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Milk & Kisses

I have to say this... there is only about 3 worth while songs on this album.Seekers who are lovers,tresure hiding,and eperdu. I am glad they broke up.They were driving me nuts with this sassy Album that came out in 95.
written by cileded on June 02, 1999

written by XTIAN (templario_74@yahoo.com ) on May 26, 1999

i have been a HUGE cocteau twins fan for over a year now. when i first got hooked, i purchased every release within a few months. i can thank the internett for that... now, Milk & Kisses took a long while for me to get used to. it's not until this day that i can fully appreciate it. eperdu, violaine, serpenskirt and ups are all among my top 15 favorites. at the same time, it's thez tunes that i listen to more than anything else together with calfskin smack and seekers who are lover. they sort of fits my mood now with the summertime and all. the winter can get pretty cold and dark up here in the north. M&K's warm sound is what makes this album so unique and appealing
written by kev b (kevin.by@admtrd.ninaniku.no ) on May 12, 1999

I must admit I am a bit of a latecomer to the Cocteau Twins experience. I had heard of the band before but had never really heard any recordings. I got interested after learning that Liz Fraser is actually in the band. I had heard Liz's vocals in The Future Sound Of London's "Lifeforms" and most recently on Massive Attack's "Teardrop", which I must say is my favourite song EVER. My heart beats faster when I hear it... Anyway A friend let me in on the info about Cocteau Twins so I decided to buy an album and see what they sound like. I got "Milk & Kisses" because it was the only one I could find at the time. After hearing the first 2 tracks I knew I had to find the rest!! The music captivated me in such a way that I could just sit with my breath held in, trying to still my heart. I could not understand the lyrics, but somehow they made sense to my heart without going through the brain. The whole album is a beautiful masterpiece of which somehow combines sadness and happiness, loss and love, regret and hope. Everything is perfect and pure as a cool breeze through high grass on a blue sky day. What's more, the band make it sound so simple. I cannot find the right words to describe the beauty of this music, but I am certain that if I knew the world was coming to an end in 5 minutes, I would face it listening to "Serpentskirt" and feeling happy that mankind has created beauty beyond words, and so the end would become a new beginning.
written by Dim Kritidis (futurealien@hotmail.com ) on May 02, 1999

I've been a fan of Cocteau Twins since their first album. They are one of my favorite bands and all of their albums are great. Although I enjoy all of their music, Milk and Kisses is my favorite Cocteau Twins album. Everything seemed to come together for them musically on this album, it just flowed so masterfully. Elizabeth Frazer has the most beautiful angelic voice. She could sing the ingredients on a box of cereal and it would be beautiful. When ever I am feeling stressed out I put on Milk and Kisses and Four Calendar Cafe to relax and chill out. I highly recommend this album. *As an added note: I would also like to recommend, It'll End In Tears by This Mortal Coil which includes a song sung by Elizabeth Frazer, Song To The Siren. If you enjoy Elizabeth Frazer's voice you have to hear this song, it is beyond words.
written by Isabella (nada ) on April 23, 1999

I've been a fan since my cousin dubbed me a tape of Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven or Las Vegas. Since then I have collected almost all of the US releases. Although Milk and Kisses is not my favorite CT album, it definitely blew me away compared to Four Calendar Cafe. Violane opens with a crash and the little break at the end rocks! Serpentskirt is also a standout. The rest of the CD builds up to a two-song climax in Treasure Hiding and Seekers Who Are Lovers. Still, my favorite CT albums have to be Treasure and Victorialand, with everything else close behind. I hope to keep finding new favorites with each addition to my collection.
written by Robin Wong (seek808@aol.com ) on April 11, 1999

This is the first cd I have got from this band...WOW I can't wait to get the rest
written by jonp (jonp@entegrion.com ) on April 03, 1999

It's definitely the most hearable album of the cocteau twins. Iīm not really a fan of them, but after hearing shit like "Garlands",you'll think "Milk & Kisses" is a masterpiece.
written by Peter Finn (Dub@yahoo.com ) on March 23, 1999

"Milk and Kisses" could almost be called "Salt in Wound" if it wasn't for the fact that the Cocteau Twins have given their fans so much breathtaking music. It's almost impossible to say this set is as good, not as good, better than, etc. any other CT disc, because each one draws you into its own world. This is definitely one of my favorites of the Twins (or anyone else for that matter). "Violaine is haunting and slightly sexual in a mischevious sort of way. A great start to a great album. I don't have a clue as to why "Serpentskirt" reminds of driving the I8 between Yuma, AZ and El Centro, CA during one of those desert flash-storms, but it does. "Ups" is just plain classic CT. It was my first favorite song from this album. "Eperdu" is definitely a tremendously inspirational song. The Cocteau Twins have a knack for ending albums with the most awesome tracks. Takings its place among "Donimo", "Those Eyes, That Mouth", and "Frou Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires", "Seekers Who Are Lovers" is one of the best, if I can even mean that, CT songs ever recorded. The whole album is an incredible mix of soul (o.k. my roommate is watching some aweful VH1 special about Billboard Hot100 Singles of the 60's. It's very hard to write about beautiful music with "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Sugar Shack" in the background. UGH!). I'll have to write later. Gonna go put on the headphones and listen to some Twins, or FSOL, or Sundays or something REAL!!! P.L.H.--Ez
written by Eric Ziehlke (ejziehlk@apollogrp.edu ) on March 11, 1999

C'Mon It's NOT THAT bad....(from what i've read) I actually kinda hated Garlandz...I think that 4CC and Heaven Or Las Vegas was their best... I am a recent Cocteau Fan...But I heard they broke up already..ANYWAZ Feel free to e-mail...if U wis to talk...or if U R Fanz of Bjork, Tori Amos and the Cocteau Twins all @ once...
written by Mr. Faerie (mrfaerievoodo@hotmail.com ) on March 08, 1999

...I bought my first Cocteau Twins CD..Milk & Kisses..in the morning before my grandmother's wake...I could only listen to the first three tracks before reaching the funeral home...at the time "Tishbite" was considered absolutely breathtaking...the Twins were only a band name to me before buying my first CD of theirs...I thought I should try them out to see if I like them or not...little did I know that they would become my favorite of all-time... (: ...but anyways...after the wake and on the way home, I got to track 5..."Calfskin Smack"...I cannot begin to tell you how much I was moved by this song..the combination of my grandma's wake and that song moved me to tears...I knew then that the Twins were something special..."Rilkean Heart" and "Seekers Who are Lovers" only adds to the intensity...I give Milk & Kisses a 9 out of 10...if you like this, then check out Heaven or Las Vegas..which I give a perfect 10....feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to talk... (:
written by Bryan McNeely (deepsympathy@yahoo.com ) on March 07, 1999

...I heard "Calfskin Smack" for the first time after driving home from my grandmother's wake...I had bought my first Cocteau Twins CD (Milk & Kisses) before the wake and had listened to the first three tracks when I reached the funeral home...I had thought that "Tishbite" was one hell of a song, but after hearing "Calfskin Smack", I couldn't help but tear up...I guess it was the combination of losing a grandmother and a song of that much intensity that caused me to cry on the way home...Unfortunately, Milk & Kisses is not my favorite Twins album...I think Heaven or Las Vegas is better...but it is weird because "Calfskin Smack" and "Rilkean Heart" are my two top favorite Twins songs of all time...My e-mail address is open to anyone who wants to talk about the Twins or other stuff...I will love the Twins forever and
written by Bryan McNeely (deepsympathy@yahoo.com ) on March 07, 1999

You ought to have this album if you are a music lover and some other of their works as well. My favorite song in this album is "ups", "tishbite" and "rilkean heart". Remember, don't miss it! I wish to be friend with some of the CT's fans, Hope you'll contact me!
written by Jin Ho (jhct@yahoo.com ) on March 06, 1999

The best album ever by the Twins! It encompasses the sound of all their former recordings... who cannot be reminded of such beauties as "Cicely" or "Donimo" when listening to the second half of the disc? Half-gifts is the most heart-devouring portrayal of Reality I've ever heard...
written by TeskoBoy (TeskoBoy@hotmail.com ) on March 01, 1999

