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Sunburst and Snowblind

Well the renewed version of Sugar Hiccup is a vast improvement in sound quality and in the vocals.Hitherto is a very strong and forceful tune with a good thick drum and guitar effect. Then you get blasted with the incredible Because of Whirl-Jack which is a fast flurry of great sounds. Liz as usual sounds incredible. What else can ya say!!!
written by dean on January 18, 1999

liz is the best.
written by two one on January 15, 1999

Deres desidert beste EP før Love’s Easy Tears ble utgitt i 86. Det er her den typiske CT-sound ble dannet og klassikerne kommer derfor på rekke og rad. Sugar Hiccup ~ en meget forbedret version som gir låta nytt liv. Mye fyldigere lydbilde og ikke minst mer av Liz stemme ~ “la, la, la, lala…” ~ men min favoritt her, er Hitherto! Det tok litt tid men nå er den på topp-10 lista mi. Eksplosiv og full av feeling. Den er faktisk umulig å bli lei!?! Har du noen gang hørt Liz skrike ut teksten med mer hjerte en akkurat her? Kanskje Persophone og Millimillenary? From the Flagstones derimot, er sammen med Five Ten Fiftyfold, orginalen til samtlige senere ballader som bl.a. Pandora og Aikea~Guinea og det gjør den ekstra spesiell. Becasue of Whirl~Jack er den eneste låten som desperat prøver å fange opp litt av stemningene fra Lullabies/Peppermint Pig, men lykkes ikke helt. Det gjør derimot ikke at låta blir noe svakere… Upbeat Cocteau Twins er en fryd å høre på men det finnes dessverre alt for få slike. CT goes indie-pop!
written by kev on November 19, 1998

I just love the cocteau twins between the debut-album "Garlands" (1982) and "Pink Opaque" (1985). It is so smooth but yet, very hardcore. Many people might find the "sugar hiccup"-chorus tireing in the long run, and too much of the good stuff, but if it was up to me, she could sing the same thing forever and ever, and ever, and ever... beautyfull stuff!!! "Hitherto" is the twins at their very best, and the last one ("Because of Whirl-Jack") reminds me of "the Cure", and that is indeed a compiment!!!
written by kevin by (kevin.by@admtrd.ninaniku.no ) on August 10, 1998

For some odd reason, I often forget about SUNBURST AND SNOWBLIND. Maybe it's because I was introduced to most of the songs on THE PINK OPAQUE. (Why so many from that e.p., go figuire) ANYWAY, Getting past the repetitiveness of "Sugar Hiccup", sometimes I don't mind, sometimes it's a minute too long. An extended version, why? For "lalalalala's"? "From the Flagstones" is a heart-breakingly beautiful little classic. I love those (I have no adjectives that work) guitar sounds, and that weird "vox"-type back-up that rounds it out. (shows up later on "Aikea Guinea', I think.) "Hitherto" just gets better and better, one of Liz's all-out-SOULFUL performances. "Because of Whirl-jack" is like an updating and fleshing-out of "Feathers Oar-Blades" from LULLABIES. Controlled chaotic bliss... Dancing on that edge with those great low backing vocals (I used to think it was two separate female vocalists) like on "From..." and "Hitherto". AND- as odd is it may seem, I've always LOVED the packaging. All that weird stuff in foil for no reason at all. Has nothing to do with the music, but, what COULD illustrate these songs?
written by warren j. g. mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on April 16, 1998

"Sugar Hiccup" has never been one of my favorites. The repetitiveness of the lyrics wears me out before the song is over, and when I first heard it on Head Over Heels it seemed to clash with the mood of every other song on that album. So I'm glad that it's on this single; and I have to say that I do like it a lot, it's just probably my least fave of the four on this single. Great title, great voice, just not one of my super-favorites. Then there's From the Flagstones - a gorgeous, melancholy, forlorn sounding song. Everyone who writes cliched love songs should listen to "Flagstones" and get a lesson in how to evoke moods and a feeling of brooding unrequited love with images and guitar sculpture the way the Twins do on this ineffably beautiful song. If we think of CT songs as like dreams or dream-fragments, From the Flagstones is a particularly lucid dream, where you wake up with actual phrases or very vivid images in your mind. Still, there is the mystery of not knowing exactly how to connect them, but you have a sense of an underlying emotional current that weaves it together. Isn't it the only early CT song with largely intelligible lyrics? It shows how Liz's lyrics are so good because they're like abstract poetry. Not nonsense, just not linear strings of narrative. Very stream of consciousness and impressionistic. I have an image of a woman standing alone in a dark cloak with her head bowed by a moonlit sea when I listen to this song - something I'm going to paint. Cocteau Twin songs create floods of images in my mind. They stimulate my creative drives and give me lots of ideas to paint and write about - this song is a great example. Notice how it never really goes anywhere very far from where it begins, it's just content to flow along gently in its own little emotional tidepool. Then "Hitherto" comes in - another one of my favorites. Reminds me of some of the truly majestic moments on Treasure, like "Amelia." The lyrics are unintelligible (something about "cuckoo dough and hansel tin"?) and unimportant; the melody is sweeping and majestic as all hell, and the musical backdrop is sort of dark, spacious, clangy, and wonderful. Very very good song, especially towards the end where Liz's harmony edges into its orgasmic perfection. "Because of Whirl-Jack" is like an outtake from Head Over Heels, similar to In Our Angelhood or In the Gold Dust Rush kinda. Lyrics include mention of a "whirligig" and a "hulabaloo." I love the repeated lines "Please won't you fly." I'll fly with you any time, anywhere, Liz. You are the whirligig goddess of vocal impressionism. And here for any who care is my rating of each song on Sunburst and Snowblind: Sugar Hiccup: 6 (out of 10) From the Flagstones: 8 Hitherto: 8 Because of Whirl-Jack: 6 Of course this is purely subjective, but it's kinda fun to rate the songs this way.
written by joseph schlottman (dedril@elwha.evergreen.edu ) on February 21, 1998

