I bought the album Treasure as a good friend had suggested, and I do not regret having spent thirteen bucks for it. I like Lorelei, Aloysius, and Persephone, although I really can't say which is my absolute fave song yet; they're all quite good and it is hard to decide. Until this year, I've never heard of The Cocteau Twins; it's a pleasant change to rock/pop and other stuff they typically play on the radio. I don't have much of a clue as to how the rating sytem goes, but I'd give the album as a whole a 10 out of a 10.
written by Ellice ( ) on June 02, 1999

I bet you they can't John. I love this album "Tresure",every single song!! bye Jake.
written by Jake on June 02, 1999

written by john on May 18, 1999

After having listened to Garlands every day every week for more than one year back in 1983 I was excited to find out that CT had come out with a new album. I bought it, skipped through each track and didn't listen to it for another six months; the change in style was simply too much for me (had I only known how often their style would change over time ...). After half a year I gave it another try only because I respected (worshipped?) CT as musicians. I was hooked and 15 years later this album remains one of my top 10 even if I have moved on to White Zombie, to hip hop and the like. I share the expressions of the positive reviews of this album, no need to repeat it all. As a musician I must add that listening to the CD with good headphones but with the addition of strong bass coming from loudspeakers is a good way to enjoy every note.
written by Ken Welch ( ) on May 18, 1999

What can one say about treasure and the Cocteau's in general. Treasure and Victoria land were quite simply stunning, brilliant..etc..etc... When I first discovered the Cocteau Twins (Pearly Dew Drops started it off) I COULDN'T listen to anything but them. Everything else was pathetic, pointless and pale imitations. Thank for many happy hours Mike P.S. Whatever happenend to Dif Juz ? Their music too was stunningly beautiful.
written by mike k ( ) on May 17, 1999

my favorites today are beatrix (currently on my top 10 list of all CT-tunes), ivo, lorelei, aloysius, cicely and otterley. this is CT's magic album which predicted how they would sound in the 90's.
written by kev b ( ) on May 12, 1999

Hey Kev: @ .!!!!!!
written by EdgeOfTime ( ) on May 02, 1999

I was mortified years ago when I read an interview with the group and just how they went on about the album having a bad vibe and this and that. I've come to the conclusion that you're all complete nutters...BUT, that's what makes you so damn brilliant. In contrast though I think out of all the Cocteau albums 'Treasure' is the most widely accepted and least slandered when talking with other Cocteau fans. So just go sit in the corner you lot and sulk all you want, all musicians think they're former works were shit...but we, the fans? Well, we know everything. The masses have spoken...'Treasure' is a gem. :)
written by Watchlar The Mizan ( ) on April 19, 1999

" Treasure " along with " Victorialand " are the two true masterpieces of the cocteau twins. There is no reason to discuss these incredible works: they are preverbal gems.
written by damion ( ) on March 27, 1999

Treasure. it's like a beatiful sancuary of sound that you never want to excape. i heard just a glimps of "Persphone" and i was hooked. This album gave me a "Rush of Divine" with tracks like "Beatrix"and "Amelia" i fell in a galic gothic hole and found a garnet jewl with a always dark but at the same time sweet and innocent glow. It will always be locked in my heart with many feelings for men and best friends. thank you cocteau twins! Tara
written by Tara (Sle1640652 ) on March 23, 1999

It's so strange...... I was 16 in 1984, and maybe it's because I was that age, y'know, hormonal changes kicking in! ..but even so, I sometimes think there must have been something magical going on in the spiritual realms, around Autumn 1984! (anyone know what I mean???) There were so many great records released round about that time, most of which I heard, but alas, I sort of missed out on this one at the time..... This is a record you cannot afford not to hear! I've only known its unfathomable beauty for less than a week now, and I've cried listening to it. There are some records that bands work really hard to make them great, but there are some that sound like they have just been touched, lifted above the everyday realm by unseen hands! This is one of those, it glows, it beams gleaming rays of delight over you. Deeply romantic, melancholic, whispering wonders of old, celebrating, laughing, wine glasses thrown joyously in the air, dancing in green meadows as the sun sets! The warm smile of true friendship, secret stories of goodness shared, ....oh dear me, I think I'm in love with "Treasure"! Robin and Simon, I'd like to buy you a pint, and Liz, if you would forgive me, its definitely a kiss on the cheek!! Hee hee!
written by Tom Burrows ( ) on March 18, 1999

