blind dumb deaf is a fabulous song. It's monotonous, i'll grant you that, but right because of that it makes you get into a trance with Liz' dramatic vocals upon the most optimistic text to be found on this album. Give this album a chance. It's an album you got to listen to more often before you really get to appreciate the intense music.
written by peter (dazzle1975@hotmail.com ) on March 21, 1998

I chose non of the above for the simple fact that I happen to own a limited fan-club only release entitled simply Live In London 1986!!!... only 1000 actual releases... I stumbled across this one in Davenport, Iowa on a whim... Boy! was I pleased!!!... if you're interested in a copy e-mail me at dpt@iamerica.net... and we'll talk!!!
written by Mike Miles (dpt@iamerica.net ) on March 18, 1998

I like Blood Bitch. It is an angry, disconnected, manic song and is a retreat from all of the angelic, bewitching, strange beauty that encompasses the rest of the Cocteau Twins songs. It definitely stands alone in a class by itself.
written by Jen Nance (Barryscopa@yahoo.com ) on January 22, 1998

Garlands, the first time I heard this album I was very disapointed because I had already heard the recent ones.I didn't enjoy it very much and I thought it was very depressing.But now, and after hearing almost all of the entire discography and of hearing this album several times, I think it is quite a work of art for being the first one. The songs are a bit obscure, but after knowing the lyrics you start to like them more. I really like this album very much.Pardon for my English!Now in Portuguese - Pessoal, está na hora de se ver críticas dos portugueses que sejam fãs dos Twins.Eu sou de Guimarães e viva o Vitória!
written by Rui Miguel Ferreira (bibgui@mail.telepac.pt ) on December 17, 1997

best CT album. cant seem to get it on CD so its a bit of a pain.
written by Joe Hughes (Joepg.Hughes@Btinternet.com ) on November 16, 1997

The proof of the pudding is how long a CD lasts on my turntable and eighteen months on M&K still gets a lot of plays. This is a better album than Four Calendar which lacked fizz. Faves: Calfskin Smack (the guitar break sends me places) Violaine, Tishbite, Eperdu, Treasure Hiding and the inexpressably lovely Seekers Who Are Lovers. I've been totally entranced with this band since I read a review, took a chance and bought Heaven Or Las Vegas. I suppose I would consider myself something of an obsessive as I now own everything the band has ever released. I even went as far as travelling from Dublin to London to see them at the Brixton Academy in 94. What a thrill to finally see them live. (Any chance of an Irish gig on the next tour ?. Please ?.) It's a real thrill to witness the amount of Cocteaus traffic on the net. Fellow obsessives I salute you. P.S. I love the song Alice from the Stealing Beauty soundtrack. Cool film too !!!.....
written by Leo (Leo Lynch_Co ) on October 30, 1997

why bother reviewing ANY twins song ? aren't words just boxes that get in the way of feeling ? iv'e seen three tours @ the warfield in SFO and ive always shouted for kookaburra to be played i know that there is a set list of songs to be played but maybe some day... i just want to thank the three of you for being so kind to me and my friend joe after the second show on FCC tour. it really meant a lot to us both. blessed be.
written by GINA (sjmoore@sprynet.com ) on September 27, 1997

why bother reviewing ANY twins song ? aren't words just boxes that get in the way of feeling ? iv'e seen three tours @ the warfield in SFO and ive always shouted for kookaburra to be played i know that there is a set list of songs to be played but maybe some day... i just want to thank the three of you for being so kind to me and my friend joe after the second show on FCC tour. it really meant a lot to us both. blessed be.
written by GINA (sjmoore@sprynet.com ) on September 27, 1997

