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Other collaborations

Cocteau Twins as a group and as individuals were well-known for their collaborations with other artists throughout their career. The work featured here is limited to collaborations done while Cocteau Twins were active as a band.

Other collaborations

Track listing

  1. This Mortal Coil, Sixteen Days (1983) and It’ll End in Tears, 1984: “Sixteen Days,” “Song to the Siren,” “Kangaroo,” “The Last Ray,” “Another Day,” “Barramundi,” “Not Me,” “A Single Wish” (Elizabeth, Voice; Robin and Simon, Arrangement/Instrumentation)
  2. The Wolfgang Press, Scarecrow, 1984: “Respect” (Elizabeth, Voice; Robin, Production)
  3. Dif Juz, Extractions, 1985: “Crosswinds,” “A Starting Point,” “Silver Passage,” “The Last Day,” “Love Insane,” “Marooned,” “Two Fine Days (And a Thunderstorm),” “Echo Wreck,” “Twin and Earth” (Elizabeth, Voice; Robin, Production)
  4. The Wolfgang Press, Water, 1985 (Robin, Producer)
  5. Harold Budd, The Moon and The Melodies, 1986: All tracks (Elizabeth, Robin, and Simon)
  6. Harold Budd, Lovely Thunder, 1986: “Flowered Knife Shadows (For Simon Raymonde)” (Robin and Simon, Composition/Arrangement/Instrumentation)
  7. The Wolfgang Press, Standing Up Straight, 1986: “I Am the Crime” (Elizabeth, Voice)
  8. This Mortal Coil, Filigree and Shadow, 1986: “The Jeweller,” “Ivy and Neet,” “My Father,” “Come Here My Love,” “Alone,” “Red Rain” (Simon, Composition/Arrangement/Instrumentation)
  9. A R Kane, Lollita, 1987: All tracks (Robin, Producer)
  10. Felt, Ignite the Seven Cannons, 1987: “Primitive Painters” (Robin, Producer; Elizabeth, Voice)
  11. The Gun Club, Mother Juno, 1987: All tracks (Robin, Producer)
  12. Edwyn Collins, Don’t Shilly Shally, 1987: “Don’t Shilly Shally” (Robin, Producer)
  13. The Gun Club, Breaking Hands, 1988: All tracks (Robin, Producer)
  14. Ian McCulloch, Candleland, 1989: “Candleland” (Elizabeth, Voice)
  15. Ian McCulloch, Candleland: The Second Coming, 1990: “Candleland” (Elizabeth, Voice)
  16. Chapterhouse, Whirlpool, 1990: “Something More” (Robin, Producer)
  17. Lush, Mad Love, 1990: All tracks (Robin, Producer)
  18. Lush, Gala, 1990: “De-Luxe,” “Leaves Me Cold,” “Downer,” “Thoughtforms,” “Hey Hey Helen,” “Scarlet (new version)” (Robin, Producer)
  19. The Veldt, Marigolds, 1990: All tracks (Robin, Producer)
  20. Lush, Black Spring and For Love, 1991: All tracks (Robin, Producer)
  21. The Lillies, “And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That…,” 1991: Single (Simon, Songwriter & Misc. Instruments)
  22. Lush, Spooky, 1992: All tracks (Robin, Producer)
  23. Ian McCulloch, Mysterio, 1992: “Heaven’s Gate,” “Vibor Blue” (Robin, Producer; Elizabeth, Voice)
  24. Medicine, Sounds of Medicine, 1993: “Time Baby 3” (Robin, Producer; Elizabeth, Voice)
  25. Various Artists, Peace Together, 1993: “Be Still” (Robin and Elizabeth)
  26. Faye Wong (Wangfei), 1993: “Know Who You Are at Every Age,” “Bluebeard” (Elizabeth, Robin, and Simon, Composition/Instrumentation)
  27. The Future Sound of London, Lifeforms: “Paths 1-7” (Elizabeth, Voice)
  28. Fuel, Timeless EP, 1994: “Butterfly Knife” and “Wildfire” (Elizabeth, Voice; Robin, Producer and Instrumentation)
  29. The Veldt, Afrodisiac, 1994: “Outro (Shaved)” (Robin, Producer/Instrumentation)
  30. The Bathers, Sunpowder, 1995: “Danger in Love,” “The Dutch Venus,” “The Angel on Ruskin,” “The Night is Young” (Elizabeth, Voice)
  31. Moose, Live a Little, Love a Lot, 1995: “Play God” (Elizabeth, Voice)
  32. Faye Wong (Wangfei), 1996: “Serpentskirt,” “Tranquil Eye,” “Touch Upon Touch” (Elizabeth, Robin, and Simon, Composition/Arrangement/Instrumentation)
  33. BOM, Roach, 1996: “Roach” (Elizabeth, Voice)
  34. Frente!, What’s Come Over Me, 1996: “What’s Come Over Me” (Robin, Remix/Production)
  35. Spooky, Found Sound, 1996: “Hypo-Allergenic” (Robin, Simon, and Elizabeth)
  36. Faye Wong (Wangfei), 1997: “Rilkean Heart” (as “Nostalgia”), “Amusement Park” (Robin and Simon, Composition/Arrangement/Instrumentation)


