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Nigel Grierson: Photographs

Nigel Grierson: Photographs

  • Nigel Grierson
  • Dewi Lewis Publishing
  • 2015

Available formats

  • Hardcover


    For Grierson, who co-founded 23 Envelope with Vaughan Oliver in the 1980s to create 4AD’s iconic record sleeves and videos (including many for Cocteau Twins), the visual world has its own rhythms and language, more profound than the spoken word: ā€œIā€™m always primarily interested in the medium and how different the world looks when photographed.” This book avoids the rigours of chronology or any other form of categorisation, in favour of a stream-of-consciousness that finds its own visual connections between the various disparate elements.

    About the author: Nigel Grierson studied photography and film at the Royal College of Art. He is perhaps best known for the album sleeves he photographed and designed for 4AD under the name 23 Envelope in partnership with Vaughan Oliver. These have been hailed by the likes of design historian, Catherine McDermot, and founder of Eye Magazine, Rick Poynor, as amongst the most important design of the eighties and early nineties. In 2000, after a successful career directing music videos and TV commercials in both Europe and America, Grierson gave up commercial work to pursue his own photography full time. He has had one-man shows in Japan and the USA and his work is in the collection of the V&A Museum.

    Grierson has published two additional books of his work: Passing Through (Lost Press, 2020), and Lightstream (Lost Press, 2020). You can follow him on Instagram and via his website.