HEY NOW PEOPLE-----you ALL know that listening to this album makes you want to wander into the woods and dig a hole from the ground in which to live. I mean, SERIOUSLY- this shit is some down-assed (and I mean WAY down DEEP) sounding stuff here. This music was created FOR THE ELVES, BY THE ELVES- or anyone else who cares to listen to this super-in-the-groundey-crazy-messed-up-nicely-i want to eat roots and berries strange but scarily pleasant music. thank you.
written by CUTTOOS (CUTTOOS@WEBTV.COM ) on March 08, 1999

...this album, to me, was like a hidden "treasure" that I had to find...I listened to it for the first time and I only liked "Ivo"...I listened to it twice and I got the same bought the "Pink Opaque" compilation disc...after listening to it, I became very hooked on "Lorelei"...I knew it sounded familiar to me, so I looked at the rest of my CocteauCollection...noticed that it was on "Treasure" I put that CD in and I found it a lot easier to listen to..."Ivo", "Lorelei", "Pandora..." and "Aloysius" jumped out at me...I can't believe that I didn't like those songs before!...I guess you really have to listen to an album more times than twice to really get a good feeling about an album...well, "Head Over Heels" is just way too poor to listen to again....overall, "Treasure" has its fine points and a few dull ones... (:
written by Bryan McNeely ( ) on March 07, 1999

an amazing album! "persephone" is my favorite cocteau twins song ever and there are so many gorgeus songs to choose from. liz's voice really shines on "persephone". while her voice is always angelic and ethereal this track really displays her unique voice in all it's glory. all the songs are brilliant- "ivo", "beatrix" and "donimo" come to mind as being especially moving. writing this i now understand why people trip over adjectives and metaphors like "heavenly", "haunting" and "the voice of god" because one cannot convey the beauty of the cocteau twins in words. they must be heard to be believed. to all the adorable, overwhelmed fans that post here i recommend the band mors syphilitca with all my heart. lisa hammer has a heavenly, operatic voice that truly brings one back to the mediaevil age. her voice is as unique, stunning and evocative as liz's. love to the cocteau twins and all their fans! xoxo,jenna
written by jenna ( ) on February 24, 1999

This one was the start of it all for me. A journey that would expose me to Liz's ethereal voice. Words are too clumsy to describe it. I would urge you to share this wonderful music with someone you care deeply about. Nuff said.
written by Sean ( ) on February 19, 1999

Every note, every syllable of this masterpiece is so achingly perfect it defies description. I first heard it in late '84 and have played at least once a week ever since. I wish someone would use it for a soundtrack so the rest of the world could hear. should have been as big as "Dark side of the Moon".
written by don robinson ( ) on February 05, 1999

All I really want to say is that for me Treasure is a collection of the most awe-inspiring music ever written and recorded. I first came across the Cocteau Twins in 1986 when a guy called 'Fat man' lent me an album and from then on I was just gobsmacked. I would recommend to anybody be it my 8 year old daughter to my 86 year old grandmother to buy any Cocteau Twins album....shut the curtains....turn the lights off....and just enjoy the experience. Thank you to the Cocteau Twins for giving me great pleasure over the last 13 years and long may it continue. Julian Britton
written by Julian Britton ( ) on January 08, 1999

What can i she human or some kind of banshee? I fell in love with Liz Fraser's beautiful voice and the bands music instantly upon hearing it, treasure has to be one of their finest offerings surely. Anyone who considers themself a fan of music has to hear this album it takes one to places you never imagined!
written by Roy Griffith ( ) on January 03, 1999

Now from the start of this album you get the feeling,(like it or not) that you have been swept off into the Dark Ages. I find such a truely Medievel feel with this album that it ranks about at the top of my list of favorites. I have to admit, I am really into Mythology and the titles to the songs just make me like this one even more. Songs like Ivo and Persephone explode with the best Cocteau drum machines they've ever used. Not by any means am I selling short Liz's vocals which rank as the most incredible sounding I've ever heard in my life.She surpasses any female singer in the world with her unearthy sounds and reflections that remind one of a pure Goddess or Siren luring her seaman to his demise.Only Lisa Gerrard can hold her own against this woman...The best vocalist to ver touch the human ears!!!! Thank you for reading my crap!!!
written by Daniel on December 21, 1998

