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September Sound

Out of chaos, tranquility

September Sound, which operated for about ten years, was Cocteau Twins’ state-of-the-art recording studio complex. It saw the creation of three Cocteau Twins LPs and a handful of EPs and singles. It also became a sought-after venue for numerous bands and labels looking for the sound quality only its team of engineers and producers could create.

Located on the banks of the Thames between Twickenham and Richmond—Pete Townsend’s former Eel Pie Studios—it was intended as the permanent HQ of Cocteau Twins and their endeavours, including the nascent Bella Union, until the band’s breakup in 1997 and, eventually, the dissolution of the studio itself.

From the promotional brochure:

“Created by musicians for musicians, September Sound has a 24 hour technical service and fully trained assistants on every session. We also represent several accomplished engineers, programmers, and producers, including: Cenzo Townshend, Giles Hall, Lincoln Fong, Mitsuo Tate, Robin Guthrie, Simon Raymonde and Steve Patman.”

We invite you to enjoy the details of the offerings available to musicians back then as you browse the promotional brochure booklet.

September Sound Brochure Cover