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Harold Budd, Iconic Ambient Composer, Has Died

  • By John Blistein
  • Rolling Stone
  • 8-Dec 2020

Collaborator and friend Harold Budd has died, aged 84.

It is with deep sadness that we mark the passing of dear friend and collaborator Harold Budd. Budd was an iconic composer and multi-instrumentalist who first collaborated with Cocteau Twins in 1986 on the project that eventually became The Moon and the Melodies. In subsequent years he worked with his close friend Robin Guthrie on multiple projects, most notably on the film soundtracks to Mysterious Skin (2004) and White Bird in a Blizzard (2014), as well as the albums Before the Day Breaks (2007), After the Night Falls (2007), Bordeaux (2011), Winter Garden (2011), and Another Flower (2020).

Robin shared the following message on Facebook:

“A lot to digest. Shared a lot with Harold since we were young, since he was sick, shared a lot with harold for the last 35 years, period. Feeling empty, shattered lost and unprepared for this, as do my wife Florence and girls Violette and Lucy Belle. All my best to Elise, Terrance, Hugo and all the family. His last words to me were ‘adios amigo’… They always were… He left a very large ‘harold budd’ shaped hole whichever way we turn…”

Simon offered these words of remembrance via Twitter:

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Harold Budd, Iconic Ambient Composer, Has Died