Dette er platen som satte utgangspunktet for dagens typiske CT-sound. Det var et klart farvell til CTs tunge produksjon og man finner skisser av platene Victorialand, BBK, HOLV, 4CC og M&K p henholdsvis Aloysius, Otterley, Ivo, Lorelei, Beatrix + Donimo som fortsatte tradisjonen med spektakulre avluttere. Det som gjr Treasure helt spesiell, er dens rolle som bindeledd mellom Sunburst/The Spangle Maker og senere CT-utgivelser. Den har frstnevntes eksplosivitet, dype bass og heavy beats kombinert med dagens polerte gitarlyd, ambiente landskap og Liz suprano. Fra Ivos akkustiske intro til Donimos eksplosive finale, er dette et komplett album som det ikke fantes maken til fr BBK ble utgitt fire r etter. Faves er Lorelei, Persophone og Donimo.
written by kev on November 19, 1998

The opening strains of "Ivo" ushered a new era into my life. It was a happy time, a time when I could roam the halls of my college dormitory, enjoying a strong cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, writing bizarre epithets and strange banter on my friends' message boards. This new era was, of course, not without its own set of problems. I hated my major (at that time it was Sound Recording Technology, at the University of Massachusetts Lowell). I also hated not having a woman. However, that would all eventually change. In fact, the woman part of the equation was the most infernal of all. It was with some dismay that I would read, years after first discovering this amazing trio, that they were oblivious to their status as "Kings and Queen of Sex Music." You see, I had studied my anatomy lessons on many occasions while listening to Treasure, and it didn't seem fair that this supergroup was denying their own progeny. It was okay though, for I decided that if they didn't see their music my way, I would just use it for my own purposes anyway. With that, I embarked on a fairly long (nearly one-year) tenure as the boyfriend of a particulary pernicious young woman named Genevieve. Genevieve and I had some interesting times together listening to Treasure, making love in the darkness, illuminated only by the lights of the CD player's display. The last time I enjoyed Genevieve's company with this disc was about seven months ago. I miss her, but not as much as I miss having sex with someone while listening to this incredible album. So what makes it so incredible? This: It's got all of the right ingredients for turning any night, with sex or without, into an experience that you'll NEVER forget. I guarantee it; if you're into any kind of gothic, or synth-based, or heavily effected music, you'll LOVE this album. There. I said it. Now I'm going to bed. - Sammy James
written by Sammy James ( ) on November 13, 1998

The best review that i can give for Treasure relates to the purchase of the album. My mother went to the shop asked for it & the assistant simply said "It's pretty" enough said
written by John Pritchard ( ) on November 07, 1998

As a long-time Cocteau Twins fan, I, for some reason, neglected to purchase Treasure. Now that I own it, I can't seem to keep it out of my CD player!! Definately a MUST! Right up there with Heaven or Las Vegas as my 2 favorite CT albums!
written by Ken Rogers ( ) on November 06, 1998

I'm a architect and your music help me since I was a student, to create forms,shapes and spaces, your music is architecture. I really apreciate what your music did for me. Eternaly fan.
written by hugo mijares ( ) on November 01, 1998

Treasure is probably the best album I own. The music is dark yet sweet at the same time. Its good for a rainy day or a sunny day. Before this album, I really didn't appreciate the twin's lyrically or musically..but I sure as hell do now!!!! (Ivo is my fave!!)
written by Luna the Fabulous ( ) on October 26, 1998

I've been listening Cocteau Twins for the last twelve years, they first became an obssession to me because of Pink orange red, and in my desperate searching of it i was gathering the gratest collection of music i ever had. One of these is undoubtedly TREASURE (a paralel reason is because it was given to me by this french friend -Olivier-, and we enjoyed it very very deeply...). Never before i heard such pleasant spreading lust and lost spreading plasure...
written by Luis Bernal ( ) on October 25, 1998

