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Interview with Robin Guthrie

  • By Jon Lamoreaux
  • “The Hustle”
  • 6-Apr 2022

Is Robin Guthrie one of the most influential guitarists ever?

Going back to his days with the Cocteau Twins, up to his stellar solo work the last 25 years, his shimmering, reverb-heavy style pretty much kicked off the Shoegaze and Dream Pop movements. Not to mention, it inspired every bedroom player to mess with the pedals and knobs to find that perfect sound. Robin has spent the last couple decades adding to his legacy by consistently releasing stellar albums (mostly ambient, many with others including frequent collaborator Harold Budd). This embarrassment of riches continues as he’s put out three beautiful EPs as well as the wonderful full length, Pearldiving, just in the last year! Robin joins us to discuss his approach to music making, some of his production work with artists like Lush and Ian McCulloch, and stories from the old Cocteau Twins days. Enjoy!

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