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Re-creating the Sound of Cocteau Twins: Guitars, Synth Keys, and Drum Machine Beats

  • By Kenneth Estrada y Santiago
  • YouTube
  • 10-Apr 2021

YouTube channel “Shoegazer” has posted a new Cocteau Twins-focused music tutorial.

Kenneth Estrada y Santiago, who provides helpful music tutorials, tips, and tricks on his YouTube channel “Shoegazer” has posted another Cocteau Twins-focused video. This one discusses re-recreating some of the sounds Robin and Simon were able to coax from their guitars, basses, and other instruments for songs like “Lorelei,” “Persephone,” “Blind Dumb Deaf,” “Cherry-Coloured Funk,” and “Pink Orange Red,” with a little help from this website’s Equipment & Sounds page. Truly, what took a lot of tinkering, ingenuity, luck, and myriad bits of gear in the 1980s and 1990s takes only one or two pedals and presets today.

Be sure to check out Kenneth’s bass tutorial, which includes a bit about the song “Peppermint Pig.”

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