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Peppermint Pig

Why do people not like the peppermint pig ep?PP is wonderful as well as hazel and laugh lines!!However none are better than orange appled, which sounds like siouxsie's "cities in dust"!!!
written by jare (jaredewrt2@yahoo.com ) on May 28, 1999

to add my two cents to the previous review, i don't know how "hazel" could be considered anonymous...on the peel sessions with garlands, i would say that it is my favorite track, blistering is the best way to describe hazel. my favorite track on the peppermint pig ep. turn it up loud and be consumed.
written by ethereal (ethereal01@aol.com ) on March 16, 1999

I never seem to take time to listen to this EP. Mainly because i have all these other CT releases which i prefer to listen to before this one. I better get fed up with the likes of Treasure, The Pink Opaque and Garlands first. One thing i can say though, is that Peppermint Pig is one hell of song. It sort of forms a division by itself together with Feather Oar Blades, In Our Angelhood and Because of Whirl-Jack. New-wave punk at its very best! Hazel and Laugh Lines on the other hand are quite anonymous tracks. There’s nothing spectacular about ‘em. I don’t get the impression after the first few listens, anyway. But like many CT songs, you can at first say “not very good” but then later you’ll find yourself completely hoocked. Never say Never!!!
written by kevin (y'all should know it by now... ) on October 16, 1998

I don't care what the twins themselves or anyone else has to say about this ep. I think it represents the best of that era. It doesn't sound any more like siouxsie & the banshees than lullabies does, and it's got alot more resonance, melodic beauty, and honest punch then anything else from that period. I like it because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, "the Haunting of Julia". The chick on the cover even looks like Mia Farrow. Not to mention the fact that it's very rare to come across a gothic-sounding record that works just as well or better in the daytime than at night. The only other ones I can think of are Dead Can Dance's "Within the Realm of a Dying Sun" and the Swans record "White Light from the Mouth of Infinity" (and I'd like to point out that Dead Can Dance were discovered and championed by Cocteau Twins and it was becoming influenced by Dead Can Dance that led to Swans recording "White Light". So there should be no moaning about that). Anyways, back to my review... I just think of an eerie sunrise over a haunted pond in a misty forest. Or something.
written by Dreadnaut (dtmarlow@hiwaay.net ) on April 11, 1998

Yes, I've heard how the band was dissatisfied with the production on this, but, I think it works. i remember first hearing the title track used as background music for a station i.d. commercial on a radio station out of NYC. This was back in '83 I think. I remember etching the sound into my mind, wondering WHO IS THAT? (hadn't heard of cocteau Twins yet). Fast-forward to, say, 1987, when I had the distinct pleasure of hearing the title track BLASTED at a club. It was perfect... Anyway, it's so unique, in its "eastern" touches (a friend's grandfather referred to it as, "What the Hell is that, Moroccan music?") and its deft combination of driving sounds. AND THAT VOICE. Baffle nay-sayers while delighting fellow fans and PLAY IT LOUD! Just try to sit still while listening to it, I double-dog dare you!
written by warren j. g. mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on March 18, 1998

Russian gypsy music - Arabic touches - "gallops even as it rests" - hard to describe. "Such an aura of mystery". These are things I've heard others say about PP. Hasn't gotten the acclaim it deserves - sort of overshadowed by other stuff. I LOVE it. Some of the hardest driving, most beat heavy stuff they've done, which does make it sort of an oddity amongst their oeuvre, but I like the odd tracks, when they tried new things, explored other directions. I would have loved to hear the album that could have been made from this. Sort of a brusque lead in to Head Over Heels. The cover art of this single is just about my favorite in all CocteauTwindom: the girl walking through mist towards a house. Anyone know what it's from? Rockin' title track, I prefer the 12" version, only cuz it's longer of course. "Burning the treasure while bi-iting the money" or something along those lines. "Smothered with snarls I suppose." Lethal dark & lovely. Almost tribal or something - foreign sounding. One of the hardest to classify. "Laugh Lines" is the best - great to do a dance piece to - the central instrumental section. It oozes mystery. Raucous, untamed, it handles you with rough hands & sets you down with ruffled feathers. Excellent single. "Hazel's" pretty apocalyptic sounding, but probably my least favorite of the three, but still good.
written by Joseph Schlottman (dedril@elwha.evergreen.edu ) on February 09, 1998

THIS is the one that sounds like PAT BENATAR! GOOD Benatar (Yes, there is such a thing.) Must've been the outside producer. Robin HATES it. But, then again Robin hates anything that's not his latest work. I really move 'n' groove to it! Love the Arabic touches! As my nephew used to say, "What a JOOVE!"
written by SCOTTY B.H.P. (bghvn@hotmail.com ) on June 21, 1997

All I have to say is my dogs name is Peppermint Pig.
written by JC Fernandez (dynamine@aol.com ) on May 30, 1997

great 12". i am confused as to why people put "this is my favorite" and don't explain why, which is the true essence of a review, i will live on hte edge and see if it is just for the thrill of making people wonder WHY it is your favorite record, and just say "this is my favorite one." there, i did it. i think i'm going to go to a coffee house and buy an over priced coffee drink with a cinnomin twist while a long haired gentleman with a guitar does a cover of CROCODILE ROCK by elton john and, worse yet, does it badly.
written by Rick Greenley (rgreenl@pop3.utoledo.edu ) on January 17, 1997