If I could only keep one cocteau twins album, it would be Heaven or Las Vegas. Even though the name is not my favourite, it's difficult for me to believe that this could be the result of human creativity. I know that it's said that their music sounds divine. I hate the bands believing they're gods or idols, but when they are, they are. Undoubtfully, Cocteau Twins -as a concept- live in Heaven, and that's where I get through my stereo when I listen to this album. World is running down when people can't recognice perfection that's getting to their ears. Liz, Robin, Simon, I pray don't you ever stop. From Barcelona, Catalonia.
written by Jordi Aceta (cherroke@arrakis.es ) on September 07, 1997

Not since the days of Eno's "Taking Tiger Mountain..." has the unique sound of any band had the same appeal as the Twins. They produce music that remains a unique entity...an entirely original new language for popular music (although, strangely, they remain a cult and even the most sophisticated music critic seem to toss them off or barely give notice. I can think of no one who dare to create something so new and fresh that we may be well into the next Century before the get the notice due them. Of course, in my own CT development I worked my way backwards through the catalog starting with Victorialand and Heaven or Las Vegas (in which Liz uses her voice in a way that has not been repeated...an earthy harmonic purr not unlike a disembodied voice of the late "Karen Carpenter" who is only now receiving revived interest.) I long for more bands to take this kind of aural invention and help us to find the voice for the new millenium. Is there anyone out there doing any remotely similar (besides say Love Spirals Downwards which is only a sincere if pale imitation.) I'd love to know who else treads these rapturous waters? Surely, someone new will pick up the torch (the idea!) and run with it... But who?
written by Fred Campi (campi@citymail.lacc.cc.ca.us ) on September 06, 1997

From the short (but sweet) opening "When Mama Was Moth" to the last dregs of "Musette and Drums", this album displays many different angles - all vastly superior to anything found on the abrasive "Garlands". Besides the aforementioned tunes, "Five Ten Fiftyfold", "Sugar Hiccup", "In The Gold Dust Rush", "Tinderbox (of a Heart)" (my favorite song on THIS album), and "My Love Paramour" are unique standouts. This album, which predates the arrival of Simon, sounds just as good as anything done in later years -- in other words the sound is not dated. Consider this CD a must have for any true Cocteauphile.
written by Doug (dcmoon@capnet.ucla.edu ) on August 27, 1997

There have been plenty of superlatives used to describe this album. They are pretty much dead on. Though now I can't imagine listening to the album without the extra tracks on the u.k. 4ad version, including the blistering peel session of "hazel" with the inimitable gordon sharp on backing vocals. For anyone who finds garlands entrancing in its darkness, you'd do well to buy cindytalk's (gordon sharp's band) camouflage heart and in this world. By the way, in response to a few inquiries I've seen here, will heggie went on to found a band called lowlife on nightshift records who did some amazing things back in the day. look for their wonderful compilation "from a scream to a whisper" or "diminuendo".
written by william (william.alberque@hq.doe.gov ) on August 05, 1997

buy it if only to check out 'fotzepolitic' - the best song ever from the cocteaus
written by Billy (billymac@sprynet.co.uk ) on July 23, 1997

Ya know, as long as I've owned this album, I've always wondered where the Simon went. Now I know he was busy working with TMC. His absence is felt, but this album still manages to make the mark with the talents of Robin and Liz. This album is a Cocteau delicacy, best consumed in those quiet self-reflective moments when you are alone - conversation with another would detract from its beauty. The gentle
written by Doug (dcmoon@capnet.ucla.edu ) on July 22, 1997

Victorialand just enraptures me.
written by simon on June 11, 1997

All the flowers we could spill onto sunsets and stories of eves spent together, but instead we have woven a garland by which we may crown the lazy sad girl we have become on our own. So, let me tell you what garlands is about, honey. Do I stink too bad, sitting in this computer lab? Does my face look funny with so many thistles grown black and unhewn on my scottish-chinese face? It's because no one loves me enough for me to wash or shave. Okay the rain, boy. Make it drizzle on. Someone was strong enough to stand my stench and popourri crown me without too much pomp before strolling off arms wound with her friend's, rosary caught in her hair, the sunlight oozing on the bostonian ice. That's what garlands is about, am I too crazy now? Garlands is about the strong song in bloodpulse, the pulse you feel when you know a friend is holding your hand, crucifix swaying like faraway dead birds or a dying kitten in India. Still we sing hard and alive and lovely despite the tyrants and the slaves and the cats we wonder where they mew now... God, I need a bath. I smell like Inverness.
written by September Virgin (mouse@network.ucsd.edu ) on June 04, 1997

