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A dangerous thing about Snow is that if you lend it to a friend you may never get it back! I lent my copy to my best mate when I went travelling abroad (1995-1997)as I had no short term use for it and it is TOO GOOD to leave unplayed. We are now fighting for custody.
written by Ivan Marples (ivan.marples@doublecycle.demon.co.uk ) on June 01, 1999

Not so much a review, really, cause I'm still waiting for my copy in the mail. But the online auction house ebay (www.ebay.com) often has snow up for bid. I personally won a bid at $38, so it ain't cheap. But I can't wait to get it. Who knew when I first heard a couple of nice songs off of Heaven or Las Vegas that the only thing I can think of to type into the search engine at ebay would be 'cocteau twins' and that I'd be willing to spend such $$ on posters, cd's and videos!
written by Tom Radke (tradke@marc.org ) on May 28, 1999

I managed to find someone willing to sell me their copy for $20.00. It was worth every penny! I heard that the Twins weren't too excited about doing the covers, but it is one of the most prized pieces in my collection, and I hope they are glad that they did them after all.
written by Stephanie Titus (sgtitus@fiam.net ) on April 23, 1999

To anyone who may know how to find Snow, I would forever be greatful if you could help me. My boyfriend has loved the Cocteau Twins since he was in college and he has never been able to find it and I was hoping to surprise him with it. I cannot describe to you how happy it would make him (and me) to find this treaure. Anyone have any suggestions?
written by Lindsay Chynna (younglindsay@hotmail.com ) on March 18, 1999

All I have heard is wonderful things about "Snow". One major problem though. I CANT FIND IT!!!!! I have been searching for over a year to get this little gem. If anyone can help me in my plight please email me. I have ALL of their previous releases this is the last that I am missing and I have heard it and it is so wonderful I am just not complete without it. Help! If you have any information regarding where it can be purchased, stolen or otherwise obtained, please let me know. Thank you! Ella megalast burls forever!
written by Aubrey (Serpntine8@aol.com ) on February 18, 1999

No-one here needs telling this, but have you ever tried remaining in a bad-mood after listenening to Snow? I think you will find it's almost impossible. My copy has been one of my most treasured (excuse me)possesions for a few years as no matter what time of year it reminds me that that a smile can always be found somewhere. But,I never had any idea at all that it was a rarity ! I think I will get mine copied and hidden away somewhere safe I want to enjoy this for years to come. ( -You can kick me if you want but I am only refering to Winter Wonderland as I am not actually too keen on Frosty ). Stuart.
written by Stuart Jukes (stuartj@database.co.uk ) on December 04, 1998

I have both singles on various compilations, but still wish have both on the same single. If anyone have any info on finding these gem, please let me know. Christmas is not the same without these classics. They are way cool!
written by david (dalejae@excite.com ) on December 03, 1998

Wow! After a year of searching for this EP I managed to pick it up second-hand for £1.00! This has to be one of the best Christmas singles ever. Liz's heartfelt harmonies on 'Winter' made my cry the first time I heard it. Good luck to anyone searching for this - keep an eye out if you're not, though, cos it's very special.
written by Danny Land on October 08, 1998

ahhhhhh, SNOW, well these two familiar christmas songs have been elevated to the pinnacle of the highest snow capped peaks. I could listen to this disc over & over and never get tired, even in the hottest days of summer. Good luck to anyone trying to find this !!! Gee, wish it was December again !!! (well...actually November, I just can't wait)
written by oomingmak (oomingmak@sprint.ca ) on May 16, 1998

FYI: The two singles from "Snow" are available on the following X-mas compilations (THE EDGE OF CHRISTMAS: "Winter Wonderland") & (THE COOLEST CHRISTMAS: "Frosty The Snowman").
written by Doug (noomguod@pacbell.net ) on May 07, 1998

Well, gee, I kind of feel like I'm CHEATING here because I don't actually own SNOW, I just have "Frosty The Snowman" on a VOLUME cd. Anyway, I LOVE IT! At the time I purchased it, it'd been a while since I'd heard Liz plaintively "belt one out" on record. So, I was so taken with the sheer sense of JOY in this track. I like the way they re-worked the melody, the overlapping vocal tracks, and the (forgiveable) way that Liz repeats "stop" instead of saying "cop" the first time! I also enjoyed VOLUME's article on them in the booklet, and the background of "Frosty", that at first, Liz apparently didn't think she could seriously sing lyrics like, "corncob pipe" and "broomstick". I'm glad she tried, I happen to think the way she sings "broomstick" is rather cute, actually. As for "Winter Wonderland", I have yet to hear it, and I'm kicking myself for passing up a copy of SNOW because it was way over-priced... I've never seen it since... I've heard "Frosty" for the past few Christmas seasons, in various shops and such, what a treat! blows most other pop holiday music A-WAY!
written by warren j. g. mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on April 22, 1998

