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Heaven or Las Vegas

HOLV is a wonder...the opening track "Cherry-coloured funk" is quite the eye opener to the Twins' sound in this period. My favourite track is #10: "Frou-frou foxes in midsummer fires"...it's quite like Christmas, really! Liz's voice on HOLV reminds me of (gasp!) Ella Fitzgerald's...buy this record and take a trip that will delight you and your senses.
written by Larry Berry-Monroe (jupiterblue62@hotmail.com ) on June 04, 1999

Instead of sending your friend on a treasure hunt (no pun intended) for 'The Pink Opaque', have them look for HLV. Perfect for the budding Cocteau fan; it holds the key to all the essential Cocteau sounds and textures. Then again, so does every other album...damn. :)
written by Watchlar The Mizan (ManClldSun@aol.com ) on April 19, 1999

This was the album that got me interested in the band. Soon after listening the ethereal voice of Elizabeth Fraser, I just had to have everything "COCTEAU TWINS". I have yet to be dissapointed in any of their work.
written by Daniel Gallegos (DANIEL4AD@webtv.net ) on April 14, 1999

This was the album that got me interested in the band. Soon after listening the ethereal voice of Elizabeth Fraser, I just had to have everything "COCTEAU TWINS". I have yet to be dissapointed in any of their work.
written by Daniel Gallegos (DANIEL4AD@webtv.net ) on April 14, 1999

This is one of the best albums I've heard from the Cocteau Twins. The song that stands out for me as a true ethereal masterpiece is "Road, River and Rails". It seems to have the ideal synchronicity of voice and instruments. The vocals are haunting and beautiful-all in one. The guitar appregio that repeats throughout the song seems to be dancing to a waltz tempo with her beautiful singing. This song is timeless.
written by Wayne Tirone (wayne82@yahoo.com ) on April 09, 1999

"Heaven or las Vegas", soul etéreo? pues sí. quítales el sonido ambiental, colorea de negro la voz de Liz...
written by Catherine Sandoval (hojaroja@latinmail.com ) on April 07, 1999

Another one to add to the list of `Cherry Colored Funk' lyrical theories, which may be wildly off track - the opening lines "eggs and dreams and blues unfurling and everything else steamer in stable eyes in glass...{something - something} my burred lips, and it's good news..." the rest I've no insight into (she seems to put on an exaggerated Scots accent in the middle of those lines - for fear of being understood, I know, but isn't it dead sexy). And in "Fotzepolitic" - opening lines "my dreams, unfolding, sink and must be dregs, they're young girls' dreams, in truth some do burn and shoot like the belly with style, while others just root, like the scary hairs on...{something}". Someone suggested listening to the Twins on 'shrooms, I personally have gotten all my `insights' on morning glory tablets. Besides those two, "Pitch the Baby" and the title track rule on that album. "Fotzepolitic" is one of those `perfect' Cocteau songs - right up there with `Touch upon Touch' and `Feathers Oar Blades' - those moments when you find yourself thinking "is there anything better in the history of recorded sound?"
written by matt_constantine on March 28, 1999

i love this ablum it took me a while to appreicate it but i love it.For me every song is filled with the deep friendly relasionships that turn into love or change from love to friendship.I can put on sexy dresses and be held by my love TOMMY while listening to a song like "I wear your ring" and just feel the sweet excess. it provides the beautiful feeling. I love it. Tara
written by Tara (Sle1640652 ) on March 23, 1999

i love this ablum it took me a while to appreicate it but i love it.For me every song is filled with the deep friendly relasionships that turn into love or change from love to friendship.I can put on sexy dresses and be held by my love TOMMY while listening to a song like "I wear your ring" and just feel the sweet excess. it provides the beautiful feeling. I love it. Tara
written by Tara (Sle1640652 ) on March 23, 1999

...I think, overall, that Heaven or Las Vegas is the Twins best album...there isn't a single song on there that doesn't "belong"...I mean that all the songs on that album seem to fit together with each other very well...from "Cherry-Coloured Funk" to "Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer's Fires", this album presents the Twins' most down-to-Earth performances...on a different subject, I have a MiniDisc stereo recorder and I have lots of fun recording Twins song on those cute little disks...140 minutes of the Twins on one MiniDisc is amazing...about 35 songs that can be played in random order! I bring this up because Heaven or Las Vegas is the only Twins album that has all of its songs on the Disc...that's how much I love that album...feel free to contact me to talk or just to share a comment on the Twins...I love them a lot and I am sure you do too... (:
written by Bryan McNeely (deepsympathy@yahoo.com ) on March 07, 1999

In my mind, very much a transitional work from the more ethereal earlier works to the considerably more mainstream sounding Four Calendar Cafe. I have to admit that I'm a big dreampop fan and I'm biased towards CT's guitar fuzz tracks, so it's no surprise that my favorite on this album has to be Fotzepolitic - possibly the darkest song I've heard in a long time (I swear this song is about an incestual relationship which goes with the title I guess). For me, other standout tracks are "I Wear Your Ring", "Heaven or Las Vegas", "Fifty-fifty Clown" and "Pitch the Baby".
written by David Wells (dweller@ihug.co.nz ) on February 28, 1999

Ok. I guess the reason I like Cocteau Twins is due to that sultry, sweet sexy voice that confuses the mind.... soooo, somebody burst my bubble and tell me the lyrics to Cherry- Coloured Funk, all I hear is, "Ooooh please, don't f*ck me hard....Oooohh yeaaah".
written by MoevaL (eric@cs.princeton.edu ) on February 18, 1999

