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“Simon Raymonde on… Nostalgia”

  • By Simon Raymonde
  • Long Live Vinyl
  • 10-Jan 2019

Bella Union founder Simon Raymonde, current member of Lost Horizons and former Cocteau Twin recalls the alchemy at the heart of the Twins’ music-making process…

[In 2018] Pitchfork posted a curious article headed “Cocteau Twins Announce Treasure And Head Over Heels Reissues,” the implication being that we were somehow involved in these pressings—and it made me laugh. We broke up 21 years ago, and while I love to see the adorable Elizabeth at shows and catch up with her, the idea that we could or would ‘announce’ anything formal as a band these days is pretty funny.

It’s no secret that things went spectacularly wrong with 4AD in the early 90s, and when I read about these reissues coming out now 34 years later, I can’t deny it had me reminiscing fondly about the happier times leading to me joining the band in late ‘83 and our first sessions that led to The Spangle Maker EP released on my birthday in 1984 and the LP, Treasure, that followed on 1 November the same year.

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