You really can't give Treaure any critical points of view. 'Cuz it's just GREAT!!! Their most varied album ever. Definitely their peak-recording. I wrote in the review of Blue Bell Knoll that BBK was their best release ever, but i was wrong. I didn't know Cocteau Twins that well back then. The heavy production gives Treasure this little edge that makes it complete along with the passion Liz got in her voice. The band themselves didn't like Treasure becuz the vibe was horrible. Maybe that's why it turned out that good? They where angry and pissed off! From the strumming intro of Ivo to the explosive final of Donimo, this is a complete thing. Every song has it's own story to tell. Just great, man!
written by kevin by ( ) on September 10, 1998

Treasure is simply a wonderful album. It takes away from the beauty when too many big word descriptions are piled on. And those who are reminded of their Goth days because of it need not apply. Yes, alot of us WERE Goth kids. However, Treasure is NOT a Goth album and Cocteau Twins were NEVER a Goth band.
written by Ryan Carden (skatingbullets@hotmail ) on September 09, 1998

Name of various angles, and each song describe the charateristics of the particular angles.
written by Ed. ( ) on August 13, 1998

After listening to Mezzanine by Massive Attack, I decided to set out and find all of the old albums that I sold years ago; everything sounds so fresh now, and brings back lots of memories. "Treasure" sounds like it could have been made yesterday. Thanks, Twins, and don't let "Milk and Kisses" be the last.
written by Jon Wilson ( ) on July 23, 1998

The third release from the Cocteau Twins is appropriately titled: it is a musical fortune, full of swirling guitar melodies and luscious vocals. "Pandora (For Cindy)" is a delightful sample of resonant guitar chords floating through layers of Elizabeth Fraser's luxurious vocal phrasing. The album's only setback is the cold ratter of the drum machines, an uncomfortable contrast to the radiant warmth of the arrangements. Yet the richness and beauty of the album is undeniable, highlighted by "Aloysius" and "Lorelei."
written by Mr. Ameche ( ) on July 19, 1998

I have all I can find by the Cocteaus, and Treasure is way up on the list. Does anybody else listen to Pandora and practically lose yourself in it? To the point where you should pull the car over? I met the Cocteaus backstage when they played here in Milwaukee during April of 1994.... one of the coolest moments. Simon Raymonde is the nicest guy. Oh, check out his solo release. It's cool.
written by Ryan Murray ( ) on June 03, 1998

I'll "borrow" from another great band, this album has a feel, "Soft As Snow, But Warm Inside."
written by RBW ( ) on June 02, 1998

This is the album that made me become a fan of the cocteus.Definately their best album to date. However, it' seems that the've gone down-hill ever since the realease of blue bell-knoll.
written by vivian ( ) on May 23, 1998

Heard "Ivo" and (I believe) "Lorelei" and "Pandora" on a copy of John Peel's Festive 50 back at the end of 1984. It was the year I became simultaneously devoted to The Smiths, The Fall, and The Cocteau Twins. I eventually found a copy of "Treasure" on vinyl at an independent record store in Phoenix, Arizona (where I was living at the time). I was fresh out of high school, and working in another music store across town. Several other records followed suit, CT as well as other 4AD artists. I even owned a copy of the "Lonely Is An Eyesore" video (which sadly disappeared a year or so later). Is this still available? For me, whenever I hear the name "4AD" I immediately think "Cocteau Twins". This album is stunning, beautiful, rich, deep, poetic, emotional, lush, deep shades of rich color, a cool breeze over a meadow on a hot day, simultaneously in the present and in the past, stirring, overwhelming. None of these descriptives do this album justice. Not a single one. Even together they pale. I just found it today on CD. I've been spending the past three hours replaying it again and again, letting it all return. Every nuance. "Treasure" is my religion. No more, no less.
written by Daryl Westfall ( ) on May 18, 1998

This is definitely my favorite Cocteau Twins album. This was the album that made me a fan. In particular, a fan of the early Cocteau Twins. I cannot believe music like Treasure was being made in the early 1980s. I was eleven when Treasure came out, and I never heard it until I was twenty-one. It blew me away. Especially since the only Cocteau Twins album I had heard previously was Four Calendar Cafe, which, I must say, is horrible. When my friend Jake put on Treasure for me to hear for the first time, I did not think it would be any good. Was I ever wrong! Every song on Treasure is spectacular! To me, the entire album is like one long, glorious song, with different verses. It's been four years since I first heard Treasure. I've listened to it hundreds of times. It is one of my five favorite albums of all time. If you buy only one CT album, this is the one to buy.
written by Chad Stewart ( ) on May 02, 1998