Well, it's a hell of an album, really... I think it's quite sad that Blur were one of the only other chart-friendly bands in recent memory that threw the names of poets into the mix of things(in "charmless man") ...and I smile whenever I think of the twins writing about Rilke. the twins have returned to the ethereal fold with this one, haven't they? and wasn't that what we were hoping for after 4CC? remember that so much of good ethereal music is gone to dust now, with perhaps Lycia alone *really* championing the cause(Lush forgot about their flangers, phasers and delay pedals...mephisto walz always try hard but never really succeed...etc...etc.)So even if you dislike this album, do not forget that it is a long-awaited return to all that is good and pure in the only sort of music that made itself the sonic equivalent of light and water...
written by mark, in toronto...(hi nicole!) (fleurs_du_mal@hotmail.com ) on February 28, 1999

Personally,I like it!What,you expect "Treasure" everytime?The same old thing over and over again breeds contempt,change is good sometimes,and this is one of those times I beleieve.So they did'nt release what you expected,if all the albums were the same,would'nt it make it a wee bit boring? I mean really,if you want repetition, go buy some new-age cd's or some of the less creative Projekt record discs.
written by Steve (oktoberain@rocketmail.com ) on February 18, 1999

From what I've heard,its not all THAT bad,perhaps a bit different,but what,you expect "treasure" everytime?Its a progression to a different plane for them perhaps.I like it,the same old thing breeds contempt,progression is good.If you want the same old thing over and over again,go buy some Enya cd's.
written by Steve Miller (oktoberain@rocketmail.com ) on February 18, 1999

I just simply have to disagree with the next couple of reviews... Milk and Kisses isn't the album with "hits" like Aikea-Guinea or Lorelei, but it definitely can hold its own.... It's a wonderful album. Try it out for yourself...your ears will thank you.
written by bryan (sunburstNO_SPAM@qnet,com ) on January 29, 1999

I Hate this album!! Well to be serious i'm glad they packed it in before they dished out another flop like this one! OH! The irony of such words from my mouth! I never expected to have to write such things, but I found this album to be tiresome, overly happy, completely lacking in originality, (which is not a common thing for the the Twins) and completely boring to near death! Motherhood has changed Liz's style and she is too willing to sing a blubbery lullaby to Lucy Belle than make the groundbreaking sounds they three had been doing since the start of the 80's.. I bought the German version before it was released in the states and paid over 30 bucks! I want my money back! OH!!! It pains me to say such things!! You have to believe me!! All good things have to come to an end I guess.... AMY
written by Amy on January 18, 1999

Sorry. But it's easily their worst LP, if only judged by the awesome standards of what came before. The shiver-in-the-backbone and tear-in-the-eye factors are noticeably absent in what is probably their swan song. They can be forever proud of their unique accomplishments, tho.
written by PeterL on January 12, 1999

What can I say... A fucking masterpiece!!! Songs like Serpantskirt, Half-Gifts (this songs has some of the best lyrics that I have ever heard/read for a song), Treasure Hiding, and Seekers Who Are Lovers (you are a woman just as you are a man).
written by Jason K (whitefury@hotmail.com ) on December 23, 1998

A great record (yes, they did again...)which contains the surreal elements of HOLV (Half-gifts, Eperdu), the melodic moods of FCC (Treasure Hiding,Ups)and some "up-lifted" songs as in BBK (Tishbite). Seems to me also a dramatic-innerself record, like if (specially Liz) they turn a collection of deeper moments of the past years into music. It was natural to expect an album less than what it was Four Calendar Cafe, but they overcome our expectations. Again, another masterpiece (my favorite word when talking about the Twins)of the nineties. Favorites? Serpentskirt (the best), Ups, Seekers who are lovers & Treasure Hiding.Buy it now!
written by Alvaro Azevedo (mrpodo@yahoo.com ) on December 17, 1998

Rythm and a very special sadness. The voice is the human part, the sounds the divine. Trully beautiful....but....always a bit of sadness.
written by Erik Lara (eriklara@hotmail ) on December 08, 1998

Rilkean Heart, my beloved brothers and sister, and who in the angellic hierarchies would hear but you? I am so grateful, even if it was for that poor boy, and not me. Thankyou for Robert Martin. Thankyou for the mirrors. I wish you freedom and good and mercy and order. Milk and kisses, I croon, my dog got milk on her nose as she galloped for to lap my face. I am schizophrenic now and still I love those aproned Alfreds with their pyramids and their cornerstones. And sweet dog, she is dead. Abraxas duly warms her with its wings. We all die but for the living. Inhale the acacia. Kathy Acker, Neil said, is gone. Did you know about her? She was good. Please read one of her books. She was good, says Baphomet, who wasn't anything but a misprision of a misprision. Cocteau Twins are a portion of the secret dream that is going away. Was there help for the fatherless boy whose mama was too sick to help him? I think so. I know the secret and I will give the beauty soon. When I start my game, would you like to play, CT? love september
written by september virgin (mouse@network.ucsd.edu ) on December 02, 1998

everybody visiting this site seem to write a review of CT's latest material (M&K/4CC/HOLV and BBK). in comparison to excellent albums like Garlands and Head over Heels, which only get a couple of reviews overall. doesn't anybody listen to old cocteau twins?
written by kev on November 13, 1998

It's difficult to me to choose a record. But nowadays Milk and Kisses it's like a shell, like a room full of colours and delights. It's like a place where I can always find the things that make me feel fine. I know this record will bring to me this feelings even when I will be older, even when the earth will dissappear. I didn't find so much beauty in another record from Cocteau Twins.
written by Carolina Leon (carola@zoom.es ) on November 05, 1998

More than two years after the release of Milk & Kisses it's funny to see the wonderful and yes, sometimes scathing reviews for the lp. In my opinion anyone who really loves all forms of music would only see this as a compliment because only the truly good albums get so many varied reviews because of the the fact they touch so many different parts in people...true musical creativity. The best of them all have to be when "long-time" fans have nothing good to say about it because it's then that you know Liz, Rob and Simon are trying something new, which is what making music is all about...opening new doors. If you want textbook rehash go listen to f***in' Aerosmith. OOOoooo Lalalalala...sing it again Liz.
written by rwc (Sssouvlaki@aol.com ) on November 04, 1998

O.K. O.K. I guess it's time for me to join the collective--the Cocteau collective, not the Borg! I had no idea this website existed until tonight when I was messing around not doing my homework. Sound familiar anyone? I just wanted to say a couple things about investment. I have invested a lot of time and money into the Twins and I can say that it has been nothing but rewarding. I'm glad they've invested in us over the past decade and a half. Even though they've gone their separate ways (for now?), I want to thank them, for Love's Easy Tears, BBK, HLOV, and especially, Milk and Kisses (Violaine, Eperdu, Seekers Who Are Lovers).
written by Eric Ziehlke (ejziehlk@home.com ) on November 02, 1998

I have never been so amazed. I am astonished by the multitude of people that just can't get enough of CT. I was beginning to think no one I knew had ever heard of them. They make music like angels from heaven. Milk & Kisses is a new addition to my collection of their albulms and I must say that I was quite impressed. Especially by Ms. Frazier's lyrics (and my ablility to pick out what the hell she's saying most of the time). I do enjoy the ambiance of her melting between words and harmonic genious. This band is most definitely one of my favorites among other 4AD bands. Please e-mail me and let me know if any of you readers out there can tell me where to find their lyrics. It's killing me! Thanks.
written by Sage (sms0032@netscape.net ) on October 26, 1998

Just to say that I've got an Asian pressing of M&K which includes Faye Wong's vocal with Liz's on Serpentskirt....on some verses Faye is "mumbling" in Mandarin. Superb collaborations!!! I like Rilkean Heart 'cause the lyric is brutally truthful!!! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I've got nothing but praises for CT!!!
written by Miles Chua (eslicreation@singmail.com ) on October 23, 1998

