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“The truth is not perfect: Robin Guthrie on the Cocteau Twins’ major label years”

  • Sonic Cathedral
  • 31-May 2020

“Sometimes when I have to go back and look at that part of my life I get quite upset at the way other people tell the story, because I just can’t relate to it at all. I am constantly surprised by the ever-changing narrative of the story of my band.”

Robin Guthrie is talking about the Cocteau Twins’ difficult departure from 4AD and their subsequent switch to the major label Fontana in the early ’90s, which outwardly seemed odd—to many they were 4AD—but to the band simply felt like a continuation. “I find it difficult to make a demarcation line between the 4AD stuff and the non-4AD stuff because that’s a label, that’s not the band,” emphasises Guthrie. “We were on our journey doing one thing to the next and the next. There was this idea that by going to a major we had changed, but Four-Calendar Café was just the natural follow-up to Heaven or Las Vegas.”

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