I heard alot about this one before I got it. At the time, it was only available on import, so I really had to wait awhile. By the time I aquired it, my expectations had been built up so high that, naturally, I was disappointed. I've never really been able to "dive in" completely like with so many of the others. One of the problems is that the tracks seem to pass through a variety of environments, with the only common theme being that it takes place within an encapsulated, "virtual" world of isolation. This is a very private-sounding record, and, thereby, not amenable to the communal experiences that facilitate "bonding" with a release. A few tracks stand out for me, though. Beatrix, Pandora, Cicely, Otterley and Donimo all hearken to dreams of dancing sugar-plum faeries. This record has a dark, mysterious, "enchanted" quality to it, like the Nutcracker, or something. One thinks of Cupid & Psyche (not Hansel & Gretel) lost and sleepwalking in the Black Forest, a kind of fantasy quality, not just a soundscape, but a dreamscape, resolving in a glorious vision of Christmas Eve angels. A silent, holy night indeed. As much as they've downplayed any possible connection, this album goes really well with Jean Cocteau films - especially "La Belle et La Bete". I like to watch my video of that one with the sound turned down and Treasure playing on the stereo. Works really well. Ahhh... as Killing Joke put it so well - 80'S!
written by Dreadnaut ( ) on April 11, 1998

Without a doubt one of THE most important releases of the 1980's. Also, one of my all-time favorite albums AND my all-time favorite Cocteaus album. Why? While it's difficult to choose a favorite from such a superb body of work, I feel TREASURE is the one. With each of the songs on TREASURE, Cocteau Twins REdefined pop song structure.(I feel they began to adhere more and more to a few set structures with subsequent releases.) Sounds (as opposed to "instruments" and "vocals") are combined in strange new ways, and this release has, to me, the least "studio" sound to it. I forget that I'm listening to a product of the 20th century. Lorelei, Ivo and ESPECIALLY Pandora are unlike anything I've EVER heard. This is the only album purchased by me in 1986 that has "staying power" for me. It's outstanding. Listen to it and find your own adjectives!
written by warren j.g. mianecke ( ) on March 17, 1998

I simply love this album. It is so sensual and relaxing and I hope it enriched everyone elses life like it did mine especially tracks number five and nine("Pandora" and "otterley") Thank you Cocteau Twins.
written by Lasher Flaherty ( ) on March 04, 1998

If you want to travel through time, listen to this album. I think it's a perfect soundtrack for any movie that relates to the past eras/centuries. Some of the songs makes me think (Don't ask me why) about the inquisition times in Europe (!) or other things even more strange than this. It carries on terror moods, sometimes naive ones, joyfully ones,etc. It's incredible how different and uniform sounds you can find just in one record. Amazing & thrilling, no doubts that the Twins made a masterpiece here. I rate it with 10, and my favorites are: "Ivo", "Donimo" & "Pandora" (perhaps one of my best 5 Cocteau songs).
written by Alvaro Azevedo Silva ( ) on February 27, 1998

Probably my fave CT album and easily one of my top 20 picks for all time, this fine disc grabbed me by the ears on the college radio station that I now work at, WXYC. They sounded like _nothing_ I'd ever heard and if they had done nothing else, this disc would have been more than enough. Fortunately, they had a fine back catalog, and many fine discs to come. Fave tracks on a practically spotless platter? "Cicely" "Pandora" "Otterley" (a friend of mine made a fine short film using this track) and "Amelia." Call me spoiled, but I nevet liked "Lorelei" as much b/c it was overplayed(!)
written by Raven ( ) on February 12, 1998

Ivo is the first song that I hear of CT. It was 1985. when my cousin have a birthday party. I was 11 years old and that evening I fell in love in yours music. Since than you are the only one in my heart. Your picture is in my wallet and you go with me where I go. Thank you for this wonderful music. Because of you I still live in 80's.
written by Petra Albrecht ( ) on January 25, 1998