In the Fall of 1996, I was turned on to the Cocteau Twins by Kirk Hammett. I was watching MTV and I noted that the band (on their Lollapalooza appearance) wanted Kirk to introduce them. Being a MetallicA fan I immediately jumped on the opportunity, and purchsed Milk and Kisses, which today is one album which I'll never forget. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, as I was fairly ignorant to this genre of music, and to the band itself. However any doubts were soon dispelled after engaging in Violaine. I put the CD in my player, went to the computer to sit down, and immediately my head turned towards the stereo. Never had I heard such a feeling of spaciousness and such a feeling of warmth through an album's songs. To top it off the album's production is unprecedented. The panning, the layers of vocals, guitar dives here and there ...just unreal to me. I could just put these CD on, close my eyes after a rough day and immediately feel the embrace of songs that were so beautiful (Serpenskirt; Treasure Hiding) that I couldn't resist not listening to the CD over and over again. When I started experimenting with marijuana and various other substances, I was accidently listening to the CD while consuming. My jaw dropped yet again when I listened to this mural of aural erotica. I can still remember to this day how it felt to hear Seekers Who Are Lovers under the influence. That is not to say that the music cannot be appreciated whilst sober. But a lot of the songs on this CD just made me cry at some points. Not because of heart tugging depression; rather, due to the beauty of every single song on this album. They remain kisses on my heart forever.
written by Daniel Adams (Sargent-D@usa.net ) on September 30, 1998

Colorado Springs is one of those places set against a grand and dominating mountain; in this case the storied Pike's Peak. As I drove over and through the mountain passes that day, on the way to an old gold mine for of all things a job interview, I could almost hear strains of Serpentskirt kissing the snow-capped peaks. Layered angel voices seemed to flow from the mountain into the valley and out towards the endless plains to the east. This would not be the first or last time that this Scottish band would be a part of my life's soundtrack. BTW,it seems pretty obvious that this album makes no apologies for a sort of heroin / LSD influence. Hope that this is not resulting in more hurting and erasing the more redeeming qualities of this under appreciated music. Aren't we all treasure hiding after all?
written by Gerber on September 28, 1998

Ok, I gave up in telling whatīs my number 2 or number 3 or 4... (FCC is the best) in order of Twinīs releases. This album may be the mix of all the Twins had done before . We have BBK moods("Calkskin smack"),Treasure moods ("Eperdu"),HOLV moods ("Serpentskirt") , and 4CC moods ("Rilkean heart"), for example. It is not their best effort, but there are no repetitive ideas here. What we have is a group doing another great bunch of songs which defines their 90īs style. My favorites are "Ups", "Serpentskirt", "Seekers who are lovers" & "Treasure hiding". Yeah, I agree with somebody reviewing this album and asking: Could the Twins release a "bad" album? I donīt think so. They always (I think) look forward to do what they want, with good public acceptance or not. If not, probably we would never saw albuns like "Treasure" or HOLV came out to sunlight. Other point is that we canīt talk about the Twinsīs music without mentioning words like: SPIRIT, LOVE, BEAUTY, TENDERNESS, INNERSELF, DISCOVERY. Well, I do also think that their sounds fits in many ways as the soundtracks of my life. Drama, sadness & happiness. I canīt live without this. I gave up other groups that gave my life so mu ch meaning in certain periods: The Doors,REM,Smiths & U2, mainly, to only hear this band. Long live Cocteau Twins. For our own health.
written by Alvaro Azevedo (mrpodo@yahoo.com ) on September 16, 1998

This album devastated and elated me. I heard "Milk and Kisses" at the same time that I had given up on music entirely. The opening crash Robin's guitar "Violane" was the tsunami that buried my heart beneath the chorusing throb of Simon's always and ever-perfect bass lines. "Calfskin Smack" has what has to be the greatest cocteau twins guitar solo of any song they have ever recorded. And the brilliance of Liz's words. I'll admit, "Rilkean Heart" is hard to listen to. The words to that song really get to me, and are frighteningly familiar. I'm sure many of us out there have lived those words many many times before. All in all, "Milk and Kisses" represents a culmination in musical direction that the twins have been pursuing for years. Fact is, they have never had a "bad" album. They all were just many steps taken on a long path of brilliance and beauty. I have always been a devoted fan of the twins. I practically learned how to play the bass and the guitar by listening to them. If you have a heart, make a space for the cocteau twins in it. -David Holton http://personal.riverusers.com/~ashengrace
written by David Holton (ashengrace@juno.com ) on September 14, 1998

I don't know... Something is missing about this album. I'm infact listening to Milk & Kisses right now. One thing i can say for sure, is that it's a very even album. You don't find the variation at all like with albums like Head over Heals or Treasure. When i listen through this album, there's nothing about it that forces me to listen to it one more time. Like, when i listen to Treasure, i can't put it away. There's something mysterious about every song. Different and magickal. Each song's got something special attached to it. But after all this is a review of M&K, and not Treasure. M&K is a very heavenly record. Very ambient and every song kind of floats in the air. Liz' voice is softer than ever and the guitars are so, so smooth. The production is also very gentle. There's absolutely no punk-roots here. But it's definitaly a medium album and that's good enough for me, really. They've been around for over 16 years so you can't expect them to release masterpiece after masterpiece.
written by kevin by (kevin.by@admtrd.ninaniku.no ) on September 01, 1998

i love all the songs from this best album... i love the lyrics. the voice. the music. the drum. the arts. the guitar. i love everything from the album. faye wong who sing with elizabeth fraser in SERPENTSKIRT is my favourite artiste too. the songs is very great. and the massive attack album contains a song named teardrop is also sang by elizabeth fraser. that song is nice too.
written by edrian (edrian@tm.net.my ) on August 17, 1998

I have to agree that the bridge on Serpentskirt is amazing!! It still gives me the chills. I have the import with the extra songs and Faye Wong. Well worth the extra price. They may have broken up for now, they will probably be back.
written by Tim (tely2@msn.com ) on August 09, 1998

Milk and Kisses is by far their best effort, combining the best of all the elements utilized throughout the Cocteau's career. The only gripe is that i would have rather them go the route of the first two tracks; combining dark and incredibly uplifting sound. Instead, they rehashed familiar territory that can borderline cheesy. The Cocteau's albums have always had terrific songs and then some that sounded so goofy and corny that they had to be immediately skipped. (I honestly like them more than what i write).This album is no exception. Some times the songs are so incredibly blissfull and sometimes they sound like they should be on a bad children's cartoon. The bridge on "serpentskirt" is the best sound the cocteau twins have ever spilled out.
written by Bryan Sander (bsander@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us ) on July 17, 1998

Hi Cocteau Twin fans - My name is Bernie - Some of you out there may know me or may have heard of me And there maybe some of you who have not - I don't know how much exposure posting this reveiw will get me - My e-mail is at "Summerblink @ hotmail.com I live in the county of Macomb - In the city of Clinton Township - Michigan - My phone at home there with caller ID is 1-810-790-3718. Now I do have the compact disc boxset for which I was able to locate a few years back. And since I have about 20 different alternate recordings of the songs on audio tape from those Compact Disc. I am wondering if there are any of you out there. Who would like to pay a modest to handsome price for the boxset that I own. I get to my e-mail about 2 to 3 weeks whenever my work will permit me to. Those of you who live in Michigan or the not to far from it can feel free to call. And if I am not home then you can leave a specific And those of for who do not then can contact me through my e-mail address Or if you choose to call then please leave a descriptive message on the answering machine. Only serious inquires please. I have the nesscesary technology to screen out idiots. By the way this is not my way of saying I don't like The Cocteau Twins anymore. I love em. I was depressed the whole damn month for when I found they broke up. And I hope that they might decide to want to work together again sometime soon. Got almost every CD. Nothing wrong with you being interested in a buying a box set from me and me making a little profit off of it. Any questions ?
written by Summerblink @ hotmail.com (mailto:Summerblink%20@%20hotmail.com ) on July 16, 1998

cocteau is my favorite band and i want to know fans from the any place. my address is: Villagran 2503 nte. col. Bella vista c.p.64410 Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
written by JOSE DE J. BARRIOS MTZ. (cncijosebm@hotmail.com ) on June 22, 1998