Oh so sorry, my posting below was meant for Head Over Heels. Oh so sorry.
written by Hector J. Carballosa (N/A ) on May 05, 1997

Head Over Heels, long not an album seriously considered by me, except for "Five..." & "Mussette...", has become revered in my heart as Treasure. When I eventually took time to actually Listen to the other tracks, I found them, compelling, and as with most CT albums, there were standout performances on Head Over Heels. Along with Garlands, Head Over Heels is a powerful and vivid expression of anger, turmoil, pain, and even joy. Cannon-like and thundering drums, banshee howling guitars, and feroucious siren songs are what Head Over Heels and Garlands are made of. Head Over Heels, Garlands, and Treasure have become a part of me during the saddest times, and also spurred joyous creativity by finding a voice for my emotions that I could not render. After becoming somewhat lighter of heart, I find post Blue Bell Knowll albums magical - by far preferable to any Pop music on today's radio - yet can't create the same connections as with Treasure and Garlands. Head Over Heels lifts my worries from the temporal to other realms of existence; the job, the car, angry people, angry people all are gone under the sounds of Head Over Heels. With Head Over Heels, all the screaming, yelling, clawing, and terrorizing I wish I could return to society seem to be poetically, beautifully returned. I don't have an obsessive disorder, to so babble CT-ite, but sincerely feel this release when listening to CT, not to Alanis Morrissette, Pearl Jam or MTV. CT are private, yet communal in that when I see someone listening to CT I can imagine they are, or have been through some of the shit I've been through. So, if your heart's in danger, the world's dark, and you fel alone, find Garlands, Head Over Heels, and Treasure; you won't be alone. anymore.
written by Head Over Heels (N/A ) on May 05, 1997

To say Garlands isn't my favorite is only to say that it is love in flux; imagine the what one feels when leaving your lover for the day to simply receive your lover at the evening. Garlands sounds like thunder and lightning, and feels like the sight of a shooting star on a pleasingly lonely night with angels. I won't quantify or qualify it, but say that I will listen to Garlands for one week, whereas I will listen to Treasure for at least two weeks, while most of the other albums fall elsewhere. I'm not wealthy by matter, but, to those who can (or can't), try going to a Hi-Fi store and listening to Treasure, Garlands or Head Over Heels on their most powerful system. Needless to say that, under the right conditions, your body will literally feel the Cocteau Twins' music as some of our landlords or neighbors would dissapprove of. Although I only truly enjoy Garlands in privacy or in secrecy; with an adequate "walkman" in dark city-business-slavery, in a gardens' midnight moonlight haunting, or by the ocean's depth when tears are the only companions or gifts. CT's music is unlike Pop music, becuase it truly can help embody emotions and mood that their contemporaries can't even dream of doing! Garlands is the angry heart's drug. Garlands is warming and comforting Solitude in the crowds of blind, deaf and dumb society. Thanks.
written by Hector J. Carballosa (N/A ) on May 05, 1997

It is certainly a delightful peculiarity of this band to release these little four song albums. It makes listening to them much more ceremonial than putting in a tape for an hour that has many songs. I dont like the second third track, but God, what a freak of nature Quisquose is! It is rare when pop music touches the same heart strings as classical music. If everyone listened to that song everyday there would be no arguments among people.
written by Mike Hanley (I really don't know ) on April 27, 1997

