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Cocteau Twins’ ‘Milk & Kisses’ Turns 25

  • By Cam Lindsay
  • SPIN
  • 15 Mar 2021

When Cocteau Twins broke up in 1998, it came as a surprise to virtually no one. Five years earlier, guitarist Robin Guthrie and vocalist Liz Fraser ended their 13-year romance, leaving the band to operate on thin ice.

“To be honest with you, I’m amazed that we stayed together as long as we did,” admits former bassist Simon Raymonde, who now runs the Bella Union label and records as one-half of Lost Horizons. “I was expecting the band to break up after [Robin and Liz] broke up. A normal band would have done that! But looking back on it now you can see why we did stay together, because the music was really important to all of us.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Milk & Kisses, the eighth and final studio album by the influential Scottish indie band whose celestial sounds helped birth both dream pop and shoegaze. Few would argue it was their finest moment, but with the recent vinyl reissues of Milk & Kisses and 1993’s Four-Calendar Café, their final recordings have undergone reappraisal by their critics, fans and even the band members themselves.

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Cocteau Twins' 'Milk & Kisses' Turns 25 Cocteau Twins' 'Milk & Kisses' Turns 25