April or May, 1991. Snow was melting in cold cold Minnesota. My friend Greg had just bought HOLV and wanted me to hear a track. When Fifty-fifty Clown came out of the speakers, I was immediately mesmerized by the pulsing bass. But it was the chord progression that followed and Elizabeth's voice over everything which transfixed me. It sounds stupid but it's true. Hearing the Cocteau Twins so joyful after years of (wonderful) angst, I was transformed in a way I have rarely been by a piece of music. It was almost spiritual, and I'm not a spiritual person. There was magic in that album.
written by Ben Kreader (ben_kreader@spe.sony.com ) on February 18, 1999

Wonderful. It was my first contact with CT. I listen tracks 5,6 and 7 thousands of times and each time I discover new things. Thank you Liz for not understanding you at all. Portugal is a better place with you around.
written by Antonio (sagitario@mail.telepac.pt ) on February 18, 1999

Wonderful. It was my first contact with CT. I listen tracks 5,6 and 7 thousands of times and each time I discover new things. Thank you Liz for not understanding you at all. Portugal is a better place with you around.
written by Antonio (sagitario ) on February 18, 1999

I was and am somewhat dissapointed by this album in general The entire thing feels like it will not leave the eighties until it drags you through every cheesy 80's crutch on the way out. Some of the music even sounds like Foreigner. There was a fine line that was crossed with this album. However, the closing track somehow ended up being one of the most amazing songs The Cocteau Twins ever recorded.
written by Ian P (ipedigo@acad.udallas.edu ) on February 15, 1999

Now when I heard Heaven or Las Vegas, I didn't think it was too good. Now I am convinced that it isn't.To me,Liz's voice barks out a little too much. And her lyrics are still unintelligable even though everyone seems so thrilled that they can understand (or think that they can) figure out what she's saying. I think the brillance of the twins is the fact that you CAN'T frickin understand a word she says! I think it just diminishes the groups originality all the more with their simple thumping drums and boring melodies. With the exception of Iceblink Luck and two others, I find the album flat and conventional. Mind you, it has it's typical brilliant moments, but i just don't think the Twins had too much of their past glories in them this time... Sorry if I pissed some of you off! I Love them all the same!!!! Rant and Ravin' Daniel
written by Daniel on December 21, 1998

The most enrapturing album I ever heard is whichever one I happen to be listening to! Asking to decide which one is best is like someone asking a father of many unique and wonderful children which one he loves most. Thank you for such a great spectrum of passion which is your music. Allen Pellerin
written by Allen Pellerin (allen.pellerin@minnwest.com ) on November 27, 1998

Excuse me's were not necessary as I crossed the casino floor, hastily walking towards the exit and out towards the neon street. I had had enough of people watching and now I wanted to experience the real Las Vegas. I made a direct path to my rented automobile in the parking garage. Pulling out onto the strip I slipped a tape of HOLV into the player. Forget the naysayers, for the moment at least, this is as close to the ether and the afterlife as it gets. No heavy handed images of martyrs and saints, or walks with Nature. Just the warm glow from human hands.
written by cc: on November 26, 1998

This album positively highlights Liz Frazier's stunning vocals. From the Beatlesque pop of "Cherry-Coloured Funk" to the Nilsson-inflected strains of "Wolf in the Breast," this album showcases Elizabeth's voice in ways that no other Cocteau Twins album has. What makes it so special? Perhaps it's the Abba-tinged interludes of "Iceblink Luck," "Heaven or Las Vegas," or "I Wear Your Ring." Maybe it's the mellower, more Olivia Newton-John sounding "Fifty-Fifty Clown." Whatever it is, it sure is magic to me. This album captured my imagination way back in the early 90s, when I was struggling to get through music school alive. I loved it then, and whenever there's a ray of sunlight pouring through the windows of my home, putting on "Iceblink Luck" still sends a shiver down my spine. - Sammy James, President Pedestrian Records http://members.tripod.com/~sammyu2/index.html pedestrianrecord@yahoo.com
written by Sammy James (pedestrianrecord@yahoo.com ) on November 20, 1998

A work of art! I love this CD! Road, river and rail may be my favorite Cocteau Twins song (period). Thanks.
written by Charlie Shumate (CharlieRMG@aol.com ) on November 18, 1998

I love all of their song, thought I have only 8 of their album and singles. Heaven & las Vegas is got to be their best work. My 3 faverite tracks : "Heaven or Las Vegas", track 7(sorry I can't remember the name), "wolf on my breast". I wish to say I'll always TREASURE their album!Wish to talk to other CT's fans.
written by Jin Ho (jhct@yahoo.com ) on November 12, 1998

I am lucky to have been listening to the Cocteau Twins Twins since their first album, Garlands, and also watched their steady progression and growth as a band. The first time I heard Heaven or Las Vegas, I was absolutely blown away. No words can do justice to what this compilation does to the listener. It is an sensual overload, like drinking a bottle of Laffitte-Rothschild or Petrus. Not to be experienced every day perhaps, but it makes you richer and more alive every time you actually DO listen to it. Any and every person I have played it for has fallen in love with the music and Elizabeth's haunting voice. If you think your music tastes are set in stone, buy this one album and realize how wrong you were.
written by Kelly Lynch (KPLynch@bellsouth.net ) on November 10, 1998

