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“Robin Guthrie: ‘I’m not resting on my laurels.’”

  • By Duncan Seaman
  • The Yorkshire Post
  • 18-Nov 2021

The Yorkshire Post’s Duncan Seaman interviewed Cocteau Twins co-founder Robin Guthrie as he released his latest album, Pearldiving.

It’s a cool November morning in Brittany and Robin Guthrie has forgotten to turn on the heating in his studio ahead of our conversation over Zoom.

It explains why he’s wrapped up against the chill in a scarf and lumberjack jacket, yet his greeting is warm and softly spoken, recalling how he has friends in Yorkshire and the city of Bradford had come up as an answer in the edition of University Challenge that he had watched the night before. “I’ve been in France for 20 years and I’ve not had a decent Indian (meal) since I got here,” he says, a little enviously.

That culinary shortcoming aside, the guitarist seems very much at home in France. It’s here that he and his family settled after the break-up of the band Cocteau Twins—an issue it becomes clear later that he’s not keen to dwell upon too much in interviews—and it’s here where he has made a succession of solo and collaborative records. Pearldiving is his first solo LP in nine years; a standalone EP, Mockingbird Love, is also out now too. More, he says, will follow in the coming months. ▣

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