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“Robin Guthrie Talks New Releases ‘Mockingbird Love’ and ‘Pearldiving,’ Remembering Harold Budd, and The Legacy of The Cocteau Twins”

  • By Michael Taylor
  • “Smells Like Infinite Sadness”
  • 29-Oct 2021

As the guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for Cocteau Twins, Robin Guthrie’s unique sonic palette helped spearhead and popularize the dream pop sub-genre, with songs that emerged like hazy daydreams through his unique combination of melody and his focused use of effects on albums like Treasure, Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven or Las Vegas.

During that time, Guthrie also did extensive production work for a variety of artists including The Wolfgang Press, The Gun Club, A.R. Kane, Lush, Ian McCulloch, Guy Chadwick and The Veldt.

While Cocteau Twins folded in 1997, Guthrie forged ahead, continuing to produce, and also collaborating with artists like the late Harold Budd (including their score for the 2004 film “Mysterious Skin”), John Foxx, Mark Gardener among others.

In addition, Guthrie has also led a prolific and engaging career all his own, and speaking of, he’s back after a 9 year absence with both an EP (Mockingbird Love) and a full-length album (Pearldiving) both of which showcase his inimitable, ethereal and emotive sound through evocative instrumentals.

In today’s interview, Guthrie discusses why he’s been away for so long, why he decided to put out two releases so close together, his creative process and signature sound, his memories of working with Harold Budd, the legacy and influence of Cocteau Twins, and much more.

So take a listen, and be sure to stick around afterwards when I’ll be playing ‘Oceanaire’ off the new album. ▣

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