Release notes

  • All three members were actively involved in the first This Mortal Coil project, It’ll End in Tears. The best-known contribution is, of course, “Song to the Siren,” performed by Robin and Elizabeth. Liz also appears on the track “Another Day,” while Robin and Simon co-wrote or contributed to “Kangaroo,” “The Last Ray,” “Barramundi,” “Not Me,” and “A Single Wish.” Elizabeth had appeared previously in a This Mortal Coil recording of Modern English’s song “Sixteen Days.”
  • Robin provided guitar and production, and Elizabeth provided vocal backing for The Wolfgang Press cover of Otis Redding’s “Respect” (popularly known by Aretha Franklin’s iconic interpretation).
  • Robin co-produced or engineered all the songs on Dif Juz’s Extractions, and Elizabeth provided the vocals on “Love Insane.”
  • Robin and Simon collaborated with Harold Budd on the song “Flowered Knife Shadows,” which is itself a new version of the instrumental “Memory Gongs” from The Moon and The Melodies.
  • For Felt’s “Primitive Painters,” Robin was producer and provided additional instrumentation; Elizabeth provided backing vocals. Uncut magazine did an in-depth interview with Lawrence from Felt about the writing of recording of “Primitive Painters” in 2015.
  • Robin produced Ian McCulloch’s “Heaven’s Gate” and “Vibor Blue,” while Liz provided backing vocals on “Heaven’s Gate.” Elizabeth had previously sung accompaniment with McCulloch on his 1989 single Candleland and the 1990 release Candleland: The Second Coming.
  • “And David Seam Will Be Very Disappointed About That…” was a collaboration between Simon and Miki Berenyi and Chris Acland from Lush, and Russell Yates and Kevin McKillop from Moose. It was a one-off released under the name “The Lillies,” and distributed as a flexi-disc insert with the Tottenham Hotspur’s fan magazine “The Spur,” issue number 24, September 1991.
  • “Time Baby 3,” which was also featured in the motion picture soundtrack for the film “The Crow,” included additional instrumentation and production by Robin, with backing vocals from Liz.
  • For the 1993 Northern Ireland benefit album Peace Together, Robin and Liz produced an alternate version of the song “Be Still,” with Liz providing the lead vocal track (with Sinéad O’Connor singing backup).
  • Robin and Elizabeth supported friend Hamish Mackintosh on his project Fuel by providing additional instrumentation, production, and vocals on the song “Butterfly Knife.”
  • The multi-year collaboration with Chinese artist Faye Wong (Wangfei), included her re-recording or providing new vocal tracks for a number of Cocteau Twins songs. “Amusement Park” was one of the last songs to be written and released publicly by Simon and Robin as members of Cocteau Twins.
  • Spooky’s composition, “Hypo-Allergencic,” was a remix of one of two brief “jingles” written by Cocteau Twins for television commercials promoting the beverage Fruitopia™ for Coca-Cola®.


  • "Song to the Siren," from This Mortal Coil's LP It'll End in Tears (1984).
  • "Kangaroo," featuring Gordon Sharp, with instrumentation by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde, from This Mortal Coil's LP It'll End in Tears (1984).
  • "Respect," by The Wolfgang Press, featuring Elizabeth Fraser on backing vocals, from the LP The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories (1985).
  • "Primitive Painters," by Felt, featuring Elizabeth Fraser on backing vocals, from the LP Ignite the Seven Cannons (1985).
  • "Love Insane," by Dif Juz, featuring Elizabeth Fraser on vocals, from the LP Extractions (1986).
  • "Flowered Knife Shadows," by Harold Budd, from the LP Lovely Thunder (1986).
  • "I Am the Crime," by The Wolfgang Press, featuring Elizabeth Fraser, from the LP Standing Up Straight (1986).
  • "My Father," by This Mortal Coil, featuring instrumentation by Simon Raymonde, from the LP Filigree and Shadow (1986).
  • "Don't Shilly Shally," by Edwyn Collins, produced by Robin Guthrie (1987).
  • "Lollita," by A.R. Kane, featuring Robin Guthrie (1987).
  • "Candleland," by Ian McCulloch, featuring Elizabeth Fraser on backing vocals, from the LP Candleland (1988).
  • "Breaking Hands," by The Gun Club, produced by Robin Guthrie (1988).
  • "Something More," by Chapterhouse, produced by Robin Guthrie, from the LP Whirlpool (1990).
  • "Everlasting Gobstopper," by The Veldt, produced by Robin Guthrie (1990), eventually released under the name Apollo Heights on the LP White Music for Black People (2007).
  • "And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That...," by The Lillies, featuring Simon Raymonde (1991).
  • "Heaven's Gate," by Ian McCulloch, featuring Elizabeth Fraser on backing vocals and Robin Guthrie, from the LP Mysterio (1992).
  • "Superblast!" by Lush, produced by Robin Guthrie, from the LP Spooky (1992).
  • "Be Still (Cocteau Twins Mix)," featuring Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie, from the compilation Peace Together (1993).
  • "Time Baby 3 (Cocteau Twins Mix)," by Medicine, featuring Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie, from "The Crow" original motion picture soundtrack (1994).
  • "Lifeforms / Path 4," by The Future Sound of London, featuring Elizabeth Fraser, from the EP Lifeforms (1994).
  • "The Night is Young," by The Bathers, featuring Elizabeth Fraser, from the LP Sunpowder (1995).
  • "Hypo-Allergenic," by Spooky, a remix of an original Cocteau Twins recording for Fruitopia (1996).
  • "What's Come Over Me," by Frente!, produced by Robin Guthrie, from the EP Mushroom (1996).
  • "Roach," by BOM, featuring Elizabeth Fraser (1996).
  • "Amusement Park," by Faye Wong (Wangfei), written and composed by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde (1997).

Various songs featuring Cocteau Twins members and other artists.

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