After finally being exposed to the Cocteau Twins in feb of this year with the purchase of "Four Calender Cafe", I decided it was time to continue feeding my Cocteau Twins addiction with the purchase of Milk and Kisses. 4 Calender is still my fav, but their are some equally outstanding tracks on this disc namely, "Violaine", "Tishbite", "Calfskin Smack", "Rikean Heart", and "Serpentskirt" (which is depressing as hell, but I love it just the same). This band delivers what other artists such as The Cranberries only skirts. I love the etherreal/gothic quality. This is music to drive to, sleep to, or whatever it is you do. Buy this album now and "Four Calender Cafe" if you haven't already. Right now, I am in the midst of trying to get used to "Treasure", which I recently found a tape of at a cheap price. I must admit, I am having a hard time.
written by Kit Bovett (kitbovett@hotmail.com ) on June 12, 1998

"Kiss the Milk" Fantastic album. I had it on cassette whicha friend pinched it Then I bought the CD single which also disappeared. Finally I have the full album on CD. Finally hearing it without losing it makes me understand why my friends want Milk & Kisses. Very Cocteau, slightly different but their signiture is all over it. Pity that they aren't on the 4AD label. It seems to make their music more exclusive. But I and other fans just like them the way they are.
written by SIMid (hauser@thingy.apana.org.au ) on June 08, 1998

To be honest, i bought the album(asian version) for one sole reason. Serpentskirt with Hong Kong diva Faye Wong on guest vocals. The duet was simply divine, just wondered why it wasn't included in the UK?US version. Violaine, Serpentskirt, Treasure Hiding, Seekers who are Lovers and not forgetting Rilkean Heart my favs on this album. Though i prefer Four Calendar cafe as an complete album. PS> Faye did covers of Bluebeard, Know who you are at every age , and Rilkean Heart on her albums.
written by China-Boi (medusa75@hotmail.com ) on June 07, 1998

Honestly, i bought the album (asian version) because of Serpentskirt with guest vocals from Hong Kong/China's songstress, Faye Wong. Their duet is simply amazing, just puzzled why it wasn't included the US/Europen version. A wonderful album overall, with Violaine, Treasure Hiding, Seekers who are Lovers and Rilkean heart my favs. Though i prefer Four Calendar Cafe overall as an album.
written by China-Boi (medusa75@hotmail.com ) on June 07, 1998

Well,I don't know much about their other albums but if you like the music of those old japanese cartoons,seekers who are lovers is the song you want to listen to.
written by gary (bainbain@club-internet.fr ) on June 04, 1998

I like the songs VIOLAINE,RILKEAN HEARTS and SERPENTSKIRT!This album should have got tons of Grammy Awards!
written by Charles Mok (416 225 3093 ) on June 01, 1998

finally, some REAL alternative music, instead of the record company fakes like bush or matchbox 20. i ould like to hear more of them on the radio. why didn't milk and kisses receive a grammy nomination instead of mariah carey or celine dion? thank you twins, for being the epitome of creativity and originality!
written by nicky (domitian54@hotmail.com ) on May 27, 1998

As a newcomer to the Cocteau Twins' work, I have to say that Milk & Kisses serves as a pretty good introduction. Looking at it from the perspective of "art rock" (e.g. King Crimson, which is more my usual fare), it's fairly straightforward, but having said that the use of multilayered harmonies and the soundstage is excellent. Personal favourites are Violaine and Serpentskirt. I intend to pick up more albums as I find them. Strangely enough, I first heard of the Twins in a work of fiction (!) -- a very fine novel by Scottish author Iain Banks entitled _The Crow Road_. Not that anyone cares.
written by fish (awflower@midway.uchicago.edu ) on May 21, 1998

Here in Manila where Cocteau Twins CDs are a big rarity, I only have a couple of their albums, namely Victorialand, Treasure, Garlands, and Milk & Kisses. I know I cannot be truly objective in making a comparative review of this album because obviously I have yet to hear the other albums, but I can truly, sincerely say that "Milk and Kisses" more than lives up to its name. The first time I played it on my deck and Violaine began filling the air with its haunting vocals and guitar noises, I knew at once that this is a record to reckon with. It surely is a departure from their earlier releases, but nevertheless, Liz Fraser dominates on every track, making this whole album a real gem of a work. When I listened to "Rilkean Heart" in my car and it got to the bridge, I was stunned: I later realized that tears were rolling down my cheeks in awe. I always thought it was foolish to say that this is the voice of God, but it surely comes close.
written by Huge (headon@pworld.net.ph ) on May 18, 1998

Do many of you out there from all different walks of life. Feel as dissatisfied in your search for music as do I. I live in Michigan of the USA. And whenever I enter into any given record store, say for example. Best Buy, Media Play, Harmony House, Musicland. The ability to be able to find something good has become increasingly harder if not impossible. Well there's always the 9 foot A-Z christmas anthology of Mariah Carey. God whatever happened to bands like, Cactus World News, or Screaming Blue Messiahs, or Icehouse. Now that I am sure almost everyone knows that Liz and Robin and Simon will not be getting together with their crew to put out anymore good music. I prevail to them in my sense of hope that they will put out some solo work. Because I love Liz's voice and I love Robin's guitar work arrangements. I also bought Simon's "Blame someone else" and I liked it. Oh god, I hate quote Don McClean's phrase "the day the music died" But take a look at the Spice girls, like Dennis Miller, "Hey I'm shithead Spice, you tell me. Well the year 2000 is coming up on fast and I would like to think I could build my CD collection a little bigger. It used to be I bought 3 or 4 CD's a month. Now I buy 3 or 4 CD's a year. Well I don't know how the hell to finish this. Other than by saying I am saddened and naturally frustrated, and I hope that some good may come out of this. Anybody out there identify with me on this. Anybody out there know what I am talking about and how I feel. Drop me a line, I am a very good listener and also a very good reader.
written by Bernie Thomas (mailto:Summerblink%20@%20hotmail.com ) on April 29, 1998

milk and kisses is my favorite cocteau twins cd, as every new cd by the twins, because they evolve, they go forward, especially in terms of sound. you all know they use plenty of effects but have you figured out the way they use eq? they basically remove frequencies from the voice, that are critical to the ear in order to understant the words. further, boosting those frequencies in the other parts help reinforce this masking effect. of course, the "body" frequencies of the voice, the fundamental tones, are filtered from the other parts so the vocal melody is carried through uncluttered. this has been used on most of the albums i know, starting with tiny dynamine.. I was so excited by the treatment in serpentskirt, i must have played the song 30 or 40 times in a row, can't remember but it seemed like a whole day to me. pay attention to the buildup of sound leading to the bridge, wich is the middle part of the song, where the melody changes... listen closely to the voice, where it "peaks", or thins out with overtones. I suspect the use of a tastefully set limiter. clue: the note is B natural. Another aspect where i felt progress is with in the writing of the music itself. You know when a composition is so concise that any intrumentation will reveal it's beauty? try to hear one in your head. use the vocal and bass lines to start with... and liz"s voice of course. Not your traditional pwerhouse but I don't care: there are enough powerhouses out there to make me deaf. the texture of her voice has gone from nasal to creamy and that's a good sign, it will improve further with the years and for that and all of the ether reasons, I can't wait for a release af new, original material, which will become my favorite, untill the next next....
written by jean-francois chicoine (snb@rsbdisc.com ) on April 19, 1998

Having recently purchased and listened to "Milk and Kisses", I can say I'm very impressed... I had written this band off after "Treasure" and because I didn't particularly care for Blue Bell Knoll or most of Heaven or Las Vegas. Having been a fan since the Garlands album (this was before CDs were available), I thought this album was musically more what I remembered liking about the Cocteau Twins; More lush, great production, and mostly great songs(especially Half-Gifts). Favorite Album remains "Head over Heels" though - If you don't have this you should really consider picking it up. (This album contains personal significance to me - ex."Hitherto" is how I began the first sentence of the last chapter of my Master's thesis. I listened to it extensively through the writing of it - "The Irony of Nihilism with constant reference to Kierkegaard". It kept my spirits up.)
written by Bob (mailto:bma@mmed.com) on April 17, 1998

