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Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser: “Tales From the Trash Stratum”

  • By Philip Sherburne
  • Pitchfork
  • 14-Sep 2021

Artist Daniel Lopatin’s project Oneohtrix Point Never has released a new DVD, featuring a reworking of a previous track, “Tales from the Trash Stratum,” which features vocal sounds by Elizabeth Fraser.

“For someone with such a fiercely individual sound, Daniel Lopatin has developed a surprisingly wide-ranging roster of collaborators over the years: ANOHNI, the Weeknd, Rosalía—even Iggy Pop. All of those artists fall far from the hazy zone that Lopatin has mapped out with his Oneohtrix Point Never project, in which dead media and outmoded technology collide with high-definition sound-sculpting, to frequently nostalgic effect. Elizabeth Fraser, on the other hand, feels like an indirect influence on Lopatin’s music: Cocteau Twins’ soft, gelatinous sound worlds lay the spongy groundwork for his own shape-shifting fantasia, and occasionally can even be heard echoing through OPN’s hall of mirrors—as on Magic Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Imago,” for instance, which sounds like the Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd’s The Moon and the Melodies being squished through Lopatin’s digital wringer.”

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