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Marc Jacobs ‘Heaven Or Las Vegas’ Capsule Collection Is Inspired By Cocteau Twins

  • By Kat Bein
  • Gotham
  • 11-Nov 2022

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs has introduced a capsule collection of garments, jewelry, accessories, and more inspired by Cocteau Twins and specifically the 1990 LP Heaven or Las Vegas.

Is this Heaven or Las Vegas? Actually, this is both and a dreamy new collection from Marc Jacobs!

The latest edition of Heaven, the special Marc Jacobs line that takes inspiration from nostalgic pop culture, is a big cherry-colored nod to the Cocteau Twins’ seminal 1990 album, Heaven or Las Vegas.

It’s a time-tested shoegaze classic that changed the pop music landscape and continues to inspire generations of musicians, especially during today’s ’90s lookback. Now, it’s a palate you can wear from the streets to the club, brought to life in dreamy fabrics that feel just like the music sounds.

Every piece of the five-piece collection rings with true ’90s style, from the album cover-inspired skirt with lace details and flair; to the tight-fit, beige t-shirt with olive details and the album title written in cursive the chest.

There’s also a black-and-white, see-through long sleeve, which would fit perfectly on a fashionable record store clerk from the decade; as well as a Heaven or Las Vegas metal ring (which pairs perfectly with the album track “I Wear Your Ring”); and a silver, metal pin that bears the album’s title.

Heaven or Las Vegas was the Scottish band’s sixth studio full-length, released on the iconic label 4AD. While the LP barely peaked at 99 on the Billboard 200, it reached No.7 on the UK albums chart, and was included at No. 245 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.”

The full collection launches today, and it’s paired with an exciting exhibit in the Marc Jacobs Heaven store, in the Fairfax neighborhood of Los Angeles. Fans in town can check out original artwork from Paul West, who designed the album sleeve, as well as memorabilia from the recording that have never before been seen by the public. The exhibit runs now through Monday, Dec. 12, and you can learn more at the Heaven Fairfax store’s website.

See the full capsule collection and shop these Heavenly looks for yourself at marcjacobs.com. ▣

(Editorial note: Many headlines in various online publications about this noted that ‘Cocteau Twins announce…’ and described this as a collaboration between the former band members and Marc Jacobs. It is a collaboration between Jacobs and Paul West, who designed the artwork for Heaven or Las Vegas.)

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Marc Jacobs 'Heaven Or Las Vegas' Capsule Collection Is Inspired By Cocteau Twins
Sleeve for Cocteau Twins' 1990 LP Heaven or Las Vegas.
Marc Jacobs 'Heaven Or Las Vegas' Capsule Collection Is Inspired By Cocteau Twins
A sample garment from the new collection, available from Marc Jacobs.