I was given Garlands as a birthday gift from a friend, 10 years my senior, who was a record store manager. I was only fifteen, and was totally blown away by it. There was something dark in it that appealed to me at the time. Even though it's a few (?) years later, I still am intrigued, but for different reasons. There are plenty of records,, in this world, to listen to while I'm doing every-day things, but I feel that this album really appeals to my emotional and intellectual sides. It gets me thinking & feeling.
written by April Whitney (awhitney@idgbooks.com ) on March 18, 1997

written by cathodikrist (adesmazeau@kalisto.com ) on March 12, 1997

I am constantly searching record stores, radio shows, websites, word of mouth, everywhere, for a piece of music that is better than garlands. I haven't found it. Garlands is easily my utmost favorite album and I don't think I will find another one that will replace it for a long time, if not forever. This album's beauty and genius can't really be explained with words. I listen to it, and everytime it just knocks me out, from the day I bought it to the present. Alls I can say is buy this album and listen to it for yourself...you may not like it (unfortunately many cocteau fans don't appreciate this album), or like me, you will fall "head over heals" in love with it (pun intended of course) simply genius, especially considering the young age that Fraser, Guthrie, and Heggie where at when they recorded it (where ever did Heggie go? what else has he done?)
written by Matt (megreer@ucdavis.edu ) on March 07, 1997

This is by for the best true single that they released. The two b-sides are definately not filler type material, not that they ever aim to do that. The track ice-pulse remains as one of my most favorite and affecting songs that I have ever heard from them. This cd is hard to find now a days but well worth the effort.
written by shane chapman on February 18, 1997

Inspirational! Very well written!
written by John McCarroll (jmccrrll@creighton.edu ) on February 14, 1997

My first time listening to Garlands was a scary experience. I bought it in 1992, years too late, I decided. I couldn't wait to get it home, so I dropped by the radio station where my friend was working and secluded myself in a dark disused control room. It was hypnotic, and very unnerving. I was accustomed to the sound of Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven or Las Vegas, so the dark, chilling sound of this album took me by surprise. I stood listening as "But I'm Not" started, and I almost fell to the floor entranced. I listened to the first five songs at the station that night. I'm still in awe of the power of this album.
written by Ed DeFelippis (BalcnyBoyz@aol.com ) on February 12, 1997

"Treasure" must be given it's due for being the album on which the Twins succsesfully made the final transition from where they started out on "Garlands," to what they only hinted at on "Head Over Heels," introducing the sound they maintain to this day. ( Not to say, of course, that THAT hasn't been ever changing ) There really hasn't ever been a group in popular music, ever, as unique or brilliant as the Cocteau Twins. And, one listen to "Treasure" would confirm that for anyone. From the moment needle hits groove, and Elizabeth Fraser breathily intones the first lines of "Ivo," to the final crash of the (words fail me) {Beautific?} "Donimo," this is an album of such radiance and stark beauty, that I've only just now realized that attempting to review it is beginning to make me sound like a blithering idiot. Favourite cut: "Donimo" It's devatating!
written by SCOTTY (bghvn@hotmail.com ) on February 12, 1997

I just spent five hours last weekend compiling my own version of the "history of CT thru their music" on a bunch o' tapes and to hear the evolution of their style from Garlands to Milk and Kisses is quite an experience. For those of you who have not listened to earlier Twins, check out Blind Dumb Deaf or Shallow then Halo... "...stars in my eyes, stars in my face womb in the belly, capital place...." If you're lucky and have the John Peel Sessions, you might want to compare Hazel on this compilation to the one on Peppermint Pig--quick, who's the guy doing the guest vocals?? (answer later) Anyways, more of my views later. I just had to start from the beginning... E
written by Eileen on January 18, 1997

um...my favorite Cocteau Twins album!
written by August (Hermes@nocturne.sbay.org ) on January 14, 1997

My favorite Cocteau Twins album!
written by August (Hermes@nocturne.sbay.org ) on January 14, 1997

My OTHER favorite Cocteau Twins album! "Musette and Drums" is one of the best songs CT have ever recorded...grinding guitar, surging pounding drums, fotzepolitic vocals...it's all there.
written by August (Hermes@Nocturne.sbay.org ) on January 14, 1997