An interesting thing to note is the definition of "Tishbite" - a citizen of a bibilical city. The first thing I thought of when I heard this record was: LA - the soundtrack. Not just the city itself, but the idea of a "City of Angels". I was a little more pleased with this record than I was with 4CC. It incorporates a little bit of the spirit of the earlier releases (especially "Treasure Hiding" - my favorite, which could have been plucked, pristine and shimmering, right off of Victorialand or the Moon and the Melodies). At the same time, it stays fresh, incorporates new elements. The big climax, "Seekers who are Lovers", has almost the quality of a heavenly gospel choir caught in the throes of sensual rapture. This is a very sensual record, overall, almost as much as Head Over Heels (is that Liz posing naked on the cover?). And like the concept of the City of Angels, it invokes images of both divine rapture and sinful indulgence. It is both claustrophobic and spacious (like seeing visions of grandeur in the mists of a steambath). The yin and yang of it go on forever, and yet (by contrast, again) it is one of the simpler little records this band have put out over the years, a kind of ambient musical fractal. I'm just not sure it's a fitting climax to 15 years of legendry. But oh well, nothing ever really goes the way you want it to.
written by Dreadnaut (dtmarlow@hiwaay.net ) on April 11, 1998

"Milk and Kisses" is a decent Cocteau Twins album. It's a bit lighter than "Four Calendar Cafe"; a little more POP sounding overall, but all the same worth owning. I'll be looking forward to Liz Frazer's newest side project: guest vocalist on the upcoming Massive Attack release "Mezzanine." Liz sings on three of this albums tracks. She has clearly one of the most original voices of this century. Looking forward to more.
written by Dennis McKown (dennism@healsf.org ) on April 07, 1998

What can I say... this album is like a dream! Thank you, thank you!!
written by danielle (persephone42@hotmail.com ) on March 28, 1998

Yes, yes, YES, it's "pop", BUT, this is an astounding collection of songs. (Might take a few listenings to appreciate that) Even the (in my opinion) lightweights (Rilkean Heart, for example) don't bog it down at all. "Violane" is doubtless one of the best album-openers the band has ever given us. Overall, the sound is EXCEPTIONAL. Instruments and vocals are distinctive without sounding mechanical. THIS is lush, loving, gorgeous production, especially layer upon LAYER of Liz's vocals. Also, it's nice to hear her "belt out" a few lines here and there. SO soulful, so heartfelt. I think there's something for almost everyone here, hence, a nice place to start to check out Cocteau Twins if you haven't already!
written by warren j.g. mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on March 27, 1998

I don't know how the cocteau twins has make this album, i think "this is worst album" because is pooly in instrumentation, emotions and voices, what's up Elizabeth? your voice is more pop like Madonna? The song Tishbite and Violane are good, but this album are not comparable with Treasure, Four calendary, Heaven or Las Vegas, Victoryland or Blue bell Knoll.
written by carlos trujillo (caltruji@chasqui.univalle.edu.co ) on March 26, 1998

I bought this the other day. First CT release I have purchased. I dig it. I really had no expectations of what to expect (other than a general knowledge thet CT's were a pretty cool band) so I can't say I was supprised by the disc. I like it though and have obviously made my way to this website so there is some interest in these guys. Nothing to change my life (music quit doing that a while ago) but some music that can make my life a bit better. I plan on buying Heaven or Las Vegas sometime soon. Good to read in the bio that Robin quit the boose and drugs-I can relate on that level!
written by carl (nbacarl@aol.com ) on March 24, 1998

Well, I just wanted to say that there is no song in the history of mankind that touches my heart more than Seeker who are lovers...
written by Terra (tellus@earthdome.com ) on March 15, 1998

I never know and discover that I can really listen a perfect voice on this earth when I first tried up to buy this album! (I know I'm a bit 'out of trendy'! BUT forget it!!!) That's extremely or even perfectly best work and album amongst my collections! When turn up the CD, my mum will screaming and shouting at me "hey, you'd better turn it down right now! I can't stand this horrified voice!" I really try my 'energitic' mouth and best to convince my friends around or even my family to listen to this album, or buy and enjoy it! It's worthy (Am I too calculative?) Anyway, I look forward to their latest album which might be released on March, 1998. Thanks to Cocteau Twins for making my life beautifully, enjoyful,brightly...when I listened to your song. I just love your voice(liz)and you guys,your talents too. May God Bless You!
written by Peggy (hpliew@tm.net.my ) on February 26, 1998

I've been listening intently to Cocteau Twins since their first release, all those years ago (yes, I'm old!) and I can definitely say that "Milk And Kisses" is their finest album in a long while. It's like a cross between "Treasure" and "Victorialand", which is a very nice place to be. But of course all of their albums are great, and they never cease to amaze. Sigh...
written by Brother Tom (stev1041@aol.com ) on February 14, 1998

I play the song "Treasure Hiding" daily. I bought the album a year and a half ago. Later I was to buy all the albums ever made, obssessively seeking them out in far away record stores. "Treasure Hiding", with it's layers of sensual and angelic voices and guitar, never ceases to effect me, though I've now heard it perhaps a thousand times. It's the ultimate love-swept lullaby, making one feel safe and ecstatic, the bewitchery of youthful infatuation, the intense drive into the center of emotion. To me the cocteau twins are about escapism and introversion, a mystical world created from emotion. How they capture so deftly the very essence of a feeling is beyond me. I hope I understand one day and can make music of my own that lovely.
written by Troth Tempest (mirrormine@aol.com ) on February 13, 1998

Three of my top 5 records of the 90s are Heven or Las Vegas, Four Calendar Cafe and Milk and Kisses. Although the music of CT is nowhere near to being commercialized for mass appeal I do think the CT music of the 90s has a bit more pop sensibility than that of the 80s works. The 90s works certainly contain a bit more consistancy within the songs and are a little more "happier" at best. One of these three are always in my cd changer and I usually go to sleep to one of them at the end of a day. Great music to have slow, romantic sex to as well! Anybody else agree?
written by Brian (bboley@insight.com ) on January 31, 1998

I would like Elizabeth, Robin and Simon to know that theirs are the only albums I can play in the office without my fellow work-mates screaming at me to "turn it down". As I grew up in Seattle it was natural for me to grow up with you guys, everyone is familiar with your music up there (and Mortal Coil), I would guess because the rain kept us inside listening to amazing music (stoned or not). Now that I live in L.A., I seem to be one of a select few who even know of you..and sadly enough the Spice Squirrels are more popular in this city, but when I find another kindred soul who also enjoys your work, well it is an instant friendship. the songs on Milk & Kisses send me to places so amazing and full of emotion that words can not describe the feelings, but I know from reading everyone elses reviews that we all have our own personal experiences and appreciation for everything you do. Thank you very much for years of entertainment of enjoyment, you all do a beautiful job.
written by John Haxby (HAXBYJ@UTA.MHS.COMPUSERVE.COM ) on January 27, 1998

I don't understand why so many people have less-than-glowing things to say about this album, because I think it's one of the Twins' finest pieces of work. Tishbite, Rikean Heart (which I still say is better than the Twinlights version) and the tranquil, multi-layered Calfskin Smack are outstanding pieces of music, but, like most Cocteau Twins albums, the other songs don't lag far behind. When I have a child someday, you can bet songs like Calfskin Smack will be playing on the CD player next to his or her crib! I suppose the only good thing about the negative things I heard about this album is that I was REALLY pleasantly surprised when I bought it.
written by Brian Sandford (driver8@atlantic.net ) on January 22, 1998

the reason i put feeling alone as my name is because i feel like the only black guy, or black person for that matter, who has heard of the cocteau twins. if only they knew what the were missing! i was blown away by milk and kisses, this album was da bomb! i've never in my life bought an album like this, one that i can listen to over and over and over again and NOT GET TIRED OF IT! the album literally SHOCKED me and GAVE ME THE CHILLS when "violane" kicked off! and then they "hit me wit da hee" as missy elliot would put it on "serpenrtskirt". "tishbite" was okay, and "half-gifts" made me feel like i'm on a merry-go round or something. and then comes, in my opinion, the high point of the album "calfskin smack". oh god, this song is so lush, so rich in colour and flavour, i'm almost in tears from hearing this song, when ever it comes on i have to just stop and listen! the solo on this song sent chills throughout my body! "rilkean heart" was cool, and "ups" was such a colourful song! and i loved the vocal acrobatics on this selection! "eperdu" was a little trying, but well worth the wait. "treasure hiding" kicked ass, and on "seekers who are lovers", liz came dangerously close having soul! i wish this band wouldn't be so reclusive, because with all of the shitty music out there now, there is no reason why this band can't sell AT LEAST 10 million records per release! i have posted my e-male address, if there are any other black fans out there, please contact me so i won't feel so alone! and i am far from racist, so other races can feel free to contact me also!
written by feeling alone (rasputin666@yahoo.com ) on January 09, 1998

the twins need to go back and do the old school stuff. like HITHERTO etc..
written by nu 22 on December 28, 1997