'Ivo' is probably the most amazing song ever to be written by a human being. Nuff said.
written by Justin X ( ) on January 11, 1998

Oh, how could Cocteau Twins be so cruel, sometimes. Last week I played Treasure, and when Pandora began to sing - with her tiny box in her hands? - I was teletransported to one night of April in 1986, The Night of The Comet (Halley, that fake!). I was then "working" as an astronomer, keeping crowds of drunkers ready to see the most famous of the comets, nearby a night bar (the owner was a friend of mine who bought a Tasco Telescope (100X) as merchandising for his bar (named ESCALER, in Portuguese. Jollyboat, in English) Well, the telescope was assembled by myself and I was the official astronomer of the bar, so... You can imagine the madding crowd which was gattered outside the night bar (almost a dive). Then, suddenly the first contact, not with the comet (too shy to our eyes wide open at that time (1986), remember? But MY first contact with Cocteau Twins, Treasure, Pandora. Hitherto, I continu to play and play, looping endlessly by the magic of CT sound. And what about the Halley Comet? I hope in 2061 listen Pandora again. I would not expect to see Halley, even blind. It doesnt mind, anymore.
written by Gustavo Lisboa ( ) on December 25, 1997

Just listened to "Treasure" in its entirety recently - this album has so many facets that it's hard to pin down a dominant flavor. It's also hard to reconcile this album with the twenty-ish threesome that produced it - so polished for people their age. This progressive "abortion" as Robins has affectionately referred to it, opens with my favorite song "Ivo" (peep bo! peep peep bo! peep peep! ) Love the vocals...LOVE THAT GUITAR BRIDGE! That's some sharp minty cool pickin' goin on there. I also took a fancy to the bagpipe-ish "Lorelei", "Aloysius" (that's allo-wish-us, dummy!), the gorgeous "Pandora", and of course, the epic closer "Donimo". That song may have started the tradition of grand, sweeping epics closing out albums. What would I have thought of this thing in 1984 when I was listening to things I'm ashamed to admit now? Who knows......I got it four years after it was released. I do know this: There aren't many albums from 1984 that anyone listens to today, let alone playing whole damn thing. It's a testament to the Coc's refusal to take their cues from anyone else. This is the stuff musical longevity is made of. It ain't my favorite CT album, but it still lives up to its name.
written by Doug ( ) on December 09, 1997

This album changed my musical life. I, as a drummer growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, was predominantly exposed to many progressive rock and heavy rock groups. I moved to Boston in '87 to attend Berklee College of Music. I picked up a part time job at Tower Records, which at that time was selling mostly vinyl. For a reason I no longer recall, I bought Treasure on vinyl. The sound and feeling projected from my stereo system changed my direction in music. I was no longer fascinated with great "chops", but became immersed in "feel" and creating an ambience. Critically speaking, I still think Treasure and Blue Bell Knoll are the two most complete Cocteau pieces ever put together.
written by Patrick Skvoretz ( ) on November 26, 1997

I followed a girl I was in love with to a CT concert. She went off with some other man but I never noticed... it was the Treasure tour (83?) and I heard angels cry. There was this plain woman beating herself and making noises that I'd never heard a human being make before. I'm now a Christian and when I experienced the presence of God for the first time I remember thinking to myself, "This is just like listening to Treasure". Apparently they hate this album, and perhaps I can understand why: it's fierce as well as heavenly. Dare I say it, I think their too "nice" now. Getting on a bit I expect. Treasure is the sound a soul crossing the great divide... the promise that began to emerge just as the last track of Head Over Heels was finishing came into full bloom in this album.
written by Simon Hall ( ) on October 30, 1997

Just Though I'd Mention; Beatrix was played at my wedding, the whole album at both of my children's births, & my youngest daughter's middle name is Lorelei. I think that sould say it for me
written by Jennifer Sanoja ( ) on October 08, 1997

When I hear "Lorelei", I can't help being immediately transported back to my days of smoking clove cigarettes in smoky clubs where stunning goth creations danced to this beautiful song in their flowing gowns of gauzy black. For me, while it's not my favorite on the album, "Lorelei" will always represent my first days of Cocteau Twins fanhood.
written by Stef ( ) on August 24, 1997