This has to be my favourite CD at the moment, from the first track Cherry-Coloured Funk, blissed me right out, Iceblink Luck - stand out song of the album, just Beautiful!!! I love the whole collective sound, makes me experience all the senses all at once!! What can i say, i love this dearkly along with Four Calender Cafe, i will endeavour to get all the other albums eventually. Enjoy this one, you wont forget it!!!!!!!!!
written by Johnny (johnny@paradise.net.nz ) on November 08, 1998

Heaven or Las Vegas and Iceblink Luck are definitivelly my big-time faves on this album. The rest of the songs never quite reaches the same hights. Even though songs like Cherry-Coloured Funk, Pitch the Baby, I wear your Ring, Wolf in the Breast and Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires are wonderfull tunes, i rarely listen to ‘em these days. But even so, HOLV and Iceblink are both on my top 10 list and i’ll be happy to leave it at that.
written by kev on November 02, 1998

So bored with my CD collection and the lack of 'new' music there seems to be at present I decided to give a go to one of the 'cool' bands from the Sixth Form. And... I feel like I have wasted the last seven years of my music-listening life. This album is beautiful. As if the soaring voice of Elizabeth Fraser on the first track, 'Cherry Coloured Funk' was not enough to make me hum all night, the title track is just staggering. I don't want to overuse superlatives but this is just a brilliant, brilliant album. Thanks
written by russ harrop (russell.harrop@hsam.co.uk ) on October 12, 1998

I bought this album my sophomore year of college (91). I can say that it is truly the album that I cut my teeth on when I started getting into more Techno-Ambient music. Back then, songs like "Cherry-coloured funk" and "fifty-fifty clown" had a mood that spoke to my young adulthood desperation. But now that I'm older I see just how sexy this album truly is. Not only does it remain in heavy rotation in my CD-Changer but is definitely on my list of all time favorites. People who don't like the Cocteau Twins because they can't understand the words just do not understand how much more music can be.
written by fred (azezerka@earthlink.net ) on October 06, 1998

I've been a Twins fan since the late 80's & BY FAR Heaven or Las Vegas is my favorite of their discography. This is indeed the album I would select to be stranded on an island with. I never will get tired of litening to it. It's unfortunate the band has broken up (?), but perhaps they will surprise us all in the near future with a new disk. Cheers to all.
written by Ken Rogers (Kfarrowatl@aol.com ) on September 14, 1998

Wow. I bought this quite a while back. I think it was in June. This is one of many Cocteau Twins Cds I have bought this year. The only track I do not absolutely love is "Cherry Coloured Funk". This is the ultimate traveling CD. As you drive along listening to the something like the inroduction to "Frou Frou Foxes...", you cannot help but see the world in a different light. I must confess I know the songs by their melodies and not by their song titles. The tracks just melt together. The melodies are subtle. Their intricacies are hard to notice on a casual listen. This is, in my opinion, the definitive Cocteau Twins CD. The production is smooth. Don't let the pop sensibility fool you on your first impression. This has longevity. I cannot believe I am just now discovering this album considering it is a 1990 release. Sheesh. If there is anything else that has been out for a while that is obscure - but is as good as this - and is actually still available - please e-mail me, I grow weary of the popular music scene.
written by Kit "Nakedprey" Bovett (kitbovett@hotmail.com ) on September 11, 1998

This is the first album what I heard. I like it very much because It makes me happy every time. And Liz's got very brilliant voice... It's the best album from Cocteau Twins. Write some like this.
written by Attila Meszaros (hg970102@rs3.szif.hu ) on September 08, 1998

This album makes me upset. Why? I'm not sure, but it may be because i get upset a lot. The best track is #6, I Wear Your Ring. I could listen to that for months on end and not get sick of it. The songs on this album make me wish for something, with all my heart, but I have no idea for what. Like a yearning...for what?? Leaves me mostly speechless. Reminds me a lot of flying at night, just above the big puffy clouds with a full moon highlighting their edges against the black ocean of little bitty stars. Swirly movement of some sort. Yes, definitely all nighttime images, like laying on the bleachers alone at midnight in the playing field at school, looking up at all those white dots in the sky, the cold wind biting. Far away yet physically confined to a domestic setting. I think this album is good if you want to hear "later" CT works. Earlier works are best in Head Over Heels. I love them.
written by Boiled Lettuce (sying@stanford.edu ) on September 01, 1998

The first 6 tracks on this album, got to be one of the best string of songs ever made, but i think track 7, 8, and 9 is a bit too POPish, too easy. The last track however, is really up there among my favourites. The thing that strikes me 'bout this album, is that it contains two of the most happy songs i have heard from the cocteau twins, the title-track and "Iceblink Luck". They really get me going!
written by kevin by (kevin.by@admtrd.ninaniku.no ) on August 10, 1998

This album contains my two favorite cocteau songs "cherry coloured funk" and "heaven or las vegas" yet gets so cheesy that its embarrasing. However its better than trying dark territory like previous albums. Cocteau Twins are kind of like Curve. Their songs work better when they're upbeat and uplifting
written by Bryan Sander (bsander@linket.kitsap.lib.wa ) on July 17, 1998

the first album i ever fell in love with, even though i owned the pink opaque first. i would suggest this to anyone who hasn't heard ct yet, for starters. honestly, i can picture myself in 7th grade, what she was really saying. no matter. i can remember sitting on the carpet in a dark room with christmas lights and fifty-fifty clown, road, river and rail... possibly one of my very favorites. oh, well.
written by molly (molly-anne@mail.utexas.edu ) on July 17, 1998

