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Tishbite - Disc 1 / Disc 2

The songs I enjoy from these two EP's are.. An Elan,Flock of Soul. (those are the ones I really like!!!) The ones that are kinda good 'in my opinion' are.. Primitive Heart,Violane,Alice. The other songs are bad I think,Yuck! well bye CT fans.
written by Jake on May 16, 1999

i love it !
written by q (q@q.com ) on May 12, 1999

i love it !
written by q (q@q.com ) on May 12, 1999

i don't know why they say TISHBITE blue is a limited edition: i've been looking for years to get the YELLOW one...FLOCK OF SOUL remembers me those Bluebearded gorgeous sounds, so specifical for 'Four-Calendar Cafť".that's why is one of my favourite...as much as a round primitive heart and a tishbite flock of soul...
written by raphaŽl (aikea@hotmail.com ) on February 05, 1999

What can I say.Primitive heart is my favorite cocteau twin song.Well, I suppose that favorite songs depend on a moment of your life that you have lived through.
written by Gary (none ) on January 31, 1999

i really love an elan and flock of soul on the tishbite singles. with an elan, it seems to me like it is an interpretation of ribbed and veined (from tiny dynamine) ten years later, mellowed out. does anyone one else hear it?????
written by ethereal (ethereal01@aol.com ) on November 09, 1998

Primitive Heart - woe to words...
written by mizan (rotarot@yahoo.com ) on September 01, 1998

Tishbite 2 the Yellow One....... I knew that all the M&K stuff had be there but I never really got into it. My dad who bought the all th CT releases is a fan too. I then one day decide to listen to the violaine pink one after hearing the cover of Tranguil Eye by Faye Wong I liked it, then I also listened to all the other b-sides on the M&K singles and I liked them all. But My Favourite Songs Are: 1.tishbite 2.Bluebeard 3.Five Ten Fiftyfold 4.The High Monkey Monk 5.Primative Heart. I have chosen Tishbite pt2 as the best release by Cocteau Twins which has good and relaxing sounds and a NICE sleeve cover...Buy it today....
written by Erinn (erinM@dnet.co.uk ) on August 07, 1998

Key: Tishbite 1 is the blue one, Tishbite 2 is the yellow one.
written by Doug on June 02, 1998

"An Elan" knocked me on my BUTT when I first heard it. While the structure of the song is a bit formulaic in its build-up, well, I don't care, it's a beautiful ride, and sounds less "canned" then some previous e.p. stuff. (hooray for September Sound's sound) Also, "Flock Of Soul" is astounding, I can't quite describe what that song does for me, and that's what makes it so essential, not happy, not sad, IT JUST IS...
written by warren j. g. mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on March 18, 1998

The B-sides featured on both volumes of the Tishbite single are good enough to warrant inclusion on the Milk & Kisses album. Of all the songs from the album and the various B-sides, my personal fave is Round. The song has two distinct parts. The first features one of Robin's most dreamy guitar riffs and sparkling vocals by Liz to date. A couple bridges into the track and it is evident that the energy of the song is building. Sure enough, Robin signals the release of that pent-up emotion with a beautiful pluck of his unusually fluid guitar, and we are off to a a stunningly operatic vocal by Liz and some perfectly shivering atmospherics by Robin. The pattern is so successful in its impact that the next track, An Elan, uses that same kind of build-up, normally associated with their closing album tracks, and has an equally amazing impact when Liz's high-pitched wail and Robin's densely- layered guitar usher in the finale. Way cool stuff. For all of those people who think their collections end with the Milk & Kisses album -- it's their loss.
written by John Corbett (johnc@hemi.com ) on December 04, 1997

Even though you'll own exactly three copies of the song entitled "Tishbite" this pair of EP/CD's is well worth the cost. The two discs (one blue, one yellow) contain two extra tracks beside "Tishbite" which is slight variation from the album track. The blue disc has two tracks called "An Elan" and "Round" -- both good in their own right. "An Elan" seques into a full-on Fraserfest after put you in trance. "Round" is a great song that really showcases Liz' singing ability - lot's of gorgeous highs and a few discernible lyrics. The second CD, (Yellow) has two defining songs "Primitive Heart" and "Flock of Soul". These two songs blow me away every time with their tightly produced walls o'sound. The gorgeous "Primitive Heart" shoulda been on the album. Liz sings with amazing clarity and nuance, as usual! Must haves for any serious-minded Cocteauphile, you know.
written by Doug (dcmoon@capnet.ucla.edu ) on October 29, 1996

We all know what a great song Tishbite is, but what about the b sides? Well, this reveiwer's fave was Round, from CD2. The way Liz repeats the word BECAUSE 40 times at the uplifting conclusion to the song, is one of those typical feelgood Cocteau moments! Flock Of Soul is the highlight of CD1; a kind of Eperdu type song, which has a mood all of it's own, to fit with how your feeling at the time, I guess! Primitive Heart, from the same CD, at first may sound alarmingly "normal" but give it time, and you will realise that no other band could carry such a song off like the Cocteau Twins do! As for An Elan, this one greatly annoys me, but it has it's fans, so that is all I shall say.
written by Peter on October 12, 1996

Tishbite in the morning. Tishbite in the afternoon, Blue Tishbite, Orange Tishbite. Tishbite!
written by John Jeffrey McGinnis (john@tailored.com ) on October 01, 1996