Heel to toe to hair and hoof and it's head over heels and it's all but an ark-lark...
This Mortal Coil: Filigree and Shadow

“I loved my father. I played the piano on this Judy Collins song [“My Father”] for This Mortal Coil. Just three years later my father was dead aged 63. Way too soon.” Simon Raymonde

This Mortal Coil: Filigree and Shadow

  • September 1986
  • 4AD
  • DAD 609 / CAD 609

Track listing

  1. The Jeweller
  2. Ivy and Neet
  3. My Father
  4. Come Here My Love
  5. Alone
  6. Red Rain


  • Vinyl
  • Cassette
  • CD
  • Digital


Release notes

  • Chord arrangements and instrumentation (for the tracks listed above) by Simon Raymonde.
  • Subsequent This Mortal Coil projects did not feature members of Cocteau Twins.

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“My Father” © 4AD 1986.

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