Heaven Or Las Vegas is the best Cocteau Twins LP EVER! Perhaps The greatest LP of all time by ANY artist! I rank it alongside XTC's "Skylarking" and The Smiths "The Queen Is Dead" as the greatest ever! Masterpiece!
written by Pete (Pierre501@aol.com ) on June 21, 1998

Heaven or Las Vegas is the best Cocteau Twins album ever. I have been listening to this band since the 80s, and I truly think that HOLV is a culmination of everything they try to be. I never, ever tire of this album.
written by tom (montag101@aol.com ) on June 10, 1998

I really love the songs CHERRY COLOURED FUNK, ICEBLINK LUCK and HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS!!I cannot stop listening to it!
written by Charles Mok (416 225 3093 ) on June 01, 1998

"Heaven or Las Vegas" seems to represent the Cocteau Twins at their peak. Though I would go out of my way to say that all the releases of the band, including 1993's "Four Calendar Cafe" and 1996's "Milk&Kisses" (supposedly their last), are spectacular and beautiful, this album seems to manage to stand out even after months and months of listening. Words like "stunning", "ethereal", and "electrifying" do not even come close. Let's just say that with songs like "Cherry Coloured Funk", "Wolf in the Breast", and "Heaven or Las Vegas", the Cocteau Twins just manages to stir you up inside and take you to an unknown high. When I was playing some tracks my friends commented that it sounded a bit like "The Sundays". Perhaps this is because in some portions of the songs, Liz Fraser sings unlayered amidst Robin Guthrie's masterful guitar work. This album is the best piece of music to listen to when you're in a low, it is an uplifting and prolific piece of work. No wonder a lot of fans always use this album as a reference point for comparing later works. If you don't have this album, go and get it. It is an essential part of you collection.
written by Huge (headon@pworld.net.ph ) on May 30, 1998

So we're talking about the album right? Well it's kinda hard for me to pick out my favorite cause I've never done it before. I've usually taken each one for what it was. So' i'm tryign to think know which one I would pick Which has changed over the years. Lets star with my !st favorite which is Treasure, pure feeling & emotion that leads to a mood of reflection that can be compared to no other except maybe classical. I quickly moved to Heaven or Los Vegas, What a exceptional title? The growth period between these to is substancial & that's why I adore evrything by the Cocteau twins is because they can grow but not lose their meaning. I think it's just who they are. To really be honset I have no favorite album, it just depends on my mood on what cocteau twins I feel would put me in a better mood. Sorry I didn't add much to your suject matter, but I just wanted to let everyone know that there was no best Cocteau Twins LP. Thanks, Jennifer
written by Jennifer Tacy (jtacy@hotmail.com ) on May 22, 1998

Early this year I started listening to The Cocteau Twins and have taken quite a liking to them. I like this release the best so far of the five that I own. I couldn't put it down the first night I listened to it. Music today just does nothing for me, with exception of very few bands like The Cardigans, so this was a good refreshment in a dry era of talent. I can't wait to get add more to my Cocteau Twins collection.
written by Wyatt (DavisWR@atrc.navy.mil ) on May 11, 1998

The best Cocteau twins album. Rich, lively, and inspirational.
written by Vampire (kintarajang@hotmail.com ) on May 09, 1998

I really feel this is the best album the Cocteaus have put out. It begins with the beautiful "Cherry-coloured funk" and ends with one of the greatest titles for a song in "Frou-frou foxes in midsummer fires". From front to back, this album carries you through what the Cocteaus are really about. My favorite song on the album is "Fotzepolitic", but the others are great as well. I think for all Cocteau collecters out there, this album is a must have. I hope others will like it as I do.
written by Kelly Michael Bell (HOTWU2@aol.com ) on April 23, 1998

Even after all these years, I am amazed at how well this album stands up. I love every track except for Road, River, & Rail. I think HOLV is a great combination of pop and ethereal, with way better production than previous albums. Some of the sounds are incredible, and it is hard at times to tell what sound came from a synth or guitar or bass. It really all meshes so well, in an almost subliminal way. Too bad they didn't make anymore tracks of that funky minimal Watchlar type groove.
written by Ernie (ealopez@csupomona.edu ) on April 20, 1998

Of the latter-day releases (Blue Bell Knoll - Milk & Kisses) this is the one that I can relate to the most (although I still think the Iceblink Luck b-sides are actually the best songs fom this era). Alot of people were taken aback at the title when it was released (the suggestion of corruption from the innocent Cocteaus). But I think they tend to see things through childlike eyes. When I was a child, I remember going to Las Vegas as a dazzling experience, full of all sorts of neat things. This record has nothing to do with that except that it is an escape of sorts, a bedazzling thing. I think of it as a dark, mystical, neon odyssey, full of electric sorcery and misty, wistful yearnings. If Blue Bell Knoll is the "havin' a baby" album, then this is the post-partum-depression-tour record, a confrontation of things worldly and otherworldly waiting out there in the night. From the starry-eyed cosmopolitan sparkle of the title track, to the "lost highway' of "Road, River, & Rail", returning wearily to the warmth of hometown lights in "Frou-Frou Foxes...", this is perhaps their most truly, deeply touching and passionate record, and my 3rd favorite of their albums - a companion for the weary, soulsick traveler in the journey of life.
written by Dreadnaut (dtmarlow@hiwaay.net ) on April 12, 1998

though i find every lp intriguing...heaven or las vegas is one that i never ever tire of. it's the perfect one to keep on repeat throughout the night. it conjurs up memories of friends in springtime. the perfect music to fall in blissed-out love to. sweet perfection.
written by amy (dotsandloops@yahoo.com ) on April 10, 1998

