Heel to toe to hair and hoof and it's head over heels and it's all but an ark-lark...

“Tribute to Cocteau Twins”

  • 2013
  • The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records

Track listing

  1. “Garlands,” by The Us
  2. “Carolyn’s Fingers,” by Drakes Hotel
  3. “Persephone,” by Robsongs
  4. “In Our Angelhood,” by Screen Vinyl Image
  5. “Heaven or Las Vegas,” by ShiShi
  6. “Wax and Wane,” by Elegia
  7. “When Mama Was Moth,” by [aftersun]
  8. “Blind Dumb Deaf,” by Bela Infanta
  9. “In Our Angelhood,” by Schonwald
  10. “Heaven or Las Vegas,” by Suzy Blu

Available formats

  • CD
  • Digital


  • The Us
  • Drakes Hotel
  • Robsongs
  • Screen Vinyl Image
  • ShiShi
  • Elegia
  • [aftersun]
  • Bela Infanta
  • Schonwald
  • Suzy Blu