I'd like to see Michael Jackson moonwalk to this. No I really would.
written by corky ( ) on August 15, 1997

a human howls like a beast.
written by =:-{wis} ( ) on June 18, 1997

The add. below is
written by myk on June 09, 1997

More than any other album treasure seems to evoke images and euphoria,does it do that to you? This album I think has more magic cocteau songs than any other and I think pandora is totally hypnotic do you what do you think?
written by Mike (MYK ) on June 09, 1997

Dear Treasure, When I listened to you, when I listened to /you/, I thought this here is the elegant myth I kept hearing in my mouth when I spun the homeric hymn and the byzantine bells that saint simon and grandchilde guthrie. At the time I was playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons fine tuning my style to fit Samuel Delany's Neveryona and Tanith Lee's Flat Earth, because I had thought Borges would look cute in chain mail. Joseph Campbell looked like a whiteman to me, so I shook my head at him and looked elsewhere. It was Treasure I found my understanding of myth in, Treasure and Isaac Bashkevis Singer. Black serpent cats would tail the unlit tallow and I would miaow to them and learn their motions far better than their owner, who was dead inside. And Treasure sings to Ivo, and I thanked 4AD for the Gothic Scene that then was still persistant.
written by September Virgin ( ) on June 04, 1997

The truth: God is back
written by Claudio Serrano ( ) on April 20, 1997

In "Pandora," it sounds as if Ms. Fraser says she's "fucking the owl, fucking the owl, fucking the owl," but never mind. Treasure is an onomotopeia (well, not technically, but you get the idea). How many people have said Treasure is a treasure, or a reasonable approximation thereof? I won't; I'll just say that when I listen to it, I am reminded of the bleakest December day where the snow is crusted in an evening blue, and the air smells like burning leaves, cheap cologne, and apathy. Whatever that smells like. I simply refuse to use words like "soundscapes," "etheral," and "celestial" describing this album; so with economy of words (yeah, right) and an unemotional viewpoint on music, I'll just say this album is important. But that isn't enough somehow to convey my gratitude for this album's existence. I read somewhere that the Cocteau Twins don't like this album anymore... I don't like my left ventricle anymore, but how can I live without it? Et tu, CT?
written by Juju ( ) on March 26, 1997

My first CT album... found it by mistake in my car after a hitchhiker drove with me... since then i got all their stuff without the bootlegs. But still i think that Treasure is their best LP !!! Write me Plz... Im 24 m from Israel - its hard to get info here about em... Dudy.
written by Dudy Bar_tal ( ) on March 21, 1997

timeless beauty locked in a velvet box; like haunted heirlooms; the twins solidified on this as did their entrancing weave of sounds.
written by al brown ( ) on March 06, 1997

Simply the best album ever recorded. I wore out three copies of this on cassette before finally caught up to the rest of the world and bought a CD player. I still get chills when I listen to "Ivo". The album manages to be sexy and romantic at the same time without ever coming across as "mushy" or contrived. I have a memory of sitting on the shore of a lake in San Angelo, Texas, the sky cloudless and the moon full. Quietly , as if in a dream, a small sailboat passed through the beam of light cast on the water by the moon. The peace and serenity of that event will be forever linked with this album. They both define for me a state of being that no other experience could match.
written by John Williams on February 20, 1997

I have a long time seen 'Treasure' as the soundtrack for Tolkiens 'Silmarilion'. In Ivo we are watching the lush lands of Beleriand for the first time, and throughout the following songs we are going around to the various communities of men, elves and dwarfs with their various tempers and affections. Slowly more gloom and melancolia weave into the music, and the quieteness before the storm decents over the land. Everyone is watching and waiting... The forces of good are assembled in the hills around Anfaughlit waiting for the final battle against Morgoth and doom. Then finaly in the end they ride forth in glory and might to the battlecry of thousands of elves and men, lords and peasants, into the sure death and loss of a battle they cannot win... The scene is very vivid to me when hearing 'Treasure'.
written by Thomas Sorensen ( ) on February 18, 1997

When Liz sang "Pandora" onstage at the Warfield last summer, I swear I almost fainted out of pure extacy--and I wasn't even laced! Treasure defined CT for years to come. Period. As it has been the first CT album for me (I got the 'prequels' later), so it should be for anyone who's new to CT. Why? No other CT release will take you by the hand and walk you through a virtual dreamworld. Excuse the pun--Treasure is beyond description. You have to experience it to appreciate it.
written by EileenP on February 06, 1997