For an album that has been described by some as "the mainstreaming of Cocteau Twins", this has taken me YEARS to fully appreciate. (Go figuire.) When I first heard "Iceblink Luck" I thought, "Uh, oh... another intense band has gone all "pop" on me." Initially, I felt the songs were missing a TON of the band's usual depth... The sound seemed dull and, well, a bit obvious. HOWEVER, it's now HOW many years later? Years of HOLV being my least-played Twins cd... and... I feel I finally appreciate it. It's different than anything else Cocteau Twins ever recorded. Perhaps, until recently, I just wasn't listening to it in the appropriate way. This is not, to me at least, "headphone music". I recently played it and FILLED my apartment with its swirling, throbbing, soaring songs! Each one seeming like a glimpse into a "perpetual sound". With the instrumentation and time measures, they each seem like they could go on and on and on... It's a work of restraint and emotional revelation, (foretelling FOUR CALENDER CAFE's VERY personal nature)and Liz's vocals explore a variety of new territories. It took me a while, but, I can now say this is an important and distinct collection. Give it a listen, and, please, PLAY IT LOUD. You'll be glad you did!
written by Warren J. G. Mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on April 06, 1998

it's end-of-semester exam-time again, and this album is the only thing preserving my unity. it should be standard-issue to all pressure-cooked university students.
written by h.f. luu (hfluu@nucleus.com ) on April 05, 1998

I used to try to make my original songs sound like the songs on the album 'Heaven or Las Vegas'. But it always failed. They are the only ones who can sound like them. It is amazing. Joseph
written by Joseph (Yosefu) Ueno (in Sydney) (yosefuu@hotmail.com ) on April 01, 1998

"Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires" is the most sublime noise ever heard by the human ear.
written by Shaun Monson (faustine@earthlink.net ) on March 20, 1998

This album was one of the most pivotal and influential albums I can recall hearing of this decade. It was a collage of celestial melodies an the etheral vocal stylings of Elizabeth Frasier that first caught my attention initially in 1990. I still list it as one of my very favorite 10 best albums of all time because of its innovative usage of vocal overdubbing and how well the music integrated and complimented her singing. Listening to this album always produces a dreamlike state when I hear it. I guess if we could ever hear angels sing, it would sound a lot like Liz. Kudos to the web site and please keep me abreast of any touring info regarding the States for the upcoming future. Ta.
written by Kenny Robinson (KRobinson@jbjdesigns.net ) on March 03, 1998

The first Twins record i bought. The first thing that came out to me listening this was people´s relationships. Songs like "Fifty fifty clown" & "Wolf in the breast" evoke to me images of people loving, hating, thinking, anything relating to our day living. This is a very cinematoghaphy album, too. Some film scenes just came out easily, too. But it´s a very modern album, full of energy, and I think you can get up from a bad moment just listening to these songs. I think we have another masterpiece here. I rate it with 10 and my favorite songs are: "Iceblink luck", "Frou frou foxes", "Heaven or Las Vegas" (one of my 5 best Twins songs) and "Road, river & rail". A must.
written by Alvaro Azevedo Silva (alvaroazevedo@unn.unisys.com ) on February 27, 1998

Here is my (entirely subjective) song by song rating: Cherry coloured funk 9/10 Pitch the Baby 8 Iceblink Luck 8/9 Fifty fifty clown 9 Heaven or Las Vegas 7 I wear your ring 10 (utter perfection) Fotzepolitic 8 Wolf in the Breast 6 Road River and Rail 8 Frou frou Foxes 10
written by joseph schlottman (dedril@elwha.evergreen.edu ) on February 21, 1998

i honestly know that this world would change for the better if we could flood it in black-light and have every single creature listen to this album.
written by James T.. (umturne0@cc.umanitoba.ca ) on February 10, 1998