This single is a lot like a Picasso painting; it's excellent work, but its rarity boosts its value tremendously. After a year of searching, I finally picked up a copy recently, and now I wish I could duplicate it a thousand times and send a copy to everyone who wants one. It's a shame "Snow" isn't more widely available;. I certainly plan to be listening to this CD for Christmas in 2050, when I'm 75 years old. ... "Frosty the Snowman" is the better of the two songs, but both are beautiful. I only wish the Twins had released an entire album of Christmas songs; it's a cheesy concept, but it would definitely have provided the soundtrack to many a future holiday season.
written by Brian Sandford (sandford@atlantic.net ) on March 04, 1998

looking desperately...... need snow...... any price...... please....if anyone's out there......
written by jay Mckay (wilson.mckay@sympatico.ca ) on February 25, 1998

This is the most beautiful interpretation of Winter Wonderland that I have ever heard.With Liz singing, it doesn't come as a surprise! I haven't been able to locate the single(BUT I HAVE TRIED!)but I have heard the songs on compilations.
written by Ryan O (none ) on December 11, 1997

I'm listening to "Snow" right this very minute...the first spin of the holiday season, mind you. The Cocteau versions of these moldy oldies sure are purty, even if you don't particularly care for the compositions themselves ("Frosty"? Yuck!) But seriously, the Coc's imbue these tunes with their trademark sound and, lo and behold, they're reborn and listenable - yes, even "Frosty". I feel bad for those of you who can't locate a copy (well, okay - not really) but having to search and find things kills time. What else would you be doing anyway??? Find your copy and enjoy.
written by Doug (dougmoon@ucla.edu ) on December 09, 1997

makes you smile ! my copy got stolen when i was broken into searching for it is becoming an obsession !!! a lost love.
written by mike eccles (mike.eccles@mgb.tv.co.uk ) on December 04, 1997

I have been searching ALL OVER for this 12". If anyone is interested in making me a copy, name your price. or, if anyone knows where i can find this, please let me know! thanks!
written by Mary (Flippant15@aol.com ) on November 04, 1997

I put this on sometimes and it just makes me happy especially Frosty. Sleighbells and shit, it's great......
written by Leo ( ) on November 01, 1997

I really can't say anything nice about Snow.
written by Tom May (
ftom@netcom.com ) on October 25, 1997

I JUST LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE "FROSTY!" And only the Twins could pull off a reggae version of "Winter Wonderland" with even HALF this pinache!
written by SCOTTY B.H.P. (bghvn@hotmail.com ) on June 21, 1997

I want my children to hear this one day, I listen to it in every season.
written by elaine (siddal@pipeline.com ) on May 29, 1997

bonjour, je suis français et je recherche les singles "Evangeline" et "snow"
written by maissa joel (JMSM002@aol.com ) on April 26, 1997

i hurt my foot in stormy snowy glasgow for this single. i don't regret it.
written by forget you like forget me (tangj@carleton.edu ) on December 27, 1996

i told this girl i had a it of a crush on that i owned this CD..when in fact i didnt..it was one of the only Cocteaus things i was missing. well i went out and got it. and i taped it for that girl. she fell in love with me immediately. well shes no longer a part of my life...but this single rules the world anywayz!
written by Brian (kohlwai@okstate.edu ) on November 17, 1996

I mistakenly passed this single over when I found it at Best Buy for 9.99. Such a mistake because when I finally heard the songs I was speechless as to how these two christmas favorites took on a whole new meaning. I then spent the next year looking for it until I found them both on seperate christmas compilations. Since then I have never passed up the oppertunity to buy any single.
written by John Peel (orion@i1.net ) on November 06, 1996

This is by far the best x-mas cd ever produced!! well for the visually impared at least! Liz's vocals are the best I've ever heard for these classics. The only problem is going to be finding a copy of this ever elusive single!!!
written by Edward LeMay (buddy1@gte.net ) on November 01, 1996

I managed to purchase Snow as an import. At the time, I kept thinking, how can 5 minutes of music be worth $12.00? Now I know. These are the best-ever versions of these two classics. I'll be playing this disc in Xmas 2035!
written by Brian (keems@mail.netime.com ) on October 15, 1996

I found this EP used in a bargain basement bin in DC somewhere, and I'm just flabergasted that anyone would want to get rid of it...except maybe Scrooge. After taking a listen to these two tracks, you'd wish (as do I) that the Cocteaux would do an entire Christmas album! Forget Perry Cuomo...here's to a new kinda Christmas! Thanks to Liz and the boys.
written by Demetri (QUEERboyDC ) on October 15, 1996

well, let me say this....if only my mother played these kinds of xmas songs around the house every december..... perhaps i would have been a happier child....maybe not! the true meaning of xmas comes through in liz's vocal exploration of childhood memories. it's wonderful treasure to hear....if you can find a copy, that is!
written by mender (scribble@netcom.ca ) on October 13, 1996