My favorite Cocteau Twins album!
written by August Mark Thomas Smith (Hermes@Nocturne.sbay.org ) on January 14, 1997

I've been listening to CT for ten years now and have most of their releases but Garlands is special to me for the darkness and intensity it conveys which they have unfortunately abandoned. Of course most bands mellow out with age (and the Twins have certainly mellowed) but it would be nice to hear Liz belt and schreech her fears, angst, and passions one more time.
written by Richard von Zimmer (rvz@aol.com ) on January 12, 1997

I would call it the best cocteau twins album, but that would degrade the other albums somehow, so i won't. Hideous drum machine used to brilliant ends, brilliant use of the guitar... if the fact that EF sings on this record isn't enough to make you want to buy it, you need education with a lead pipe repeatedly to the groin. support the cocteau twins. One of the select few bands who put out brilliant records consistently. any band who can consistently put out solid albums like this for this many years deserves cake and ice cream.
written by rick greenley (rgreenl@pop3.utoledo.edu ) on December 29, 1996

"Those Eyes, That Mouth" rules. (That's all.)
written by Tom, Ronkonkoma, NY (tjoseph@mail.idt.net ) on December 24, 1996

For those who are real Cocteau Twins fan should go out and get Faye Wong's newest CD. Cocteau Twins wrote some songs for her and produced it for her. Those songs are so good that I can't stop listen to it.
written by number 10 on November 23, 1996

written by SCHAPMAN on November 22, 1996

All I can say about this album is the two notes from Simons bass at the begining. This is the most wonderful introduction to any album ever. "Violaine" is absolutley perfect...
written by Ian Christensen (kevin@rtd.com ) on November 19, 1996

Listening to MILK AND KISSES this morning, for the 2,346th time, i think i REALIZED Elizabeth was not making much effort to conceal the lyrics, which in places are easily understood. i've been continually upset about not being able to sing along, and now i feel so much better.(but i still want ALL the lyrics, sweet Elizabeth, dear.) and the subject matter.... my, my,it's getting a little STEAMY in here...!!!
written by jim boeger (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on November 12, 1996

I had heard a song from the Cocteau Twins and for some reason I never liked it. I forget which one it was. But when I was looking through my brother's drawers I saw Garlands and i thought well I should listen to it. It was a drastic moment when I first heard it because i didn't know that they ever sounded like that. So desperate and incomprehensible enigmatic melting away from my ears as if I would never hear it again, then the rewind botton to listen to it again. I don't know everyone that i've spoken to say that this album was scheisse, I thought it was KUHL.
written by Learsi Ziur Zehcnas (tolshok@uclink4.berkeley.edu ) on November 04, 1996

Steady bass lines that melt in the air,pounding,rythmic beats, guitars that you can see and touch,vocals that make you fall in love,Garlands is everything you need.
written by Mark (mribm@gte.net ) on November 03, 1996

The below reveiw is for TINY DYNAMITE, there must be something wrong with the posting system
written by Timmy on November 03, 1996

Garlands is the one album that one can listen to and understand the progression that the band has gone through in the past 16 or so years.
written by Edward LeMay (buddy1@gte.net ) on November 01, 1996

That thing I just posted was for Evangeline, I messed up . Heavens no, Garlands howls and screams like the Terrible Mother swallowing Achilles!
written by Mike H. (you know ) on October 30, 1996