I like to play "Cherry coloured Funk" so loud the walls throb. It lifts me like nothing else. Used to think it was a happy song, then I read someone else's description of it as "beautifully melancholy," & now I like that better. For some reason I get the feeling Eliz is casting a spell, listing ingredients she's putting into a cauldron, "blue & bells & eggs & glue," you know, like a list of things as she tosses them in, then stirs them all together & gives us a sip, right at the part where her voice soars up an octave and out of my range. I love when she sings in her low sexy voice. The beginning of this song particularly is just about the most addictive music I've ever heard - my favorite. Amazing how they hook you immediately - within three seconds you're completely surrounded and enveloped in the glistening folds of their reality. Also makes me feel like I'm riding on a magic merry go round. "Pitch the Baby" - another favorite. (Every song on this album is good - like HOH, Victorialand, & Treasure.) This has got to be the funkiest of all Twins songs. Very simple yet catchy as hell. Danceable, like many of the tracks on HOLV. What can I say about Iceblink Luck? Brilliant song, one of the really happy sounding uplifting ones, about Jeff Buckley maybe? Incredible vocal, & I love how the bass follows her voice, bounces out after it - like horses running across a field in early morning light with their manes flowing behind them. Liz works herself into a frenzy & it's like she's just winging it, shouting the words out from some deep part of her mind, ripping them straight out of her soul & making it up on the spot. Like she grabs hold of the emotion & just lets it carry her away - which is exactly what this song does to me. This song can really sweep you off your feet if you let it. "Fifty Fifty Clown" is gorgeous. Serene, peaceful, dreamlike, voluptuous. I overlooked it at first, as if it was just a link between Iceblink & the title track, then a friend said she LOVED this song (FFC), the harmony was SOOO good, & called it her "flying song," so I listened more closely, & realized yes, it's as good as anything else. I LOVE the lines that sound like "and this is a flowin' love story - oceans are the shape emotions are, oh" God, what a beautiful song, I just don't want it to end. Nice deep pulsating beat too. Makes me feel very high up, in a hot air baloon, or up in the clouds, & barely awake, barely lucid. Takes me out of my body almost. After it, the title track is a jolt back to something more solid, almost a let-down; it's a great song, but probably one of my least faves on this album, along with Wolf in the Breast. Not to sound too negative - Liz's voice is great, sweeping choruses, & the words all mangled & tangled almost beyond recognition as always. I get the feeling she's singing about things I can almost understand, but twists them purposely so it doesn't quite fit together. She's like a playful riddle maker, an angel singing in the rain and laughing, singing only for herself. Then there's "I Wear Your Ring" - THIS SONG IS SO GOOD! Absolutely gorgeous melody. The Voice & bass start at the same time & pound along together, & then Liz goes up, & the voice overlays are simply divine, like dolphins jumping out of the water in perfect synchrony, each time jumping a little higher. Also love how it changes at the end, goes up a note & then fades away, this string of words floating away on a magic guitar blanket. One of THE BEST EVER. "Fotzepolitic" is glorious & swooping - Liz at her best - but towards the end the song loses some of its momentum & just sort of peters out a little bit, whereas most of the others are good straight through. But I LOVE the melody & her voice on the line "only when I'm emptyheaded." "Wolf in the Breast" is a great title but the weakest song on the album, I'd say, yet still good, because EVERY track on HOLV is good. Sort of pensive, maternal, maybe a little careworn - a mother fearing for the protection of her child? "Road River & Rail" is beautiful - but I'll just end up repeating the same adjectives. But "Frou-Frou Foxes" takes the cake. I think of it as the farewell song, the masterpiece, the end of the Twins 4AD years, the end of HOLV, all catharsis, a feeling of release, with the quiet beginning leading up to this orgasmic burst of emotion, strings of words, overdubbed melody, the pulse & glow of the guitar, electric rainbows of sound. Liz takes us up and up, higher and higher, and sends us soaring out into the stars. Perfect album-closer, & leads back into CCF well - like a circle - hence the lines "pulled rounder" ? This album is circular, a perfect ring, & I've worn their ring a million times & will wear it a million more, & never get tired of it. HOLV is a masterpiece. It's the one that cast the irrevocable spell & sent me completely over the edge. Some may say it's too mellow, songlike, conventional, their "sell-out" album: I simply don't agree! It's stunning. Childlike yet majestic. I'm amazed. I give it a TEN. Listen to it on while tripping on shrooms, & you'll have an epiphany you'll never forget.
written by Joseph Schlottman (dedril@elwha.evergreen.edu ) on February 09, 1998

Heaven or Las Vegas is by far the best Cocteau twins release. It is heavenly in both music and vocals. Liz has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life. Her vocal range is amazing and the way she over dubs is fantastic. The stand-out tracks would have to be the title track and Iceblink luck. Although every single song on this album is fantastic. I look forward to what comes next. Keep up the great work.
written by s samaras (fait@hotmail.com ) on January 12, 1998

Pienso que "Heaven or las Vegas" a mi personalmente me marco mucho, ya que es una puerta a la creación de un nuevo sonido junto a "loveless" de my bloody valentine y "quique" de seefeel son los discos mas creativos que he escuchado de los 90' y sirvieron y servirán de influencia para muchos grupos que existen hoy en día.Escrito por Hans Carstens, Chile.
written by Hans Carstens (sonoman91@hotmail.com ) on January 03, 1998

This was my first Cocteaus album and as such I still feel a great affection for it. I LURVE the guitar and multi tracked vocal of the title track but my favorite two tracks have got to be Fotzepolitic and Wolf In The Breast. Fotzepolitic is one of my favourite Cocteau's tracks. The combination of Synth/Guitar and airy vocals is stunning and Wolf In the Breast is just incredibly sensual. Whatever it means phoenetically it just has to be a love song of rare shimmering beauty.......
written by Leo on December 27, 1997

Hi, I'm from Portugal, and unfortunatelly the Twins aren't very popular here. The first album I heard was the "Four-Calendar Café" and I now have fifteen cd's of them and my favourite album is "Heave or Las Vegas". This album transmits me the idea that it was a "maturement", I mean I think it was with a fase more adult and the musics really get to me. My favourite music is also the "Heaven or Las Vegas" track. I love you!!!!
written by Rui Miguel Maia (bibgui@mail.telepac.pt ) on December 16, 1997

Here we see a virtuosity seldom displayed by 'popular' bands. Though it is wholly and uniquely their work, the time changes remind one of the Police, while the use of what sound like minor chords recall early Yes. The deep, multilayered textures and flowing enunciation suggest the view that how one says a thing is as important as what one is saying. The title track is perhaps the best example of this. Fraser's singing is at her aetherial best, and Guthrie has found exactly the right smooth distortion to compliment her voice. 'Fotzepolitik' is deeply romantic and seems appropriate for the first dance at a wedding reception. One could take a basic waltz and press it into service. I hope that they continue to develop the fine qualities of this record in future recordings.
written by Brian Willard (bwillard@ecst.csuchico.edu ) on December 08, 1997

