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Tim Burgess and Simon Raymonde co-host Twitter ‘Listening Party’ for Heaven or Las Vegas

  • NEWS
  • 3-Apr 2020

The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess has made a big splash in 2020 with his very popular Twitter ‘listening parties.’

Burgess regularly selects one of his favorites—usually an iconic LP of yesteryear—and invites Twitter followers to listen and comment in a sort of virtual shared experience.

On 3rd April of this year, he selected Heaven or Las Vegas, and Simon signed on as co-host. Best of all, you won’t have to search Twitter to find it! Tim has created a website where you can re-live the experience on your own and follow the tweet stream as the album progresses. A perfect rainy day (or pandemic) activity.

Put on your headphones and visit TimsTwitterListeningParty.com.

Tim Burgess and Simon Raymonde co-host Twitter 'Listening Party' for <cite>Heaven or Las Vegas</cite>