Absoulutely brilliant in my opinion - Treasure Hiding - (Lyrics) Conscious choosen traps - Treasure Hiding - Still there's teardrops here - A love - Hope - Sold - That was drowning - Deep in my eyes - Down down - And full of tears - Collected with injured scars <(No one figured that particular part of the lryic out yet, still continued though) - Fire is out - Not ready focus - Life places scars - Purify them - Constancy - These are my interpratations of the lyrics - I love the album - I love Serpentskirt - Violaine - And Calfskin Smack - There are more hit than misses on this album - Liz's voice soars - Robin's guitar screams and wails - Simon's bass adds that perfect balance to everything - God damn - I can't wait for the next album - Robins guitar sounds like a polished and smooth sound of an angry forceful hammer repeatedly hitting an anvil and then and explosion of guitars and cymbals - That's all I have to say for now - Cocteau fans - Cram your local record store soon as the new release hits the shelf - Being seeing you 3 soon in concert, when you come my way - Your fan from Clinton Township Michigan USA
written by Bernie Thomas (mailto:Summerblink%20@%20hotmail.%20com ) on December 17, 1997

Milk & Kisses is as sweet and melodic as the previous albums. This album feels more serious and mature, but nevertheless BEAUTIFUL! I appreciate the band's changing character, yet their exceptional creativity and sweetness remains the same. Cocteau Twins is the best band around!!!
written by Jose K. Mayoral (mailto:SF%20YOGI@AOL.com ) on November 30, 1997

Well, what can i say? this is the best album they have ever put out. And all your people who don't like this album? my suggestion is put the cd on and listen to it as many times as you can. Because this is the best ever, and if you dont' like it i don't konw what you like. My favorite song would be Treasure Hiding of course. The song is so mystical, so smooth, so beautiful and so so cool. I don't konw why the radio stations over here do not play their music..maybe they are not "hip" enough? But hell with these radio stations. I would say 1 out of every 5 people here in the States don't konw what the hell Cocoteau twins is or are. My ultimate dream would be to open up an awesome music store and just put this Cd in and let it rock. and then i would not tell the customers who is playing on the speakers, i want them to suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, this is the best album ever. Cocoteau twins never sold us old. Cocoteau twins forever!
written by Macleod (al.fang@mci2000.com ) on November 29, 1997

I lost my virginity listening to this album, and although the guy turned out to be your average male bastard, I couldnīt resist buying the album for myself later. M & K was far more beautiful than him. Dermot, I hope youīre reading this...
written by Sara (lilldjuret@hotmail.com ) on November 25, 1997

"Milk and Kisses"'s so dreamy.....definitely more of a work of art than just a mere album.
written by Kiv JawZ (ooich@piaget.moe.edu.sg ) on November 22, 1997

Milk & Kisses, my first Cocteau Twins album. What can I say, this disc kicks ass. Best songs: Violaine, Serpentskirt (with Faye Wong in the Far East version), tishbite, and the rest of the album actually. Cocteau Twins fan for life! Cocteau Twins is the band that every band wants to be. Keep up the great work!
written by Phil (pblee@ucdavis.edu ) on October 10, 1997

"Milk and Kisses" is the Cocteau Twins album that will most definately expand their fan base in the US. The British already have an appreciation for them that they deserve. What other band makes such a firm stand and a commitment to create something truly original as these three lovely people. The voice of Liz Fraser is truly from Heaven. I have never had a bad day that this band cannot cure in about 5 minutes. My personal highlights are "Violaine", "Rilkean Heart", and "Calfskin Smack". Keep up the great work, and I will always do everything I can to see that your music is heard by as many people as possible. The world needs the Cocteau Twins like a newborn child needs a Mother's touch......
written by Chuck Waves (CSCHWAR@aol.com ) on September 27, 1997

This is probably the only CT release that's left me feeling disappointed. There's some great tracks on there -- 'Violane', 'Seekers Who Are Lovers' and 'Treasure Hiding' -- but for the most part, it's substantially below par. Ironically, the better tracks can be found lurking on the 'Tishbite' and 'Violane' EPs.
written by Mark Stevens (mark@sonance.demon.co.uk ) on September 20, 1997

Milk and Kisses is actually the first CT album i have ever bought. I bought it because I knew that Faye Wong had a part in one of the songs, so as a really big Faye fan, I bought the CD. After listening to it, I knew I had made the right move. The songs were really good. It's just so different, the feeling it gives you, the way it takes you to your own inner world. My favourites are Serpentskirt, Half gifts, Eperdu and Seekers Who Are Lovers. A definite must-have for sentimental people.
written by Elaine To (e-@rocketmail.com ) on September 13, 1997

When I first heard M&K I was a bit put off, I have been a Cocteaus fan from the age of elevan, grew up with them virtually, and it was quite hard to fathom how far they'd changed to how far I'd changed. Their beauty, just Morrissey and Kate Bush, is that they remain in an encapsulated world for me, that is always there and where I can return to again and again. Milk and Kisses contains some of their most heartbreakingly beautiful moments in 'Seeker Who Are Lovers' and 'Ups', but also their most formulaic moments in 'Eperdu' and 'Calfskin Smack', but WHO CARES? Who else makes music like or even vaguely like them? I loved and love Cocteau Twins like members of my own family, and whether I like it or not they can do no wrong.
written by Terry McGaughey (muffmonsters@hotmail.com ) on September 02, 1997

The first time i knew about "Twins", was on november 91, with Heaven and treasure works, but now, that i have listen more than the half, i think that the work done is great ... and i can bet that Milk is one of the greates....im in my second milk-cd (i just blow up the first one) but if i need it...i'll blow another one ;) Continue working....here in the south part of the world good music is not much heard :P Good-Luck!
written by Daniel Vogel (dvogel@pegasus.dci.ubiobio.cl ) on August 29, 1997

To me the album lives up to its title and the title suggests comfort. Like someone wrapping their arms around you and kissing your hands and feet. Just pure comfort. I admire how graceful and beautifully vunerable she sounds on tracks like "Half-gifts" and "Rilkean Heart". Her voice on "Eperdu" is like walking into a room made out of redish-purple chrystal formations. "Seekers who are Lovers" is honest and lovely, especially the soprano part. I want to melt into that voice. I want to live in that music.
written by Lynn Gibson (x0sgibs@music.stlawu.edu ) on August 28, 1997

If this CD tasted like a cookie I would eat it.
written by Unknown (quigley@mathcs.duq.edu ) on August 26, 1997

i first heard elizabeth frasier singing roy harper's "another day" on this mortal coils box set. I don't have that much money, i don't have a girlfriend, i'm not doing anything at all with my life. But now i have a reason to smile when i get up in the morning. When her voice spins out of my headphones and into my soul... I just really like the cocteau twins.
written by Mellonta Tauta (higgs@aol.com ) on August 16, 1997

I consider myself a diehard CT fan...been listening to them since Treasure came out...and I have to say that Milk and Kisses is definitely not my favorite album. However, it has some of the best CT songs I've ever heard. "Treasure Hiding", "Seekers Who Are Lovers", and "Violaine" are now 3 of my favorite CT singles. They have ethereal beauty tied around the finger of sorrow and frustration. "Treasure Hiding" as noted being similar to "Pur" on FCC, is sort of like the sumise of the whole album...half of it is rather boring and repetitive..but then out of that mirk comes absolute incredible beauty and a cocophony of self awareness, fear, sorrow...you name it...is pours out of the mirk of droll and desparity. So I give the album a so so review but find those singles at the beginning and end some of their best work to date.
written by David (astroboy@magiclink.com ) on August 12, 1997