Really good! It sort of sways and seems like it may fall over but then winds picks it up, and it seems to shine. Tried covering it but my voice sounded absurd in place of you know who's.
written by Mike H. (MAH98@geneseo.edu ) on October 30, 1996

written by Yames (jimnbob@ix.netcom.com ) on October 26, 1996

Garlands is one of my most favorite Cocteau Twins albums. It is dark, sparse, and ambient in the truest sense of the word. Driven by guitars that grind like circular saws and a resonant drum machine with a relentless, haunting bassline. And that voice! Liz in her darkest hour. All lower octaves, not bright at all and more depressed. So beautiful. If you like The Cure's Pornography, Faith, etc. you will like Garlands. It is clearly an artistic masterpiece on all levels.
written by Lysa (dijit@acadiacom.net ) on October 17, 1996

i heard this for the first time just this summer, right before the band came to San Rancisco (6/22/ 96). i've learned to play it on the guitar and is one of my favorite songs. in fact, i think i want this song playing while i die.
written by sfjim (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on October 12, 1996

Ah, Garlands. Listening to Garlands for the first time in 1991 was a strange experiance for me. Prior to that I had heard Treasure thru Heaven or Las Vegas. And the only inkling I had about Garlands was the album cover and the remix of Wax and Wane on the Pink Opaque. Regardless of the many reviews I've read making the Twins sound as if they only produced fluffy sugur coated music that sounds as if it sould be played at Heaven's gates etc, etc. I've always believed the Twins' music was capible of producing a roller coaster of emotions. Needless to say I wasn't prepared for the emotions that rushed thru me when Garlands started to play on my stereo. Blood Bitch immediately sent anger reeling thru my system, while the original version of Wax and Wane seemed so harsh and melencholy. I think that the Hollow Men evokes the most emotion. I felt, and still do when I listen, feelings of hurt, exploitation, and I dare say emotional rape. My descriptions may seem very extreme, but these were the feeling that I felt. I don't think that any album from the Twins or any other group, made me feel so much pain, anger, angst. I think it does a better job that any Nirvana album in convaying it message. Technically speaking, I wish I could comment. But I can say that the rawness and bareness of it (compared to other Twins albums) works well considdering the emotional theme of the album. Of interest is that many of the lyrics are descernable which may bring relief to the fan who wants to hear actual words. But like the true geniuses that the Twins are it seems as with other albums with coherent words, the emphasis is on placement rather than meaning. Garlands is truely unique in that it is the only album in my eyes that allows for some outside influence (Post Punk?) and their only album that is as raw as it is. If someone asks me to recommend a particular Twins' album, of course I'll say "you need them all" But to someone who is looking for "dark" music, I recommend this album. However, the prospective buyer should try to get the import version over the Capital re-release, since the import includes 4 John Peel tracks, their first song which got them on 4AD, and an extra track.
written by marc d'agostino (mdagos61@mail.caps.maine.edu ) on October 03, 1996

Twinlights is the most compelling Cocteau Twins release to date. The beautiful simplicity gives off energy that can make you cry or sigh in release. Elizabeth's voice is celestine and heartbreaking. The most amazing track on the EP is Rilkean Heart, and the version recorded here filled me with energy and life.
written by Natalie Masters (kjanni@AOL.COM ) on October 02, 1996

I think this album is one of the greatest dark record to date. The sound is so outlined, so conceputal I read I review on it before purchasing it and I must say it was all I ever imagined. From the first chords of Blood Bitch I knew I had made one of the greatest deal of my life. The basslines are so different to anything you could find then, in fact, I would say the bass is the leading instrument on that album, and not the guitar, (which is more ambiental) this happens quite rarely in dark music. Anyway, a bass, a guitar, and a drum machine (not to mention Liz's voice) can make more than many over-instrumented bands.
written by Rafael (feromero@infosel.net.mx ) on October 02, 1996

I think it's THE album from the CocteauTwins that's got the vibe from the beginning of Cockteau Twins existence. I've listened many many times to this album, to analyse the lyrics and the drums within. I have to say The Cockteau Twins have grown to become a superb band with a no nonsens attiude. From the first album to the last album a nice variety of sounds and drums. I hope only one thing... That The Cocteau Twins will play live onstage (the next time that they play in Holland) will perform the song Garlands.
written by JvW (Wamelj@Rijnhaave.nl ) on September 24, 1996