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Sun’s Signature (Elizabeth Fraser & Damon Reece) release another song from new EP

  • By CocteauTwins.com
  • NEWS
  • 17-May 2022

Elizabeth Fraser’s new project, Sun’s Signature, has released another track from their debut eponymous EP.

“Underwater,” a track that will be familiar to many fans who have followed Elizabeth’s solo career since Cocteau Twins disbanded, was originally released as a white-label in 2000, with a more electronic profile. Fraser and her partner, Damon Reece, have reworked the song extensively, with some new lyrics and very different instrumentation, though the original grooves and melodies remain intact. The full track is available on YouTube (via Elizabeth’s official channel) as a visualisation that (uncharacteristically) includes the lyrics.

Sun’s Signature, a five-track EP, was first released by Partisan Records on Record Store Day (23 April), in limited quantities. Another drop is expected soon, which should include digital downloads.

For those following Fraser on social media, she has launched profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. ▣

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