I find it very difficult to say why some albums possess a quality which makes them seminal whilst others which are built on similar production values and songwriting styles fail to transcend mere technical excellence. I find it even harder to explain how an album can work so hard to create this intangible "something" (Violaine and Serpentskirt are stunning) and then resurface into relative (and I do stress the word "relative") mediocrity until the final two tracks. Seekers Who Are Lovers is possibly the finest closing track on any CT release, but it makes wonder where exactly the album disappeared to for half an hour. I think the problem with the middle of this album is that it settles down into a walking pace. There needs to be a bit more variation in tempo and energy. Certainly, ambience and ethereality can produce incredible results (viz. Victorialand), and it has always been a part of the Twins' music, but since FCC I think this has spilled over into something more like lethargy. So, whereas M&K has four breathtaking tracks on it and is well worth buying just to own these masterpieces, it vanishes into a muted kind of lethargy which, in contrast to the creation of a wonderful ambience, is not a good thing. If my critique seems too picky it is only because I expect so much of the Cocteau Twins; I genuinely think that they are a unique and wonderful group who have created some of the most important art of the last fifteen years. I have a gut feeling that their next release will be the one which most of their fans have been waiting for since Heaven Or Las Vegas.
written by corky (p.corcoran@rhbnc.ac.uk ) on August 05, 1997

i love this album. I will be simpleand not be discriptive of all the lovely colours and not gush about the phenomenal vocals and excellent instrumentation and soul rattling lyrics No, i will keep this short and not rant and rave about the most excellent vibes and FEELINGS i get from listening to the songs on this album.
written by Synesthegic on July 29, 1997

Milk and Kisses is (in my opinion) is truly lush, it has a richness and charachter that is unmistakeably Cocteau Twins. I have grown up with this band, and they never cease to amaze me as they write pieces that become the soundtrack to my life. M&K presents its colours with much more variation in texture than the bands earlier works. There is a strength and solidity throughout, yet the subleties shine through in brilliant contrast. I am dumbfounded by the way this music can communicate feelings so completely, yet leave itself so beautifully open to my own interpretations. Another thing that impresses me is the level of production value, the sound is huge and amazingly clear, especially when one considers the prossesed nature of electronic music. (especially of this complexity) The changes in CT's music in the last ten years has sometimes caught me way off gaurd, It often has seemed to emulate my own coming of age, and this album seems especially mature.(artistically speaking) I am happy to say that I do not have a favorite Cocteau Twins album, and that this one is great. I hope that I may look forward to many more.
written by tomas fowler (tomf@mail.littlearch.com ) on July 06, 1997

When I heard my first Twins song 3 years ago, I wanted to cry. Never before have I listened to music of such beauty and purity. When I listen to anything of theirs, especially Evangeline, I am captivated, transported to another place; I never want to come back. When I die, this is what the angels will sound like. I know I will be seeing them soon...Please let me be right. of evil or filth- just beauty-
written by Antonio on June 02, 1997

O.K. I'll admit it right from the start - I am no experienced and worldly-wise Cocteau Twins fan, I was vaguely introduced at bed-time by a friend (I don't even know which album I was listening to) and while I thought the sound was hauntingly mesmerising, I didn't do much to follow it up until I heard a few singles played by a national youth radio station. The result - I had a heart- thumping and irresistable urge to not only purchase, but possess the ethereal sounds of the Cocteau Twins. I may not have the access to their musical history (at present), but compared to the meringue dished up on commercial stations and even that bastioned as "alternative", the Cocteau Twins, and Milk and Kisses, are something else. This CD just captured all of the tumbling bittersweetness that threatens to overwhelm me at times, and I cannot (and don't want to)recover from its piquant edge. Half-gifts is something sent from heaven, and I'm quite content to dwell in its incandescent glow. If, as according to other reviews on this page, there is better yet to be heard, I can't wait for the CD stores to open tomorrow... (P.S. I'll let you know the verdict...!)
written by Adrianne (amencshe@central.murdoch.edu.au ) on May 01, 1997

I've waited months before passing my own personal judgment on M&K. But here it is - I've stopped playing it sooner than any other of the Twins' CDs. In fact, I still play all of the others pretty regularly. M&K has its moments, but over all its their blandest and least challenging. It's even made me appreciate 4CC, which I'd given somewhat short shrift to previously. I hope the parting with Capitol will lead them down more adventurous paths. Back to the experiments that made Blue Bell Knoll my favorite.
written by Brian (bpocon@vivanet.com ) on April 14, 1997

Hate to say it... but the grim, awful truth: I am extraordinarily disappointed by Milk and Kisses. The only thing that approaches beauty here is "Treasure Hiding," which seems to follow the same formula as past Cocteau epics "Pur" and "Donimo," among others. Truly, I love CT, but what is this...? "Rikean Heart" and "Half-Gifts" are lackluster retreads of songs better performed on Twinlights--"Tishbite" is pleasant enough, but strictly bubble gum and "no, duh" as far as I'm concerned. Most of the other songs lack identity--and they are actually, well, um, er,... quite boring. 4CC and M&K have me worried. The patient is dying; but we'll always have Treasure, we'll always have Blue Bell Knoll. I'm not intending to be a bitch on wheels or raving basher, but I just... am disappointed. Where did all that magic go? Did it die with the 80's?
written by Terminally Me on March 27, 1997

To me, there are some Cocteau Twins songs that take on a life of their own, they seem to become "mantras" of sorts. These songs somehow transcend the collective sum of Elizabeth's voice, the instrumentation, and the lyrics. A few come to mind, such as "Sultitan Itan," "Sighs Smell of Farewell," "Squeeze Wax," and "Ups." "Ups" has become a routine for me, just like a vitamin after breakfast--pop in "Ups," listen to it once or twice (or ten times) loudly, and then my day will be OK--almost as though it's been promised. "Ups" WAS the summer of 1996.
written by Oli Rosenbladt (oliro@aol.com ) on March 10, 1997

I was not over all too impressed with this album. (Milk and Kisses) Although they play wonderfully, and as always Elizabeths voice is beautiful........I did nothing for me. But who am I right? Since when has anyones review of anything , swayed someones opinion. (If it does...than there is a serious problem.) Everyone has their opinion. It just so happens that mine is different than most on this album. blah,blah,blah.
written by Jana on February 26, 1997

this is my favourite one , because treasure hidings is so loveley and full of beauty just like the beginning of spring.
written by ralf (twinlights@t-online.de ) on February 25, 1997

Milk and Kisses is by far one of the best CT albums ever (aside from Heaven or Las Vegas), my favorite track being "tresure hiding" (putting on the headphones and just sitting back and being sucked in by Elizibeth-damn I love that!!). I've noticed in reading these reviews that an essential element of the Cocteau Twins is often overlooked- the engineers who sit in the studio for many late hours tweaking literally hundreds of buttons on a console to get the final album you hear to sound just right. My hats off to the engineers of all the Cocteau Twins albums..............
written by Todd Macy (toddm@purplenet.net ) on February 19, 1997

My Rilkean hearted friend showed me a new path in the musical world... I am forever thankful for that...for how would my life have looked like without having heard "Half-Gifts", "Rilkean Heart", "Seekers Who Are Lovers"...and many many other wonderful tunes of CT? --- "Half-Gifts" bares something of an ultimate truth within itself...or is it just wishful and subjective thinking... --- I find no words...but words aren't important...or what? :)
written by Seagreen on January 28, 1997

I'm afraid to listen to listen to this cd in public for fear that I might be completely humiliated. From the first notes that careen out of the earphones to the fabulous finale, Secrets Who Are Lovers, Milk and Kisses confirms the fact that life on Earth would be HELL without the Cocteau Twins. One thing does come to mind. Can the Cocteau Twins possibly make a bad cd? Granted, I was first turned on to the Cocteau Twins in the mid-80's (Victorialand comes to mind immediately)by the overtly pretentious, yet fabulous lp covers. Little did I know that lurking inside the shiny "23 envelope" sleeve, was a gift that few would care to receive. That's why I love this band so much. The rest of the world can be as happy as they wish, drowning themselves in mediocre music (Bush comes immediately to mind). The Twins transcend this musical genre vying for a different place in musical history. They are true rareties that none can copy. Milk and Kisses? I'll take both.
written by roger mrazek (rogboy@aol.com ) on January 24, 1997