Just when I thought the Twins were out of ideas, along comes HOLV. Cherry Coloured Funk is a wonderful intro, and of course this leads up to one of my all time faves, Pitch The Baby. These melodies are gorgeous, with just the right dab of "pop" to keep it from sounding precious. I love the way the album was recorded, very clean - in fact it sounds like it took even longer to record than BBK. Robin is a production genius. You can tell he got the sounds just the way he wanted it. The way some of the guitar sounds overlap the synth sounds is very original, and many times you can't tell which sound is which.
written by Ernie (ealopez@csupomona.edu ) on December 01, 1997

Este es uno de los mejores discos que he escuchado en muchos anos. Las melodias y la dulce voz de Elizabeth me mandan a flotar por todo el universo. Es verdaderamente un obra maestra!
written by Jose Mayoral (mailto:SF%20Yogi@AOL.com ) on November 26, 1997

Cocteau Twins have been the biggest musical influence I have ever experienced. I was first introduced to the Twins in '86 or '87, and I have never found anything that could so quickly or easily transport me to such feelings of love/joy/nostalgia as I feel when listening to their music. While my all time favourite album would have to be The Pink Opaque - HOLV is a very close second. There is no one song - all have been permanently embedded into my heart, mind and soul.
written by Joshua (sjogz@sprintmail.com ) on November 04, 1997

written by DAVIE P on October 24, 1997

i had major surgery on my mouth a few years ago. they said bring some music and a walkman-- it'll help. i took heaven or las vegas as it was the dreamiest creamiest music on earth. after four hours of listening to the album over and over again with my jaws clamped open, i realised what hell it had been for the anti-hero of A Clockwork Orange to have his favourite music forever fucked up. whenever i listen to HOLV now i remember that endless day of pain...
written by v hoop (kcotler@pen.k12.va.us ) on October 13, 1997

I only just bought this album, and I'm in love with it! IMHO, it is the definitive CT album - strong vocals and great music that leave you breathless and floating out in space. Fave tracks - Heaven or Las Vegas, Cherry Coloured Funk.
written by Aileen (Aileen_LIM@mti.gov.sg ) on October 07, 1997

heaven or las vegas captures the essence of what comes to my mind when i think of cocteau twins. my personal favorite...
written by danielle (persephone42@hotmail.com ) on September 12, 1997

Her voice on this album is down right sensual and alluring. it makes me melt like so much butter.
written by Lynn (x0sgibs@music.stlawu.edu ) on August 28, 1997

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Some may say it's repetitive, but I think it's all beautiful, and I think it works better as a complete work, rather than as individual songs. "Frou-Frou Foxes...." is a masterpiece,a work which combines beautiful ethereal music with intense emotion.
written by Stef (SFVixxen@aol.com ) on August 24, 1997

The best album of the 1990s.
written by corky (p.corcoran@rhbnc.ac.uk ) on August 05, 1997

Elizabeth Frazier is a songbird! Thank you Liz.
written by Ginny Griffin (Maleck2@onramp.com ) on July 14, 1997

written by lYNN gIBSON (X0SGIBS@MUSIC.STLAWU.EDU ) on June 25, 1997

written by JOSE DE JESUS BARRIOS MTZ. on June 12, 1997

I liked this one.
written by September Virgin (mouse@network.ucsd.edu ) on June 04, 1997

heaven of las vegas is one of ny favorites. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. NOt only is this album awesome, but it also holds a lot of special memories with someone who always be remembered.
written by angelique on June 02, 1997

This is my absolute favorite, and probably the album that I've played the most ever in my whole life. Reason why?: I never get tired of it. It's masterfully arranged and produced, welcoming listeners with the abrupt yet lush and flowing guitars, mixed with Liz's warm, soothing vocals gives this track a "glowing" quality. I remember listening to this album 6 or 7 years ago and listening to it recently, and STILL thinking to myself, 'How can anyone NOT like this record?' It's wonderful!
written by George E. Jimenez (georgej@wrs.com ) on April 09, 1997

i find this album wonderful everything about it lifts me. the title track heaven or las vegas i have to have on full blast sit down with a fag close my eyes the guitars and liz's voice takes me away i love it
written by kevin milton on March 30, 1997

A "love it or hate it" record. Those who hate it will point to its repetitiveness. Those who love it will talk about it like an exquisitely-built empty canvas upon which treasued memories will be placed for later viewing. If you've never heard the record before, learn to love it. Take it with you to a new place (one you'd expect to be sublime in some way) and play it frequently. You'll find, when you return home, that playing HOLV will take you back in the best of ways.
written by Chermiker (jck@hooked.net ) on March 20, 1997

Like many, HOLV was my introduction to the Cocteau Twins, and opened new worlds of sound to me. I've been entranced ever since. The title track "Heaven or Las Vegas" in particular remains a constant inspiration. The "effects-laden" guitar bridges transport me to another plane and it feels like heaven...
written by Jim Stallings (jimstall@aol.com ) on March 17, 1997

