Heel to toe to hair and hoof and it's head over heels and it's all but an ark-lark...
Tiny Dynamine

“It wasn’t even meant to be a record to start off with. It’s almost experimental, but that’s the wrong word. We recorded it at our studio just to see if the place was good enough to make records. It is. We were half-way through it when we realised that it was all right, so we decided to pursue it further—do something with it. It’s the best-sounding record we’ve ever made, technically and everything. If you play it, it sounds good. We’re learning to make records that sound better when you put them on. These records make me happy.” Robin Guthrie

Tiny Dynamine

  • November 1985
  • 4AD
  • BAD 510
  • 16 min, 28 sec

Track listing

  1. Pink, Orange, Red
  2. Ribbed and Veined
  3. Sultitan Itan
  4. Plain Tiger


  • Vinyl
  • Cassette
  • CD
  • Digital


Release notes

  • All titles written and produced by Cocteau Twins.
  • Recorded at Guerilla, London.
  • Mixed at Aosis, London. Engineered by Robin Guthrie with Matt Wallis.
  • Sleeve design by 23 Envelope.

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  • Tiny Dynamine was re-released in November 1985 on vinyl, compact disc, and cassette with Echoes In A Shallow Bay under 4AD catalog designation CAD 510/511.
  • Peaked at #52 on the UK album chart.
  • A live performance of “Pink Orange Red” was recorded for SNUB-TV in the UK in 1985.
  • An acoustic version of “Pink Orange Red” appears on the 1995 EP Twinlights.
  • Re-released in 1991 as part of the EPs and Singles Box Set.
  • A remastered version of “Pink Orange Red” appears on the 2000 collection Stars and Topsoil.
  • Digitally remastered and re-released in 2005 as part of Lullabies to Violaine.
  • “Pink Orange Red” and “Plain Tiger” have appeared in live performances.

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  • Live televised performance of "Pink Orange Red," on 'The Tube,' 1985.
  • Live performance of "Pink Orange Red" at Royal Festival Hall, London, 1994.
  • "Cocteau Fever" on WBNS Columbus, OH, USA, 19th September 1985 (featuring "Pale Clouded White").


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