All I can say is that no one thing has ever touched my spirit as the music these three wonderful people have created. Any and all of their melodies strike my soul in such a way that the worl doesn't seem such a bad place after all. My heart broke over a girl I loved so dearly, and Liz had a way of pulling out with Rilkean Heart. Thankyou
written by Ponch Wilson (gs08ccw@panther.gsu.edu ) on January 24, 1997

mil and Kisses: The sound of the greatest summer of my life. How's that for a review.
written by DJ Cath Onion (Somewhere in Japan ) on January 07, 1997

Perhaps their greatest yet. Milk and Kisses soars from the opening notes of "Violaine" and refuses to yield its breathless sound. Every track is a strength, and "Seekers" may be the most passionate song to be found under "Pop/Rock" at the music store. This album should be placed in the Classic section right next to Rachmaninoff and Beethoven.
written by Bill Glod (callisto@mail.utexas.edu ) on January 06, 1997

Where in the world did you find out that Faye Wong sings on "Serpenskirt", Number 10?
written by Kabuki (jteng@aol.com ) on December 27, 1996

While I'm not sure if it's the best ever, M&K has its moments. It definitely starts off with a bang; Violaine fantastic. I haven't seen them this hard since Musette and Drums (one of my personal favs). That guitar rift near the end sends me places. OK, what's the deal with Serpentskirt? Everybody loves it , but I just don't see it. It happens to be better than the next two tracks; M&K definitely takes a tailspin with Tishbite and Half-gifts. Calfskin Smack is catchy, it reminds me of BBK, the LP. (I used to hate the lalalala, but now I find myself singing along). And again, they should have left Rilkean Heart well enough alone on Twinlights. The part I like is the swell at the end where Liz's voice soars. I get lost in the ups/eperdu area and one of those reminds me a lot of Victorialand. Treasure Hiding, on the other hand, is one of those WOW songs for me. I found myself making up lyrics instantly (e.g. Consciously choosing the traps, Treasure hiding, scared I couldn't trust you) which I knew were not even close and that the real lyrics were probably printed somewhere on the cover (like later, "light the discards, purified love, constancy") if I was only smart enough to figure them out. After the Moon and the Melodies beginning, it resembles the Pur sequence at the end of 4CC. Seekers who are lovers is also a great track, with Liz's voice soaring operetically (I wish I hadn't used the word soared so much) Overall a good album, but I think some of the B-sides on Tishbite and Violaine are better. "Alice" makes me appreciate how hard it is to decipher Liz's lyrics; she can take a simple word and make it sound like three. "Primitive Heart" is good and Tranquil Eye, (one of the Faye Wong songs) And Circling Girl is just old fashioned CT fun, this one rocks. is dreamy. So, although I like M&K, I'm wondering about the future. I hope I'm not coming off too harsh here, but I'm not used to skipping tracks on a CT album, which started with 4CC. Any thoughts??
written by Scott Hartzler (sha07@allstate.com ) on December 25, 1996

The best songs on this cd - in the best Cocteau tradition - are: Serpentskirt (I LOVE this song!!!), Calfskin Smack, Eperdu (Another favorite), and Seekers Who Are Lovers. As with all of the their music, it never gets old. This is the only band that I play over, and over, and over.
written by Doug (dcmoon@capnet.ucla.edu ) on December 18, 1996

I am also a musician, my range of music spans the spectrum. I listen to CT everyday. Can't get enough of any CD, especially BBKnoll and 4CalCafe. I sleep and dream to Treasure and Victorialand, I dress in the morning to Garlands and Head Over Heels. When things started to get a bit melancholy in life again I purchased Milk & Kisses - there is a reason for living for the love of music. Every sense of my body is enhanced by this music. Tishbite and Violaine are my fav this week, no doubt I will go thru 1997 with another favorite from this CD every month. Cannot get enough.
written by Teena Thomas (fox2@erols.com ) on December 06, 1996

For those who are real Cocteau Twins fan should go out and get Faye Wong's newest CD. Cocteau Twins wrote some songs for her and produced it for her. Those songs are so good that I can't stop listen to it.
written by number 10 on November 23, 1996

Faye Wong's voice was beautiful in Serpent Skirt with Elizabeth.
written by number 10 on November 23, 1996

This album on first listening is a much more subdued version of the band that we all know and love, but with each subsequent listen it becomes more and more appearent that it isn't more subdued. It is mearly a much more mature work.
written by todd wonders (tjwst14+@pitt.edu ) on November 14, 1996

Listening to MILK AND KISSES this morning, for the 2,346th time, i think i REALIZED Elizabeth was not making much effort to conceal the lyrics, which in places are easily understood. i've been continually upset about not being able to sing along, and now i feel so much better.(but i still want ALL the lyrics, sweet Elizabeth, dear.) and the subject matter.... my, my,it's getting a little STEAMY in here...!!!
written by jim boeger (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on November 12, 1996

Once again I cannot stop listening to this album. The music just surrounds me and I lose myself within each song. Incredible. Serpentskirt is the song the does it for me.
written by Tim Ely (churby@inetworld.net ) on November 06, 1996

cocteau twins is no.1
written by joe on October 30, 1996

written by JOSE DE JESUS BARRIOS MTZ on October 28, 1996

Unfortunately, as I have come to learn from the Cocteau Twins, expectations based on an impending release can result in severe whiplash to the senses when the product is finally released. The first track, "Violaine" hit me much the way "Summerhead" did from Four-Calendar Cafe - with a bludgeoning enthusiasm and a colourful outburst of sensory delight. As I recovered in time for "Serpentskirt", they did it to me again. I was in a state of delirium over this disc. What would my reaction be after the remainder of the tracks? How could one person endure so much bliss? The answer was simple. I didn't have to. From "Tishbite" on, they lost me. While some of the remaining tracks have taken hold with time - most notably "Rilkean Heart" and "Half-Gifts" - the rest of this CD leaves me with not a little trepidation that the Twins best work was now behind them. Time may prove me wrong (God, I hope so), but this CD was not worth the 3-year wait. The first two tracks stand among the best thet've EVER done, but for the rest... better luck next time.
written by Bob Briggs (rmbiii@erie.net ) on October 26, 1996

it's almost november and i'm still not tired of it
written by sfjim (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on October 22, 1996

Eureka! M&K is enchanting; it's singularly wonderful. Moreover, it is restorive of the belief that artists like CT can continue to make music that is illustrative of the full range of human emotion. That is, the album reflects their triumphs, yet still indulges us with sweet melancholia at times.... Serpentskirt is amazing, and Tishbite holds beauty and energy not apparent upon first listen. What's more, the album spawned a wealth of b-side singles that are EXCEPTIONAL!
written by john jeffrey mcginnis (john@tailored.com ) on October 07, 1996

Well, what else can be said? The Cocteaus have definately done it again. Topped THEMSELVES even. "Ups," "Calfskin-Smack," and especially "Seekers who are Lovers" just blow my head apart!
written by SCOTTY B.H.P. (bghvn@hotmail.com ) on October 03, 1996

hope springs aeternal...wonderfulness... be sure to complete your collection of cascading cacophanous cocteau colliding and go buy it! every song shimmers and twinkles...
written by tishtish on September 30, 1996

All I can say is WOW! This is my favorite Twins album thus far. It seems to combine the best of everything they've done! Jolly good!
written by Christopher Fox (cfox@comet.net ) on September 30, 1996

Love this CD, as any of the previous ones. Although it might seem that Liz's lyrics have become more understandable I have seen so many different interpretation of them, that I am begging to believe that the point is there should be no meaning at all. It is in our minds.
written by Jorge Elguera (moxymoo@net.cosapidata.com.pe ) on September 28, 1996