Have you ever listened to the track of Sugar Hiccup on an incredibly expensive Compact Disc car stereo with the volume up as high as the ears can withstand. No hiss. No skips. No distortion. Just perfect audio clairity. I hope we can expect more of this kind of sound from upcoming CD's adter the release of 1996's Milk & Kisses. Oh yea I love the other 3 tracks to, Liz and Robin, and Simon.
written by Bernie Thomas (mailto:Summerblink%20@%20hotmmail.%20com ) on November 06, 1997

I own nearly every single CT release to date, but few have touched me in the way Sunburst and Snowblind have. The night I purchased it, some friends and I stayed up till 5 AM listening to it over and over and over, continuosly passing the bong as well. Sugar Hiccup is one of the most elegant Cocteau Twins song that they've ever written. From the Flagstones is nearly perfect as well. Hitherto and Because of Whirl-Jack far surpass a lot of later released stuff. I wish the Cocteaus would write something as monumental as this again someday. We don't need another Four-Calendar Cafe. (no offense)
written by Dale Butler (Gawla@aol.com ) on May 27, 1997

Having been familiar only with later Cocteau releases, I cringed the first time I listened to "Head Over Heels". I sold it back and eventually repurchased it, but it took me a while to warm up to it. Not so with "Sunburst and Snowblind". This companion e.p. is, in my opinion, one of the best Cocteau releases ever. Even during my first experience with "Head over Heels", I liked "Sugar Hiccup". Well, that track is here also, along with the tour-de-force "From the Flagstones", which is every bit as compelling as anything later released. "Hitherto" does take some warming up to, as does "Because of Whirl-Jack", but after hearing "From the Flagstones", they will grow on you, too. Actually, I've come to like the intensity of "Hitherto", as well as the upbeat charm of "Because of Whirl-Jack". Too bad this e.p. wasn't on the same pressing as "Head Over Heels"; I would have never sold it back to begin with.
written by Daniel Rodriguez on May 06, 1997

Having been familiar only with later Cocteau releases, I cringed the first time I listened to
written by Daniel Rodriguez on May 06, 1997

i first heard "the spangle maker" this past summer after i found a used THE PINK OPAQUE tape (in excellent shape) at Streetlight records in Noe Valley. (I never wanted to spring for the import only cd at $23, so i lived in deprivation for many years). i found this song a bhajan (devotional) to OUR MAKER, THE CREATOR.....THE..... SPANGLE MAKER...... GOD BLESS THE COCTEAU TWINS............which comes to a crashing crescendo of guitars,vocals,and drums in the delerium of CREATION.............................. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
written by sfjim(san francisco) (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on October 22, 1996

i just recently discovered this treasure.. just before the concert here in san francisco in june. a friend of mine had been telling me to get THE PINK OPAQUE for a long time, but i stubbornly refused to put out the $23 for the import cd. so i finally found a used cassette, apparently a US release, and immediately fell in love with THE SPANGLE MAKER and aikea-guinea. i think the universal psychic mind transfers the qualities of the rhythmic creations from one frequency to another in some sort of way, so present favoorites may be supplanted at another time. at present i am crooning with these tunes for their dramatic effect. SPANGLE is a meloncholy ballad type with a crescendo finale, INTIMATING completion. a pattern which fits the over- all arrangement of my daily mood swings. The Spangle MAKER, is, of course, THE DIETY. GUINEA i find methodically hypnotic, a sort of trance- inducing recitation of lilting arrpeggios. i been singin my head off the last few days.....PLE.EEE. EEESE,...PLE.EEE.EE.EEESE.......
written by sfjim (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on September 28, 1996