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  • 28-Nov 2020

There’s a lot of happening in anticipation of the release of second LP—a double album, actually—entitled In Quiet Moments.

Lost Horizons is the name for the ongoing musical collaboration between Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde and Richie Thomas of Dif Juz. Earlier this year, the group announced the release of part one of their second LP In Quiet Moments, and shared a first cut, “Cordelia,” featuring vocals by John Grant.

On Friday 27th November, BBC Radio 6 announced In Quiet Moments was their “Album of the Day.”

To-date, the band have released four songs from part one to the public, “Cordelia”; “One For Regret,” featuring Dana Margolin from Porridge Radio; “Grey Tower,” featuring Tim Smith; and “I Woke Up With a Broken Heart,” featuring The Hempolics. The full album will be released Friday 4 December. Part two of In Quiet Moments will be available on 26th February, 2021.

Latest Lost Horizons News