I bought Treasure shortly after it was released, just on hearing Pearly Dewdrops' a few times on the BBC and wondering whether the album could possibly contain a few songs of the same high quality. At home I found all ten songs easily fitted that description! I kept playing it so often my parents started asking me to refrain from playing "that record" over and over again! After all these years it's still my all-time favourite album of *any* band. The brilliant vocals on Ivo, and the haunting pace on Persephone are the highlights for me. But then there's Amelia with its absolutely fantastic atmosphere, the stimulating rhythms on Aloysius (impossible to sit still here, and very dangerous to play while driving 'cause speeding is virtually unavoidable!) and Donimo as the concluding firework. The creativity of the album is such that I wonder whether I will ever stop discovering new features. It's also noteworthy that no less then 6 out of 10 tracks have a three-four time rhythm (name me any other band to that). Treasure is an absolutely fantastic album. If you don't own a copy yet, make sure you get one!
written by Eric Roosendaal ( ) on January 12, 1997

the title says it all...
written by Dan Gazdic ( ) on January 09, 1997

i read that sister soleil was influenced by this grouup so i figured that since i love sister soleil the cocteau twins would be better in fact after listening to their album i absolutely fell over i love it
written by john ( ) on January 06, 1997

I think Treasure definitely has to be one of their, if not their best album. For some reason I can get way more lost in the etheralness of Robin's guitar in this one than many of the others. Liz's overdubs are at some of their most passionate... Does anyone ever picture colours to musik? I picture a lot of pink's, red's and violet's when I listen to most cocteau twins cd's. But treasure seems to have a dark purple/dark blue feel. Not in a sad way... just in a mellow/dark/mysterious sort of way... Its rad.
written by ]eff Dubois ( ) on January 05, 1997

Until I heard TREASURE, i never really believed in heaven but the first few note of Ivo was enough to convince me that I had found what musical ecstacy was. I hear it and I just close my eyes and it conjures up whispy, whimsical images of a wonderful place that I ve never been before... this is so bad...I can't even sufficiently describe how wonderful this album is... it's like... pink cotton candy fluffy white cumulus clouds in the bright blue summer sky... like your first kiss in the rain.. and the moment you realize that you are in love... it's all these things and yet these things don't even come close
written by sprklgurl ( ) on December 05, 1996

Well I was a later bloom to experiencing the Cocteau Twins and my first album was Heaven or Las Vegas; and I thought ' this isn't too bad.' But Cherry-coloured Funk and Frou-Frou Foxes kept me wanting more. And so due to Spin (alas) and the concept-esque titles I chose Treasure next. When I put it on all sorts of chills became. I could not Have imagined just how good they really are. Beatrix still remains my all-time favorite song and it still scares me when I hear it. Ieven named my girl ferret Beatrix. Persephone comes in close; it's just one of those great songs where everything is blaring. Actually I donot think there is a song on Treasure that I donot cherish. My friends and I get the cheer by mimicking the background to Ivo or trying to decide whether Liz is really saying anything on Pandora. Donimo of course is one in the great line of wondrous album closers, a tradition rivaling the Cure's. This album envelopes you with it's gorgeous simplicity with each song. Comparatively, every song on Victorialand and Milk&Kisses is consuming, but I think Treasure still has to be my favorite.
written by charlie mason ( ) on October 29, 1996

This is the first Cocteau Twins I ever had the distinct pleasure of listening to (at someone's birthday party- can you imagine?). What impressed me immediately, like most others, what the sheer originality of Elisabeth's vocals, which were otherworldly compared to much of the music I was listening to at the time... It wasn't until almost four years later that I eventually bought my copy of Treasure. After listening to some other Cocteau Twins recordings, I would still argue that this one is the most original and distinct application of their unique style. Some tracks, like Ivo and Persephone, still give me chills, as well as a vague wish that I could swoop and fly vocally along with Elisabeth. What I also like about this album is the sense of being in a cathedral, with a powerful organ and celestial choir, except that the various voices emanate from one mouth...
written by Daniel Rodriguez on September 24, 1996