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Violaine - Disc 1 / Disc 2

written by Mr. Faerie (mrfaerievoodo@hotmail.com ) on March 09, 1999

garlands......10 Head over heels....7 treasure.......10 victorialand.....9 the moon and the melodies...8 blue bell knoll......9 Heaven or ls vegas....10 four calendar cafe....10 Milk and kisses......9 lullabies........10 peppermint pig...7 aikea guinea.....10 sunburst and snowblind...8 the spangle maker....10 tiny dinamite.....10 echoes in a shallow bay.....10 love easy tears.....10 iceblink luck...9 evangeline......9 snow....9 bluebeard.......10 twinlights.....9 otherness.....9 tishbite.....9 violaine....10
written by Luis Arturo Rivas (lrivas4@bellsouth.net ) on January 22, 1999

this EP is called.....running out of ideas. however is good. a bit cotrived ? I wonder what the CT think of it?
written by zika on January 18, 1999

The "pink" EP is my fave if only for "Smile"...i have passed this song on to others, and they don't seem to get it, however, i think all of you probably do. It's amazingly subtle, but gets under your skin. And that's when it hits you. Absolutely one of the best CT songs ever.
written by Thor (artbear@bu.edu ) on November 24, 1998

I want to thank ctrymouse and hsiu-cheng for graciously donating these two discs to me. In my opinion, "Alice" is one of their most beautiful songs ever! Totally haunting!
written by Huge (lestat@pworld.net.ph ) on September 11, 1998

written by trt (rtr@tret.com ) on August 07, 1998

Some great B-sides here, most notably "Smile" and "Circling Girl". "Smile" is an amazing song, so subtle and ineffable. Listen to the guitar and bassline, and try to separate them from each other, and you'll find they cease to make sense. The interplay is what makes the melody. Each intermesh to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. "Circling Girl" is bracing and fresh even though it actually sounds like one of their older songs; that "mid-80s-slew-of-EPs" guitar sound and all.
written by Micah Newman (mnewman@westmont.edu ) on July 21, 1998

Key: Violane 1 is the "red" one, Violane 2 is the green one.
written by Doug on June 02, 1998

The Best song the late Cocteau Twins had done in years has to be "ALICE". Liz IS some form of Alien God and the sound of her voice has a power like no other to express pure emotions. Like hypno theropy or past life regression ALICE digs deep into a beautiful sadness. This song can make me cry and I have no idea what a word of the song is, exept, Alice. (from the green Violaine CD)
written by Raff Hall (teamlatex@yahoo.com ) on May 13, 1998

Okay, okay. Much to my chagrin, I must retract my earlier statement labeling "Tranquil Eye" a throwaway. I've been listening to it, and now I feel ashamed. Damn, do I always have to love everything these bastards do? I guess so.
written by Doug (noomguod@pacbell.net ) on May 10, 1998

"Violane"... such a complex, yet, effortless little classic. I get a feeling from it similar to "Lorelei" and "Ivo". ALL four additional tracks are worth having. My personal rave review goes to "Alice". This song occupies a singular space musically, more than ANY Twins' song in QUITE a while. It's beautiful and understated, and I feel the music works much more successfully with Liz's high notes than, say, the music on TWINLIGHTS. All this, and exquisite packaging, too. Way to go! Seek and purchase.
written by warren j. g. mianecke (wmianecke@mag.rochester.edu ) on April 14, 1998

For the purposes of identification only, we'll review Violane as "Green" and "Red" 'cause I can't figure out which is which! Anyway, both discs have the album version of Violane as the first track. The red one has "Smile" and "Tranquil Eye". I personally love "Smile", but think "Tranquil Eye" is pretty much a throwaway. There's no structure to the music, and Liz essentially coos throughout the whole thing. No harm done, but there's no glory either. The green issue has "Circling Girl" and "Alice" - both excellent songs. I suggest the Volume 15 version of "Circling Girl" if you can find it. It's a grander version of the song as opposed to the one featured here. "Alice" a haunting song featuring some beautiful keyboard work and the high octane voice of Liz reaching into stratosphere is a must have. There is only one version of "Alice", so there is no need to purchase the "Stealing Beauty" soundtrack where it is also featured.
written by Doug (dougmoon@ucla.edu ) on November 19, 1997

'Tranquil Eye' on the "Violaine" EP#1 (magenta "Violaine") will go down as one of the great soothing, cathartic Cocteau Twins songs, along with 'My Truth' on "Four-Calendar Cafe," 'Pandora' on "Treasure," and just about anything on "Victorialands." It's the distant calm after the storm. It's the warm hug of a lover after a long day. It's a lovely lullaby lulling tired eyes off to a tranquil slumber. From the expansive opening chords to the pinnacle of Liz's angelic cooing, 'Tranquil Eye' is a peaceful epiphany for the ears, the heart, and the soul.
written by Andrew Shepherd (cinema@falcon.cc.ukans.edu ) on April 27, 1997

"Violane." Four wonderful new tracks. For thirty-three bucks. And change. Eight dollars per song. More mass in my CD box, less quantity per disc. But oh they sound so gooooooooood.....
written by Neil Dorsett (zombijam@magibox.net ) on February 22, 1997

"Circling Girl" on the green Violaine CD is the most beautiful song I've ever heard. I listened to it for the first time on this REALLY old stereo and it sounded so cool. The voice inflections Liz uses on this song make you want to hug someone. Once again, Liz seems angelic.
written by Ryan Kasten (k1234@ldd.net ) on November 16, 1996

i had been standing a few feet from the stage with the help of my crutches for the whole concert, aching, but knowing that it was all worthwhile.... sadly, i could stand no longer and headed for the back of the theatre to sit down... no sooner had i gotten so delightfully comfortable-to-be-sitting down.....than the band launched into "Violaine". The mind shattering sound (up near the stage ),had transformed into perfect symphonic (loud) harmony and i had to get up and dance!!!!!! i then threw away my crutches...(for about ten minutes).
written by sfjim(san francisco) (sfjim@hotmail.com ) on October 22, 1996

I recently purchased both of the Violaine singles from CDNow, and was much happier with these two CD's than I was with the Tishbite singles. Interestingly, it seems the best track on either of the Violaine CDs is track #2 ("Circling Girl" & "Smile"). "Smile" is particularly sparkling, and I proceeded to lavish in its delicious melody for about 3 hours before I turned it off ( and only because my girlfriend asked me to ). I have found Violaine CD #2 to be excellent wake-up music when cranked up to about 8 or so. In any case, both are excellent CD's and welcome additions to any CT afficiendo.
written by Joe Palermo (jopalerm@nmu.edu ) on September 30, 1996