When my sister had played "Heaven or Las Vegas" on a tape some years back, I must admit that I found it the hardest song to understand, but that didn't seem to matter. After listening to the song for only two times, I found myself singing the tune over and over again. Since then, I have purchased "Heaven or Las Vegas," "Treasure," and "Four-Calendar Cafe" on CD, and I am presently hunting for "The Pink Opaque." I must admit that "Heaven or Las Vegas" was my "starter" for the surreal but visualized music that are the Cocteau Twins. And what can I say now? I'm hooked!
written by Marc Villafana (lazyboy@mail.erols.com ) on March 14, 1997

a beautiful revitalization here; the collection will definately stir ones inner pulse; to me this is their funkiest.
written by al (al_brown@gale.com ) on March 06, 1997

this album is great, it's one of the few albums i can listen to over and over and never get tired of
written by vic (vstock@tcsn.net ) on March 05, 1997

the single greatest album of our times. if you feel good, a listen will make you feel great if you feel bad, a listen will make you feel deperessed (and what is better than a good 2 day depression) whatever the mood-H or LV will intensify it. I am blessed to have this music
written by aaron robert (1447617@ef.pc.maricopa.edu ) on February 21, 1997

By far the most appropriate album to which beginners should start with. I always use this album to initiate friends into the wonderfully ethereal world of the Cocteau Twins.
written by Falx (falx@vasia.com ) on February 08, 1997

Ha! I loved that last entry. I thought it was perfect. It is THE album to own.
written by Joe (oink@voodoopork.com ) on February 05, 1997

I own everything they have done... But HOLV is the only album I can sing along with verbatim, and sometimes from memory.... its THE CT album to own...
written by Ian McCausland (ianmcc@escape.ca ) on February 05, 1997

Este CD... una colexón mágica de entendimientos regocijantes. La creatividad sorprende, ya que su atmósfera atrapa la sensualidad reprimida. Sin censuras. Felicidades.
written by Omar Centeno Olguín (omr@foreigner.class.udg.mx ) on January 16, 1997

God in Heaven should only be as perfect in His beauty as this divine aural creation! From the first tones of Robin's guitar to the Liz's final sigh from "Frau-Frau Foxes in Midsummer Fires" "Heaven or Las Vegas" is my vote for the ultimate Cocteau Twins release. Although the entire effort is sublime, recommended tracks are "Iceblink Luck", "Fotzepolitic" "Pitch the Baby" and the afore mentioned "Frau-frau Foxes...". An excellent record for curling up on a cold winter day. It's almost, (dare I say), better that sex. It's pretty damn good with sex too.
written by Jeff Luttrell (jlutt4212@aol.com ) on January 16, 1997

A masterpiece in textured music, HOLV is sui generis. It appeals to all the senses, whether the warmly glowing sensuality of "I Wear Your Ring," or the deliciously danceable "Iceblink Luck." And who can't taste the "Cherry-coloured" flavor or smell the smoke emanating from "Midsummer Fires?" This one definitely belongs in the CD player of anybody who knows CT is more than just "mood music."
written by Bill Glod (callisto@mail.utexas.edu ) on January 07, 1997

there was a time last summer where i was standing on the edge of a prarie in kansas and the wind was blowing hard, so hard almost that it blew me over. in front of me was endless brown grass dotted with blue lakes and the occasional cow, above me a perfect blue sky, and behind me hills and trees with a highway tucked inside close enough to see the trucks but not to hear them. i was standing on a rock, weather and sun beaten, and my life was going terribly, but i felt time move while i was standing there, years and years of wind and rain and sun producing this this change and all of a sudden the world was gigantic and huge, and i felt the sheer openness of where i was. i was listening to heaven or las veagas and it was perfect. beautiful and open, timeless enough to make me cry and let the wind wipe my face for me.
written by matt davis (matthew-davis@uiowa.edu ) on December 05, 1996

This album summarizes the essence of CT and what their contribution to music has been. Considering the music scene at this time,this album i truly amazing,with no other band coming ouy with an album which has been not only unique, but good as well! Songs like Iceblink Luck and Pitch the Baby show the songwriting ability of CT. This (as well as susbsequent) album are always a great refresment to what music making should be- quality as opposed to commercialism!
written by Jon Schutts (jschutts@aol.com ) on October 31, 1996

written by JOSE DE JESUS BARRIOS MTZ on October 28, 1996

i played this ...release...24 hours a day for at least three months when i got it. i had heard "iceblink luck" on the radio(KITS-San Francisco).
written by sfjim (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on October 22, 1996

Like a variety of roses, CT albums display themselves with such individual beauty that makes one so happy that one needn't choose just one. Heaven or Las Vegas is rich, colorful, and golden - filled with absolute splendor. My favorites are: "Fotzepolitik", "Pitch the Baby", and "Road, River, and Rail".
written by john jeffrey mcginnis (john@tailored.com ) on October 07, 1996

Ah, yes, H or L.V.! My pick for the funnest CT album to listen to. I have always liked the works of bands where they, having established a "sound" kindly give that "sound" a nice kick up the backside. From the opening chug of "Cherry-Coloured Funk" and "Pitch The Baby" to the soulful strains of "I Wear Your Ring" and especially "Road, River, and Rail" FUNK, I think is the operative word,here. Gone where the mannered ethereal-isms of "BBK" (arguably the group's low water mark) and "Moon and Melodies," and the Twins just kinda, well, rocked! A bold move for a band who had garnered a reputation as kinda lightweight, and not really worth the newsprint by certain stateside rags. But they did it, they pulled it off! I belive, the only thing that kept this from being the Cocteau's break-through album was the turmoil the group was experiancing at the time. Whenever a new convert asks me for recomendations H or LV is the first album I recommend. It's definately their most accsesable and best album since "Treasure." A 10+!
written by SCOTTY B.H.P. (bghvn@hotmail.com ) on October 03, 1996